[News] The details of JANG KEUN SUK LIVE IN JAPAN 2015

Original source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/live_japan/
The final chapter of 2015
making together, walking together, and living together…
fans’ passion brings him back to the hot soul.

With JKS’ 3rd album ‘MONOCHROME’, CRI SHOW III hall/arena tour was held throughout Japan.
Just after the tour, ‘LIVE IN SEOUL’ was held in his home country, South Korea.
His way to ‘live fully in the present’ attracted a lot of fans from Asian and European countries as well as Korean fans.

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[2015-09-24] jksjapan twitter

To meet fans’ massive requests after ‘LIVE IN SEOUL’,
we decided to hold the additional stages in Osaka and Tokyo!
About ‘JANG KEUN SUK LIVE IN JAPAN 2015’, please check the details on the special event page.

ファンの熱い要望に応え『LIVE IN SEOUL』に続き OSAKA, TOKYO追加公演が決定!
【JANG KEUN SUK LIVE IN JAPAN 2015】詳細は下記イベント特設ページでご確認ください。http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/live_japan/