[News] The details of JANG KEUN SUK LIVE IN JAPAN 2015

Original source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/live_japan/
The final chapter of 2015
making together, walking together, and living together…
fans’ passion brings him back to the hot soul.

With JKS’ 3rd album ‘MONOCHROME’, CRI SHOW III hall/arena tour was held throughout Japan.
Just after the tour, ‘LIVE IN SEOUL’ was held in his home country, South Korea.
His way to ‘live fully in the present’ attracted a lot of fans from Asian and European countries as well as Korean fans.
To meet fans’ massive requests for the additional stage after ‘LIVE IN SEOUL’ and’LIVE IN SHANGHAI’,
we decided to hold the final performance in 2015 in Osaka and Tokyo.
Being together today, at present, at this very moment that never comes again…
November 22 (Sun) at Intex-Osaka [Osaka] 18:00
November 23 (Mon) at Intex-Osaka [Osaka] 17:00
November 28 (Sat) at Makuhari Messe [Chiba] 18:00
November 29 (Sun) at Makuhari Messe [Chiba] 17:00

11 thoughts on “[News] The details of JANG KEUN SUK LIVE IN JAPAN 2015”

  1. Lucky japanese eels! Hope you will be there, Tenshi, and write your fan account later. He will talk in japanese there. 🙂

    Thank you so much for translation! It makes me happy that they mention European fans! 🙂

  2. I have to agree that Japanese fans are really furtunate to have so many opportunities to see him live! I’m a new fan, so I don’t know if this many concerts in Japan within a single year is normal, but I’m so happy that he’s this much in demand. Thank you, Tenshi, for posting the wonderful FAs because they really let us far-away eels share in these concerts in our imaginations 🙂

    • I’m so happy for him. He is had such a great impact on his eels around Asia that they want him back ! What else is there, right? That’s the truth! He’s working so hard and I don’t know about you guys but to me….his eyes….. hummm, he looks very tired. We have to send him blessings of health. I love you my dear boy.

  3. I agree that Japanese eels are very fortunate that they can see our prince many times in a year :). Glad to hear that he will have another concert before he begin his new drama. I’m so happy for Prince, ^_^.

  4. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Tokyo to see him live! I haven’t had a vacation this year. Even though it’s a 14-hour flight from Canada… 😀

    • Hope to meet him someday and hear him sing live. He is one of the few singers who can sing live better than the recorded version of the song. 🙂

      • woooow I thought it was only me who noticed that, I actually love his live perfomance music more. such a talent God blessed with us. lucky Japanese eels hope I c him live some day. zikzin my Prince.

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