29 thoughts on “[video] Showbiz Korea-TOP 5 STARS THAT ARE COOLEST TO THEIR FANS JKS: No.1”

  1. yes of course, I knew it. we are the best at everything: best friends with the best boss in the world. A family. Thank you for the great job. I love you all and I love our prince, as a religion, oh God please forgive me but I´m so happy for being an Eel.

  2. Very happy and proud of all the eels 🙂
    I forced all my friends to vote for him even if they are not eels kkkkkkkk
    we work hard !!! Doesn’t we ????

  3. My Sugar is forever No. 1 in my heart. It is so nice to know this stat. It is just one evidence that helps prove our love for him. I hope that this evidence will make my Sugar happier and more contented..

  4. Me da mucha risa, apenas leí el título dije: ¿y quién más? Yo vote y estaba súper feliz de hacerlo porque !NO hay otro como el Príncipe! LOL I just read the title said, and who else? I vote and was super happy to do that! There is NO other like Prince!

  5. congratulation to our prince keun suk and to all eels in the world..thank God it’s an answered prayer.he really deserve to be number one. prince sukkie you are always number 1 and the only one in our hearts.we love you so much. 😀

  6. They said Mr. Jang is…..
    The actor whose dramas always receive low ratings
    The entertainer who’s said love to milk his fans
    The singer who doesn’t know how to sing
    The guy who is a ‘try hard’

    But the fact is…
    The coolest Korean Star taken from polling in 188 countries
    His fansclub got achievement from Korean gov
    His fans who love to do good deeds just like Mr. Jang did/does
    and the list can go further…..

    • Try hard is good, no reason to underestimate anyone for it. “Ho sei” or whatever it was, was the hardest one. Anyway he is more like “die hard” ha ha !
      While everyone were just busy saying bad things, Sukkie was busy doing good things n working hard. Here’s a new link for ppl that discover late, such as myself.
      Yeah, eels know everything but need vids like that to show how each and every little thing described here that is done by more and more stars, Sukkie did first. Not surprising at all, that 3rd place with almost 3 times the votes for an actor that sings, 2nd place with almost 4 times the votes and not far behind Sukkie, are SJ that always were very likable, unique and different in everything, ZIKZIN !


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