[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk Yalget BB Cream CM

Credit: 雅丽洁天猫旗舰店

English translation: Sarah Ye
Timing: Saad Al-otaibi

A breath taking CM, his voice, his move, his radiant beauty…
Words from Jang Keun Suk in the CM
0:08 Your Smile
0:13 Your Temperature
0:17 Your Smell
0:27 Your Good Skin Color
0:32 Your BB Cream
0:37 Sorry
0:47 Fall in Love to Your Good Skin Color

15 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk Yalget BB Cream CM”

  1. The chinese words on the ad (and I assume what he’s saying in Korean):

    Your laughter (0.08)
    Your warmth (0.13)
    Your smell (0.18)
    Your good skin color (0.27)
    Your BB cream (0.32)
    Sorry (his voice only at 0.36)
    Fell in love with your good skin color Skinmatch (0.48)

  2. Smashing. Even in an advertisement piece he could makes us crazy. Whoever chose his clothes for this, I admire you. It makes me feel like being at home and being hugged by my Sugar .

  3. Awww….watching this AD Video…I feel like watching classic old movie or drama. The music, the customs, the settings, the most handsome face on earth (fan-girl bias of course..kkkk) and the sexy deep narrative voice is killing me softly….

  4. The emotions…the tear….the smile….your acting is impeccable, JKS. I am missing you the actor. I am missing your voice. I, like all your eels, am waiting for your next drama. Hoping for a very good one. Your acting, I have no doubt. I am hoping that greatness comes your way this year…a great drama with a great storyline, a great director, & a great production team. Best of luck, my dear!

    Thank you 4ever team!

    • I share all your hopes ! And yes, we’re missing his acting badly 🙁
      I’m heart beating whenever I heard the 2 words, “NEXT DRAMA ” !
      Coz it will be crucial this time in his career.
      But i have confidence on him.
      Zikzin and sweet dreams or happy day to all of you.

  5. im pretty sure he has choose one. looking at his fashion and mannerism lately..he sure try to get into character.whats role do u guys think suit his recent style? he consistently wearing hat.


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