13 thoughts on “[fan-cam 4] Jang Keun Suk Zikzin Man Show Guangzhou Cut_20140927”

  1. Thank you for sharing! Can´t get enough of Zikzin Man-videos. 🙂

    He is fantastic when he talks with the audience. I´m grateful for the english headlines in the video. Hope that someone can translate everything he says.

  2. This may be limited edition fancam shared if there is no release of Zikzin Man DVD (which I’m praying and hoping hard for it to be produced)
    I laughed throughout and felt so blissful throughout Suk’s Zikzin Man FM Guangzhou and I believe all eels who have attended felt the same way as me ^_^

    • Glad you had a great time at the FM, QQeyes. 🙂
      Could you please tell me what Suk is saying from 1:18-1:44 and from 2:58-3:24? Thanks!

      • from 1:18-1:44 (number game about 4 picked) Suk is telling eels the 4 subjects he is taking at University for his master degree.. (1) Film production (2) acting skill (3) acting planning (4) scripting

        From 2:58-3:24 (Q&A section) one Chinese eel posted a question in China OFC site which asked what will Suk do if he is been thrown into a small room with 50 eels? (^_^)… so Suk replied, “are all the eels belong to him?”… (answer yes from audience..) and so he follow up by saying so he can do whatever he likes with the eels (answer yes from the audience again!) … and finally he replied what he will do….first he will kiss the first eel in the morning, 2nd eel he will cook meal for her… 3rd.. he will practise with her for his short movie “Lust & Caution”… and follow by the rest which he can change partner for the movie “Lust & Custion”!!! LOL!!!

        Note : actually before this question, there is another question posted earlier by another Chinese eel requesting director Jang to consider making a Korean version of “Lust and Caution” which he has highlighted during the Korean-Beijing film festival in Aug that he likes the acting of Tony Leung in this movie.

    • Thank you QQeyes for this.♥ I have enjoyed every sentence. Hope you can write more about Zikzin Man show when you get time.

      I hope too that the DVD will be released (with english subs 🙂 ). It has already been announced that Team H arena tour DVD will be released. Wouldn´t we know that by now if there were such a plans for Zikzin Man show.

  3. thank you for sharing these videos, i was waiting for more fancams during zikzin man in guangzhou.. Sukkie is so cuteee errr cant get eneough of that 😀


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