[03.03.12] Tree-J twitter

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Actor Jang is still filming Love Rain in cold Hokkaido. Thanks to everyone for your interest in Team H’s “Can’t Stop”. Let you all see what actor Jang looks like today in Hokkaido ^^
张演员今天仍然在寒冷的北海道拍摄爱情雨。感谢大家对“TEAM H”<受够了>的热切关注,给你们稍微看看北海道张演员今天的样子吧^^

10 thoughts on “[03.03.12] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Aphrael, I like this picture very much as he looks so happy even he felt cold and he really looks like a cute baby deserving a warm hug from us ^_^

  2. as cute as ever … so happy to see him smiling and cheerful. He looks good with the new hairstyle … I’m relieved he did not cut his hair too short ^^

  3. I wanna wrap myself in the same blanket to warm him up… but my heart beating will eventually change my body to heater. Lol. Anyway, it’s OK if he doesn’t feel cold :p

    • Kaori chan.. LOL!.. I can imagine him being surrounded by natural heaters offered by eels if any really see him in this as he looks really adorable!


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