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  1. tenshi, wanna double confirm… is both I’ve Had it & Can’t stop the same??

    i find it confusing….. some fb pgs mentioned that this song is I’ve Had it, but now Prince updated in this link it’s Can’t stop…

    thanks in advance for your clarification… ^^

    • Yes, the same one. At first, I translated 참을만큼 참았어 as “I’ve had it”. I suppose the translation you saw on FB was used mine. I couldn’t find the English translation at that time, so I chose it looking up English dictionary. But this song was named “Can’t Stop” officially, so I replaced my previous translation with it.

      • Now I listened to that Japanese version, and understood the lyrics, but honestly I don’t think the title is suitable as “Can’t Stop”… The whole theme is “You shouldn’t restrain yourself. Do what you feel!” So in the video, other dancers looked conservative first, but later they broke out of their shell and danced freely. In this case, what is the best English title? Actually it’s too difficult to name English one. The Japanese title is “我慢するだけ我慢した”. It’s like ”Until now I’ve been patient, but I can’t stand anymore!”

      • What they probably mean is nothing can stop them from doing what they want to do and they won’t stop doing what they want to do – which is exactly what Sukkie is like. Looks like the song is written for him.

      • Wen, that’s right. And also it’s a message song for people to be free and do what you want. Sukkie is the best example of it ^^

      • Kaori Chan, I’m so glad that you mentioned it, I was having trouble to make sure what is the exactly the title of this song. I’ve seen many names of it. But there is one time in Chinese they translated 忍无可忍 which means I had it enough. Some also translated 逃跑 means run away, i was wondering is that the same song? Now you mentioned, that make more sense. Sukkie wrote lyrics and music, so I think your analyse was more correct, that would be I think his message too. 🙂

    • Yes Wen.. so far I find he is the most versatile artiste in so many areas.. acting/singing/modeling/dancing/languages/images… all found in one person.. and he worked so hard in each area with professionalism.. that is why we adore him ^_^

  2. Awwww….my heart CAN’T STOP beating beating. Super electrified HOT MV. Hmmm..this type of music is not even my typical music that I like…… but somehow I love Sukkie and BB performing for LH. Every time I watch LH MVs, I become more and more attractive to this type of music now. Never mind that I don’t understand the lyrics, but the upbeat sound alone make me become alive and feel young again….lol

  3. i love “Can’t Stop”! Somehow, the beat brings out the party animal in you, not to mention the message of the vid. Another precious work from Keun Suk.^^

    I also agree with what sis QQeyes007 mentioned, about Keun Suk being a versatile artist. He’s a total performer. And not only that, his types of music are also versatile (from ballad, to indie, to upbeat, to simpler dance music)..Never knew of other artists who can offer a lot and as much as he does.

    Wishing the best of luck for this upcoming album! 😀


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