Lounge H Zepp Tour

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The two Lounge H performances on 20 Feb and 21 Feb 2012 are free, but limited to Japanese official website/fanclub members based on a lucky draw. Some Chinese eels who are also Japanese fanclub official members have also gotten tickets through the draw.

12 thoughts on “Lounge H Zepp Tour”

  1. This ticket has been already come up for auction, which is strictly prohibited by JKS Japan Official Fan Club. To enter this event, participants have to be identified by ID card and FC membership card. So if the winning bidder have the ticket, she can’t join it. We report this auction will cause problems to the auction site, claiming the transaction should be invalid soon. But now the highest bid is 71,000 yen…

      • tenshi, don’t be disappointed girl, i believe in your faith with our prince, you’ll get ticket for any upcoming events. if the highest bid is that high, this again proves our prince popularity in japan…

      • sorry dear,but I’m kinda lost on the procedures they’ve been doing in-order to attend Prince events etc.Btw,just spent ur day w/ his lifesize pillow and enjoy the warmth.. (*_^)

      • dom, yes it proved his popularity, but this transaction shouldn’t be allowed. Some antis might say if his tickets on the auction site aren’t bid, that’s because he’s not so popular. But ignoring such malicious business and rumors is important for us. We Japanese will try to report the site that it’s illegal and ask the site to be invalid the transaction as soon as we find such auction. It’s the way we show our loyalty to our prince, JKS.

      • Charlotte, yes, I’ve had a good sleep even in a short sleeping time.
        His warm and soft body comforts me \(//∇//)

      • aphrael, thanks for your encouragement. I concluded this result that I need to lose weight more to see him in person. Lol.

  2. Yesterday I asked Japanese eels for their cooperation to eliminate such malicious business, posting the notice on JKS Japan official fan club site. This would be a small, but helpful contribution to support him.

    • Today JKS Japan official fan club requested again not to deal with such malicious business. I was very happy to know their announcement.

      • Kaori chan, I fully support this action by JKS Japan official fan club site to help to bring down the illegal bidding for the tickets..it will surely be problematic in future as I really don’t hope to see his tickets going into black market (like the case in Taiwan 2011 Cri show which Sukkie has add in extra show so that his eels can attend as the original show’s tickets were taken up and sold at high price in black market) and also worst still, make use by antis to intentionally sell cheap on the web to attack Sukkie… but don’t worry my friend, you will have other opportunity to attend his future FMs even though you can’t attend LoungeH Zepp this time…

  3. I always amazed how Japanese eels being protective and loyalty to our Sukkie. 🙂 Good job, Kaori Chan. And yes, hold Sukkie pillow tight and hope for next luck to come. You know compare to us, at least you’re in the draw. We, don’t even have the chance. 🙁


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