5 thoughts on “[Pics] Codes Combine – spring season”

  1. I love his stare on the first picture, and the last post is my favorite. Ahhh..now I can say that Sukkie does look way better than for the girl….hmmm…the girl has a killer body though. Sooo I guess, it might be good combination.

    I realized lately that Sukkie’s hair is getting longer and longer every day. Does he plan to save it for Love Rain new generation?? LOL … I hope not. Even though, he still might look HOT with long hair, I wish to see some thing fresh and news hairstyle for LOVE Rain.

  2. love the fourth pic! the pose is great and also because i really love his profile. i also love his smile on the pic where he wears the white shirt (with headphones). i super love his stares in all the photos. i call them the Jang Keun Suk signature stare – he seems to be always looking right into your very soul with that look of his. he’s got very soulful and expressive eyes. i am so lovin’ this guy! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the pics, Aphrael.

    Woww … I love all the pics. He looks manly yet boyish at the same time. I think Sukkie has greater chemistry with this actress than the previous models.


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