[Download] Kuwazugirai-Ou

English subs by tenshi_akuma

Mediafire download links as below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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12 thoughts on “[Download] Kuwazugirai-Ou”

  1. Yes, yes, the mediafire vers is out! you really know what i need the most aphrael!
    thank you tenshi, thank you aphrael! *big hug

  2. SIs aphrael thanks so much for your effort…jus wanted to ask s part 4 working??i goto homepage of mediafire when i click t…

  3. OMG! thank you so, so much tenshi and aphrael! i was just hoping for a mediafire download the other day and now, here it is! you gals are angels! what will we do withou you? 🙂


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