[ENG-SUB] Kuwazugirai-Ou_20120202

English subs: tenshi_akuma

This TV program is that guests eat their favorite food, which includes their least favorite. So each guest tries to figure out what the other hate. The MC are Japanese comedy duo, “Tonneruzu (Tunnels)”. Their talk includes a lot of adult talks… It’s their style. So I try to translate it into moderate expressions. I’m sure they likes Sukkie. They likes nasty jokes to entertain their guest. Anyway, let’s enjoy! 🙂




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  1. Thanks Kaori Chan, I am enjoying it 🙂 The actress is really pretty, Of course, our Sukkie’s most handsome, cutest one there. 🙂 I think the MC duo are pretty funny.

    • omo, that actress is pretty good to figure out Sukkie’s trick, I fell by his trick so well, I thought he wouldn’t like Natto. So Kaori Chan how Natto taste like? I’m wondering. I love cilantro, she doesn’t like but she did a good job on that. I think Sukkie actually figured that out.

      He is too cute when he danced Marumaru Morimori, he practiced for sure and he did so well. Kawaii nei!

      For some reason I do feel Sukkie was a bit nervous on this program. I think he must be warned about the two MCs, that they would say some dirty jokes… and with second language, even he is fluent in Japanese, but with all the jokes I bet he is pretty uptight to not to make mistake on the program.

      Thanks again, really enjoy watching it.

  2. Thank you Tenshi-chan. I like this show a lot. I laugh from the beginning until the end. The two MCs are so nice and funny, and the pretty lady is so gracious. Our prince is soo beyond cute. Love that punishing cute dance at the end!!! Yeah…that dance is more like a gift to eels instead of punishment. Lol… his less favorite food is so easy to guess…it’s a given. Sukkie doesn’t like sweet!!! I love to be his Japanese interpreter, don’t have to talk much and get to be close to Sukkie. Awwww… somebody please wake me up from a sweet dream here!!!!

  3. Thank you Kaori Chan. This is really nice and entertaining. I haven’t tried Monjya before but it looks good. My favorite is also unagi rice and sanma shioyaki.
    Sukkie is rather cautious in this program maybe of the language and culture difference, or maybe the two MCs have been teasing him most of the time.

  4. Kaori chan, Thanks again!!! I love this show.. in fact, I got a feeling Sukkie purposely lose in the tasting game so that he can get the punishment and perform for us on air ^_^ (am I the only one thinking this way?) In fact I guess Sukkie loves natto as he put in a lot of action in stirring the natto intentionally.. I remember when I was in Japan for business trip, my Japanese colleagues (guys) wanted to test my first reaction to natto, I actually love this fermented sticky bean on first taste ^_^

  5. all of them famous entertainer ..Taka-San and his partner MC, Iijima Naoko (watch her in Kimura Takuya HERO drama and movie) and of course our prince…they shown talkative and funny show …especially ending MCs push the ladies to hug our prince HIDOIIIIII 😀 😀 i enjoy watch this TV Show !

    thanks my friend Tenshi ….

  6. Thanx Kaori-chan for the sub…..

    He is cute in a way !!!

    BTW is he wearing the ring in this show as mentioned in ECI? Seems he kept covering his left hand …..

    • QQ, yes. But it’s cable TV. I’m not the cable subscriber, so I can’t watch it… I’m too busy on weekdays, so I hardly watch TV.

  7. thanks, i love this show very much, i watched it over and over again…
    are they know beforehand that sukkie doesn’t like sweets? because from suk stories and facial expression, it’s very hard to tell that his stories is too well prepared.


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