[Magazine] High Cut

Pics/text: neineilove
News source: KoreaStarDaily
English translation: Aphrael77

JKS: It’s the truth that having achieved more successes than I expected has made me become more cautious in considering problems. Hope people can pay attention to my real life and growth process.
『HIGH CUT』杂志,张根硕:实现了比我设想中更多的成功,令我在考虑问题时变得更加慎重是事实。希望大家关注张根硕真实的人生和成长过程。

Actor Jang Keun Suk reveals his feelings about being active in both Japan and Korea simultaneously.

Recently, JKS shot a series of posters for fashion magazine 《HIGH CUT》, and transformed into a man wavering on the edge between the 1970s and the contemporary era.

During the photo shoot, JKS presented the warm earth-tone series of brands such as Comme des Garcons、Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester.

In the interview that followed, JKS said, “Mum helped me to check my fortune for 2012. I’ll be busy until next year; she gave me mental preparation from January.” As he thought about the past year 2011, he continued, “I want to do the things I like, and live happily. I’m betting on my events in Japan. If that fails, it’s pointless to talk about popularity. Because I have gained more successes than I expected, I have become more cautious. Hope people can pay attention to my real life and growth process.”


JKS: “Although I want to do the things I like and live happily, I feel burdened trying to explain the popularity difference between Japan and Korea.”
『HIGH CUT』专访中,张根硕吐露心声:虽然我想做自己喜欢的事情快乐地活着,但是解释日本和韩国之间的“人气温度差”感到有些负担。

In one corner of the photo shoot venue, some fans from Japan were gasping with admiration at their idol’s perfect wearing of the clothes.
『HIGH CUT』杂志拍摄现场的一角,来自日本的女性粉丝们,面对偶像的完美服装款式演绎,忘我地感叹着。

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  1. he looks gorgeous!!!
    but i hate some bad comments bout this photoshoot in some websites,,they’re joking over our Prince, it hurts me T_____T

    • sigh… no end to those comments … fashion is about daring to experiment… er.. even though I also laugh at the high-end fashion on international runways, but at least i don’t post sarcastic comments saying that the models and fashion designers have bad/weird/strange taste…. that’s fashion!

      mm… aren’t all those clothes that JKS is wearing branded? so they are ultimately laughing at the designers too?

    • Sukkie looks good in many different fashion style and he dares to try out which is what I admire too.. In fact, most of those clothing wore by many famous fashion models can’t be worn in general.. need to have certain built to fit well.. I somehow feel that Sukkie’s built & face is suitable for modeling.. in wide range (from the cute to the sofisticate)
      Imagine the picture above with the wide pants.. how many can wear that and still looks cool? ^_^

  2. yess QQeyes007, he really has a good shape for modelling. And for some haters, i think they should learn how to appreciate other idols (except their idol). as for me, i’m a die hard fans of JKS but i never hate or made some garbage comments ’bout other idol, just respect their work.
    hmm i think i’m a little bit emotional since today i got my period hahaahahah ^^,

    • agree!! i mean, i don’t love any other idol but i don’t give darn comments on them..and i think there’s this unspoken rule of keun suk not to give negative comments on other idols as well. that’s what other idols should do.

      • well said dear and In my opinion,some people sometime’s are just blinded by beauty which is only skin deep..I’m happy that our Prince is not like that,he was beautiful inside and out..Though I don’t like to hear/read negavite comments bwt Sukkie,I still respect them because that’s the best thing Sukkie thought me..To respect other’s opinion even if you’re wounded by their nasty remarks about you..

    • Perhaps those haters are just plain jealous of our multi-talented Prince who outshines their favourite artiste in more ways than one. You know, sometimes I simply don’t bother to read any posts that are not Sukkie-related, and I would advise those antis to do likewise!

  3. Its not the clothes, its the PERSON wearing it! Keun Suk always manage to bring out a percieved style, mood and attitude. He lends “character” to whatever fashion he is wearing. That makes it so much more capitvating than any other model.

  4. The real fact is not everybody can carry this type of clothings with “fitted” expression
    To me, the pics are perfect …. different look with different style
    Love them all

    BTW anybody know where to get the mag???

  5. I think it is high fashion so the photography was also artistically done. Only certain people understand and appreciate this type of fashion. All of Prince eels are very intelligent, charming, articulate and above average person so they recognize and appreciate our Prince action and support what so ever decision he make. We have high tolerance and we can differentiate between reality and what the photograph want to project. Am I right or am I right. That they ask him to model this for them, they must think highly of him and he can certainly carry this look effortlessly. Antis are only envious.

  6. all i can say this photo shoots were superb and artistically done.. JKS got all the attitude as a model.. don’t care about the haters who don’t know how to appreciate and understand elegance..

    Aphrael the new skin of your blog is nice.. when i went here last time i thought i entered a wrong blog.. 🙂

  7. He looks gorgeous ,
    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
    Just blind our eyes, deaf our ears and mute our mouth against
    all the negative comments about Suk.
    What matter most, if he is happy we eels are happy too.

  8. those designers are something. wearing those brands gives you an edge.

    sukkie did not just wear those clothes nicely, but it was artistically done.

    its fashion, its like the runway.

    you see those clothes in the runway nicely worn but when its being worn by a normal person it won’t look good, so only those people who knows how to wear those can deliver it well.

    he does look dashing, I’m speechless. i love the effects of the smoking rose.

  9. sometimes people can be so immature. if they don’t like it, then why waste time commenting on it? especially if they only wanted to say something hurtful about people they don’t even personally know. internet breeds bully, i guess.

    JKS looks mighty fine, by the way… I’m new here… so, hello ladies…:)

  10. Well… When you are a public person such as Sukkie, you become the center of everything.
    I believe is hard for him to balance both sides of the popularity coin, Japan and Korea.
    I think it will be great if see also both sides of his life… The famous and Personal.
    I love High Cut Magazine… They really make all the stars look amazingly gorgeous!!

    Thanks 4 sharing ♥

  11. I really hate those ppl who write bad things about our prince I mean like if they don’t like than don’t see him why must say things like ” u so ugly also can be a model ” and ” they pick the wrong ppl to act as male lead in love rain ur acting is so bad” something like that

    • Antis are people who feel good only when they badmouth others … not possible to change other people’s way of thinking, so we try to ignore antis’ voices (though it makes us angry sometimes!!)

      mm… there are fans who say picking Yoona as the female lead is the wrong choice too! guess everyone is entitled to their thoughts ….


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