[Magazine] Cri-J (Season 2)

Remember the Cri-J magazines (4 magazines a year) dedicated solely to JKS? Well, it’s so successful that they are continuing with Season 2 in 2012. If you’re keen to order, order details may come out later but do note it’s all in Japanese.

【Some info】
■ Price: 8,400 yen (exclusive of international delivery)

■ Issue dates (subject to change):
– 10 April 2012
– 10 July 2012
– 10 Oct 2012
– 10 Jan 2013

Here is the website if you want to take a look.

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  1. Aphrael, do we need to retype our names n email addresses everytime we submit comments? It used to be a one time entry n only need to copy paste password…. Is it possible to make it that way again? 🙂

  2. always looking good..yesterday I was in a b-day party and I saw this kid sporting that style,,my friend called me and said,”look charlotte,it’s JKS hairstyle”..she took a pic of that kid and later 2nyt I will post it in ECI..

  3. Charlotte, when I first saw Sukkie’s apple hairstyle in YAB.. I was thinking then what a hairstyle for a guy but looks cute.. now it seems so natural when I see him in this hairstyle, like part of Sukkie and not any men can have this hairstyle & looks cute like a kid
    Sharing with eels here a vid I saw on Japan’s report on top 10 popular faces in Japan.. and Sukkie is the only Korean making to this list ^_^

    • ur right and do u remember his HK Tour,Sukkie singing with manager kim while signing his poster,,that precious moment I will never forget..I wonder if he still have time to enjoy little free time for himself now that he’s super busy..Sometimes I wish he had a sister he can play with and a sister that will caress his head when he’s down & troubled=)…
      thank u for the link..*_*

      • Charlotte.. wow..what you said is what my mum told me that she hope Sukkie has a sister whom he can talk to as it is lonely to be only child & also my mum said Sukkie is such a great & talented guy and it is good to have sibling like him ^_^

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