[News] JKS submitted his first short film as graduation work

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Actor, Jang Keun Suk completed his first short film. JKS, who is now a senior at the department of Acting, Hanyang University, submitted a short film as his graduation work to meet academic requirements for graduation. Tree-J staff revealed that he had submitted it in spite of a tight schedule. At the previous interview with us, JKS said, “My graduation work was 4:30 minutes long and I acted in a one-man show. Besides, I wrote the script and directed the film.” And he added that it was a kind of sarcastic film. He also revealed that he someday wants to direct films as well as acting and singing.”

JKS has recently been paid attention because he donated 1,200 million won to Hanyang University hoping to settle the scholarship. The “Jang Keun Suk” scholarship starts from March 2012 and can sponsor 20 students at the department of Acting who have excellent results and come from financially disadvantaged background.

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    • oic… those Myeong-dong filming was for his graduation film??

      wow, love the red suit he wore & wondering what theme / genre short film did Prince made?? ah, cant wait to see it…

      thanks for sharing it ^^

  1. He said before that he is planning to unveil his first short film to eels. I’m looking forward to the day coming! 🙂 Will it be on his YouTube channel?

    • Since he got his personal Youtube Channel, hope that he will unveil it proudly there…

      I’m looking forward for it too.. not long from now, right?? hahaha, keeping my finger cross……

  2. I think he said if the movie got good review which I think it would, then he will put on YT,. So let’s wait and see. 🙂

  3. I’m really looking forward to Sukkie’s work.. btw..aphrael, your blog has “new clothes” today! I thought I go into wrong place… ^_^

    • i thought so too…… >.<
      aphrael, could you change the size of the font? i think it's too small…
      i'm not used to this skin…. the previous one is warmer than this.
      but, this new year everything must be change, for the better of course, so i'm not complaining anymore…. ^^

      • sorry sorry!! I’m still trying to figure out how everything works… I’ll take note to increase the font size when I find it …. please bear with me…

      • cajuputte,

        one short-cut way is to go to the toolbar on top of your internet window, click on “View”, then “Text size”.

        i think you can choose to view a bigger text size? does it work for you? apologies for the inconvenience. I tried to change the font size but it did not work ….

      • ya it works. but the other page font size also getting bigger.
        this pink background is warmer than the previous one. i love the color!

    • aaahhh yes, in fact, it will be trying a few different “clothes” over a couple of days before it decides which clothes look nicest! 😀 Please bear with me ^^

      • ooh…so in couple of days, this blog will change some clothes… wow, that’s fun…! i will often refresh this page to see the new clothes and get surprise… just like seeing suk ^^

  4. Tenshi.. Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to seeing his work too… if he reveals it to us 🙂 I wonder how long we will have to wait. He probably can’t reveal it until after graduation 🙁 But so proud of him to be able to finish with his busy schedule.

    And Aphrael I was confused at first too. I will wait to see you come up with in the end. I love this place too much.

  5. Lol! I was using my mobile and first i got lost by blog’s new design, initially thought that it’s my mobile’s showing me different “shapes and directions” (first was looking for Suk’s pic on ur banner/header…lol)! Re-entered again and then realised that u’v changed ur blog’s design!

  6. wow, aphrael! new look..at first i also thought that i entered the wrong web address. hihi. gonna watch out for the other experimental “clothes”.

    i hope keun suk’s project and graduation will go smoothly, another dream awaiting to be fulfilled!


    • Wow! JKSforever was created on Jan 2 ??? Great! Congrats to aphrael! Happy first anniversary!!! Hope to celebrate more anniversaries in future (even after Suk’s all dreams r fulfilled)!!!

    • Happy Anniversary, Ahprael, is been a year? wow, look at what your blog have done, bring the eels all over the world to meet here. That’s really something. Congratulations and thanks (never will be enough of that). The team gets bigger and bigger. Eels power. I do hope that Sukkie can find this place and get to know how many fans all over world are loving him soooooooooooooooooooo much. Eels bond rules.

    • wow,,Happy Anniversary JKS FOREVER!!! Perhaps this is indeed a destiny,Sukkie is also celebrating his Anniversary this year..Thank you Aphrael=)

      • don’t worry aphrael,,I’m sure you want to make your blog last forever?because If u ask me,I more than willing to spend my life visiting your blog..It may sound cheesy but true…*_*

        one year = JKSforever,,cheers!!

    • One year anniversary already!!!….Woww….time sure fly fast when we have fun. Aphrael, you might know this already, but in case you don’t know yet… You are very famous and your name is one of the well-known names among EELs. I saw your name had been credited on almost every websites I visited. I’m so glad that I found this place. My day would not be completed without visiting this blog…sometimes as a silent reader….lol

      Thank you a million times for your love and hard-work in maintaining this blog. As a community has grown bigger, more and more demanding of you and your time….yet you still amazed us with your speeding translation, video subbing, and posting Sukkie’s updates and news. Don’t know how you manage all of these. You are truly an amazing eel!!!

      Happy Anniversay to JangKeunSukForever and may God bless this wonderful blog with many more wonderful years sharing together with Sukkie’s news, and most of all, the bonding friendship around the world.

      • Hi Kailey,

        er… … really? I don’t know, but I guess being “well known” or not is not the thing … (or it may be, if anyone wants to offer me a ticket or 20 tickets to JKS’ 20th anniversary show, I’d definitely take it if that is a side-result of being “known”!! Haha~)

        the only reason why we all come together, share news, read news is, it’s only because of that ONE man we adore to bits (er, shall not say which bits), that one man who is so inspiring and brings us so much happiness, and most of all, he’s cute and fun!! (all your husbands may very well throw rotten veggies at me for saying this, but I still think that Sukkie, despite his minor imperfections, is still the BEST guy in the world! ^^ )

        I may not have said this directly before, but I’m equally grateful to everyone who visits the blog, read news, share news, contribute more news. Some eels are absolutely faster than me!! The blog team may not be able to show all his news due to our constraints, but then again, I guess we have the choice to post news that we want to share or talk about. And I’m sooo grateful to dear Tenshi for her time and effort to share news with us too.

        And Kailey, did I say I really love all your comments? I’m in total agreement with you on everything! I echo almost all your opinions, viewpoints etc…. and from the way you write, you’re really a warm-hearted and kind lady 🙂

        And the best thing is, not only does JKS give me the strength to carry on, so do you all!! * hugs all round * (kisses only reserved for you-know-who 😀 )… really, the friendships we’ve built up here are priceless. Thanks everyone!!

        ~ Aphrael77

      • the bonding friendship between eels in this blog..kizuna……
        kiley & aphrael, i like both of your comments…… *click button ‘like’

        *sweet kiss for you-know-who and flying kisses for all…

  8. Oh! Aphrael is testing the blog new appearance ….
    LOL !! I thought I went in the wrong blog …….. but familiar coz the header with Sukkie’s pinkish lip is there…….

  9. me, too! i thought my browser wasn’t completely loading it. i refreshed twice and realized aphrael’s blog has a new look. i agree with cajuputte, the previous one was homier. but then again, new year, new beginning… just takes time getting used to, i guess. can’t wait for the final “clothes”.

    already shared this in FB, but just wanna share this to everybody else here. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, sisters!!!

      • thanks, sis! love you, too! yup, i made it (done in quite a rush though). i chose the song coz i think it fits him perfectly, esp the chorus. 🙂

    • but the “comments” never mind it,,duh!!! And as for my stand,,”people with great minds are the only one who understand and appreciate true beauty”..Love u Sukkie!!

      • agree! he‘s the only one brave enough to pull off something like that and not worry about what other people will think. some comments made me laugh, others irked me. bu i agree with one of the commenters that designer clothes really do look ridiculous most of the time. LOL!

  10. I must say the new look takes getting used to but I find it nice and the people here are the same and I have no complaints. Cheers to Aphrael! Happy Anniversary! Bless you for all your efforts. Thanks much 🙂

    Congrats Sukkie for completing your short film! More power to you.

  11. …interesting…am i included in the list of you-know-who eels???..LOL!…i doubt that i am :/ …ok i don’t mind getting only hugs …cuz i get enough amount of kisses from another “you-know-who s”!!! Lol 🙂

  12. Gee…………  New look just like our prince who is always has a changing appearance so there continuously an air of mystery around him (we will never be bored and want him more and more and more ………) although he always shown his true self. Anyway thanks very much Aphrael and Tenshi for your dedication and hardworks. Thanks to all of you also for making loveable, cute, crazy, lusty, sexy and a lot more that I couldn’t describe comments and have been very very supportive of our Prince, because of this bonding it make me feel much much much ……. love for our Prince. Almost forgot HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. 

    p.s : sorry for the late comments I’m not feeling well lately (gastric attack) and have been very busy with work.

  13. Happy 1st year Anniversary Aphrael!!! i’m a follower of you since its started… wishing more years to come of bonding here in your blog.. i’m so happy to meet good people here.. Thank you very very much for all the updates and news of JKS you shared to us.. you’re truly an amazing person to do all of this for us eels.. God bless you and more power!!!

  14. Gosh!!!!!! Who said that i love slobbery kisses??????? That’s YOU who can’t resist sending ur chulp-chulp SLOBBERY kisses to EVERYONE!!!!! LOL!!! …As for me, I love only gentle and soft ( and passionate) Suk kisses!!!!!!!
    Farina! U’re scaring me with ur HYPERSALIVATION!!!! Pls go and see the doc (oh how i miss doc Maya at this moment)!!!!!! cuz excessive secretion of saliva might be symptom of some serious diseases like rabies or smth like that!! ..oops!

    ps: ur teeth are ur ( maybe only (who knows LOL )) asset that i admire a lot!!! Hahahaha!!!!!! i can’t imagine Farina without teeth!!! Ohhhhh!…. *fainting*

    • aphrael, i couldn’t submit my comment as a reply to Farina’s comment! everytime i clicked “submit comment” it showed me “Slow down, cowboy! Speed kills” note! LOL! dunno what’s wrong with my speed!….and wow!!! i’m glad that we don’t need to type password anymore when leaving reply!!!! ^^


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