[News] JKS documentary got a 8% viewer rating

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The viewer rating of “The special documentary of a new Hallyu star, Jang Keun Suk” was around 10% and it proved a high interest in him.

According to AGB Nielsen Index, the special documentary broadcast by KBS2 on Jan. 1, “The central role of new Hallyu stars, Jang Keun Suk” got a 8% viewer rating throughout Korea. This viewer rating is high if you consider the fact that it was a midnight broadcasting and a documentary for a particular artist. This program reported his great success in Japan, the secret of his popularity, and the real face of JKS. And the filming location of CFs in Japan and China, the recording scene of a duet with a guest of Tokyo Dome were also broadcast. Watching the program, JKS was introduced as a leader who creates new Hallyu showbiz contents and plays a central role of it even though he hasn’t almost any time for rest.

In this program, JKS said, “I don’t think I am successful. I must make more efforts.” He added, “As I’ve gotten older, I feel anxious about uncertainty. I don’t feel at ease if I don’t sweat. Some people said that I made a precocious success, but I don’t think so. If there are ten things what I have to achieve in my life, I haven’t achieved only two or three of them. I sometimes describe myself as a boom, but when I say so, it puts me under hypnosis. I understand that it is possible that my popularity might lose in a moment, so I can’t cut corners on even trivial matters.”

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  1. Kaori-chan, thanks for sharing this news.. I saw the same news translated in BaiduSukbar a while ago too.. below also explain that the rating is considered high considered it is a documentary for an artiste and also taking into consideration of late night broadcast during festive season when most are not besides the TV.. I think most eels will be relieved after feeling teary already over Sukkie’s story in the documentary^_^

  2. Thanks Kaori chan for sharing. Definitely good to know a 8% is considered a good rating 🙂
    i just finished watching the documentary with the Chinese subs and was very touched by one of his interviews where he mentioned many people direct his current success to one drama, but forgotten that he has come a long way (20 years) to reach where he is today…..and the things he lost in this 20 years – no friends in school, no memory of childhood. What he went through definitely molded his character, and it’s precisely this unique character that draws us to him.

  3. Thank you Tenshi-chan for sharing this article. You don’t know how much my heart is lifted up after reading this news. I was so emotional yesterday about how Sukkie’s reception by his people. Sukkie always said he loves his country and its people, so he will keeps on trying his very best to gain their respects and interests. Every times when he talks about his popularity, he said he is not popular…in a sense it’s true coz he still thinks he’s not that popular in his country like other artistes his age. I’m happy to know that Korean start to show some interests in him a little. I don’t expect all would like or love him. Sometimes, being in neutral ground is a good thing. For I’m being neutral with a lot other others K-stars and I like and admire their professionalism and watched their stuffs.

    • yup it’s consider quite high for a particular artiste. further more, it was broadcast at 22.35 pm.

      YAB which was brodcast at 21.55 pm, got average rating 10%.
      drama series playful kiss with kim hyun jong got average rating below 5%
      drama series heartstring with park shin ye & cn blue yonghwa got average rating below 7%

  4. Thank you so much tenshi-san! <3 I am so happy to read that! ^_^

    My dear dear sukkie … If only you can touch my heart and feel for yourself what you mean to me. *sigh* … This boy is a real gem. He will change a lot of people's lives. He's a road opener , He's a builder , a leader … he's an inspiration… keun suk ah! What you're looking for .. I know you will find … one day … I want to be there … to see you in your best moment … the moment where you will find true happiness .. true freedom … with tones of people surrounding you. It is my believe that people who get tested with hardships since young are meant to be special … are meant to be a force of change …. I believe, they are chosen ones for great things … that's why they get these tests to shape them to the people they will become. You have chosen to be yourself , to take the hard way. for That I respect you so much because you're not fake , you're not a robot. You are beloved Jang keun suk … my inspiration <3

    • Cri-J, very touching comments….your words always touched many eels here as we feel the same way..I can’t express well but you always express the feeling deep down from our heart ^_^

    • Totally agree with u Cri-J!!! Indeed lots of famous/well-known ppl go through difficulties during the period from their childhood to adulthood so that they learn how to tolerate when it’s needed, to fight & overcome all those hardships and step by step understand the truth of life better!!! ..this hypothesis/opinion even was proven by lots of examples/facts from history!!!
      …Clicking “LIKE” button too!! ^^

  5. Hi I think I never post in here, but I am quite often reading article in here.
    Thanks for this one.
    Well, I read it with my teary eyes.

  6. Cri J – really love your sincere comments.
    Sukkie – dont worry you have lots of loving, dedicated and loyal eels to support
    you always.
    Hopefully 2012 will bring you happiness and great success.

  7. Cri-j, nice POEM for our sukkie. Very touching heartfelt words ….. How about another one. Like this one :- (not mine, copied).

    Dedicated to Geun Suk,
    Ever since you told me, you love me,
    All the stars in my sky have brightened,
    I’m willing to become the one in the fairy tale,
    The angel that you love, I extend this pair of hands,
    And turn them into wings to protect you,.
    From eel who love you sooooooo much.
    And on behalf of all eels…….!!

  8. @ everyone … thank you ^_^

    This was a really sweet poem <3 My jumble of emotions could never be called a peom though!

    @ aphreal! WOW! It's a new world here! Thanks for your hard work sis <3

    @ Farina I miss you so much sis!


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