[01.01.2012] Twitter

Credits: @Joosuc78
This pic was taken while the KBS documentary was shooting.

Credits: @codeinconnu
The documentary was jointly planned by Korean TV station (KBS) and Japanese TV station (Fuji-TV). They collaborated sharing the shooting schedule, but the basic structure of the program is different. So the content is not the same. I wonder what kind of the program eventually comes out. I’m thinking of going to Japan…

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  1. happy new year everyone!
    here’s the torrent link for KBS 2TV for “The Center of the New Korean Wave, I Am Jang Keun Suk”

    *i hope japanese eels would record it and upload it… please..please *begging & kneel down..

    have you read this news? (JKS wearing red hanbok)

    and there is new poll (is this poll important?)

  2. Hi all! Belated Happy New Year….
    I missed Sukkie New Year documentary show, hope someone can put up a link for me to view…..dun mind even without English sub! !!

    Like Sukkie’s NY cartoon greeting! !! His female eel is in the drawing :-*

  3. thank you very much for the link,I will definitely watch it but again I will wait for the eng. sub version before I download it..
    Gosh,,I’m crying now=) thank you..


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