10 thoughts on “Lotte DFS namecard-sized cards”

  1. Where can I find these again? In Asia? Darn. I wish I could be irresponsible and hop on a plane now 🙁 despite the cold. Thanks for sharing!

  2. loved the 1st pic… and there goes that sideways look again in the last one!!! can’t help but really love him more and more. he’s seems to be more gorgeous, more dashing, and just plain irresistible in each and every photo.

  3. #1. cute
    #2. mysterious
    #3. sweet
    #4.sexyyyyyyy (my fav )
    #5.beautifull (the necklace is too much kkkkkk…)
    Anyway that’s our prince . Trully madly deeply in love with him ^^

  4. I love how he can change his looks by just changing his hairstyle. But with all the looks, he remains to be the most handsome, charming and sexy artiste of his generation. Keep it up Sukkie!


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