[Upcoming] Elle Japan – Feb 2012 issue

New exclusive interview! “Elle Japan” Feb 2012 issue to be released on 26 Dec 2011 features Jang Keun Suk who has become popular in Japan based on drama “You are Beautiful” and has completed his successful Tokyo Dome performance at the end of Nov 2011. Before the movie “You’re my Pet” airs in Japan, Elle Japan has successfully gotten an exclusive interview, a must-read for hardcore fans.

Get closer to JKS in “Elle Japan”!

This interview was conducted shortly after JKS’ return to Korea after Tokyo Dome concert. His trademark mid-length ‘London mushroom’ hairstyle caters to his drama. Amidst his crammed schedule, he does not show any sign of exhaustion and completes the interview smoothly, a testament to his professionalism from 20 years of artiste experience!

“Elle Japan” will have 6 pages on how JKS feels to be the pet of more mature women, his perspective of love as regards to more mature women and his future career development. A section on the increasing trend of single Japanese men and women who don’t engage in romance. And also photographs taken with Kim Ha-neul.

Chinese translation: vik1107
Source: Elle Japan

28 thoughts on “[Upcoming] Elle Japan – Feb 2012 issue”

  1. Wah!!!! So many things to look forward to in 2012!!!! Can’t remember I’ve ever been this enthusiastic to welcome the next coming year!

    • Totally agree!! can’t wait to hear what he has to say about “his perspective of love as regards to more mature women and his future career development”….

      • wow! curious about that, too! looking forward to this interview. LOL! seriously, i really love reading his interviews because they always are manifestations of his wit and charm.

  2. I’m a more mature woman!! And I’m single! LOL all joking aside I’m looking forward to this too. Hopefully there will be a translation out there when the time rolls around. Thanks Aphrael! You’ve been busy today.

    • Wow!! thanks for sharing this QQeyes007……i so so so wish i am in Tokyo right now….aww…actually when i was there in nov, i did sit by Hachiko area to watch the big screens….but never hv such luck……the feeling must be great to see Sukkie literally “everywhere” on big screens in Shibuya 🙂

      • Hazy, like u.. I hope I can be there too now.. the atmosphere must be really great to see Sukkie like a star blinking everywhere above with the Christmas songs ^_^

  3. Sukkies’ popularity has really gained momentum in Japan. So proud of him. Japanese producers must also like him a lot because of his professionalism and dedication to his work.
    Thank you Tenshi for the upcoming translation. We look forward to it.


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