[Pics] Love Rain media panel discussion on 13 Dec

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A deluge of 200 (or more) pics coming from the event today. At the bottom of this post is a direct link to the webpage where you can save pics to your heart’s content…

Not sure what was discussed at the panel discussion, but ooh, some pics are revealing … …

For more pics,

Director & cast

Where JKS is, laughter and merriment will follow …

We know you’re super cute … …

Er… something in his eyes?

Absorbed in his music …

Teasing your co-actress ?!! Where’s Yoona??

Too much rapport between the two …. ….

Something more to adjust??

As promised, here is the link.

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    • Sukkie seems to fit in any hairstyle.. in fact, I find not many can look good in 70s hairstyle (mushroom) as it will make the image very nerdy.. but somehow this image make him looks like a handsome teen from that era…. if not for this offscreen panel interview, Sukkie in Love Rain really looks very sentimental & passive role he is playing in the 70s..

  1. Im wondering does he really like tat pair of jeans LOL
    But he looks so innocent with tat jeans…flare instead of his norm skinny jeans

  2. Aphrael, whatever do you mean by ‘REVEALING’ and ‘SOMETHING MORE TO ADJUST’?? Am I thinking what you’re saying? *innocent look* :))

    • OMG!!! The wave IS HERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! sis farina do u really think we can stop?? 😛 IT has even corrupted our CEO/PRODUCER….omg i was ROFL wen i saw REVEALING!! kekeke

      • @meg,dear ur the first person that came to my mind when I saw those photos of Sukkie,,you know the reason why,hahahaha=)

      • Sis!! wow so great u love me so much that u see me whenever u see suks pic kekeke!!! yep ur right we both are soulmated suk and i kekeke 🙂

    • President Farina, How can I join Eel’s Club Facebook? Can you link the FB account on this site? I cannot help but intriguing on the quest for hunting Sukkie’s charms or…..better word “moles”.

      • Kailey, if u r on FB, find and add me: Arba’ayah Farina Abdullah and if u are using a pseudonym, please send me a message to inform who you are so I can identify you ok? Actually I tried finding you and even sent a message but no response so I assume I got the wrong person 🙂

    • HAHAHAA!!! There is the World Cup wave, in Spore we have the Kallang wave (also football related), and the most recent Tokyo Dome wave that the Japanese eels did….. and now we have our own JKSForever blog wave!!! 😀
      Oh my!!! I am really laughing non-stop now!! Be it here or in FB, you gals really make me laugh! 😀

  3. So glad I came here before our FB group! LOL.. seriously though he does look great in “costume” here. I also wish I knew what they were discussing but as always I enjoy just seeing pictures of him. Oh and I want to know who the other female character is too! Does anyone think that she will be the woman he ends up with and in turn she is the mother of his son? Just speculation.

    Oh and Aphrael? Thanks so much for that last picture. My heart melts whenever I see his naughty tongue 😉

  4. this vid is not related to Love Rain but MMM, for new eels who have not seen this before.. it is a real fancam of the scene “Hello Hello” confession in MMM (I think about 100 eels were invited to join the filming.. in the end many passer-by join in..), I first saw this HD vid over Youtube just a day after this scene was taken in Korea almost 1 year ago.. you can hear the eels shouting Sukkie’s name in the background.. now lyrics of the song is put in.. I always feel this song may be from Sukkie… the lyrics applies to his feeling for his fans besides Mary in the drama..

  5. It’s so good to see Sukkie looking so happy and healthy too! I cannot wait to see his hairstyle and dressing for his character role as a photographer in 2012.

    • Lol… seems like Sukkie has more chemistry with this lady than with Yoona. Please don’t throw stones at me (especially Yoona’s fans), no mean intended. No matter how many times I look at Yoona or watch her videos….I just cann’t find charisma attractive like a “Godness” everyone called her. I find her just a Pretty girl (maybe beautiful in some of the pictures) that’s it.

  6. The woman in red is Son Eun-Seo. According to an article, she couldn’t stop laughing to hear Sukkie’s witty interview. She must have fallen for his charms. 😉

    • Son Eun-Seo is good-looking, eh..based on the pics, there’s a chemistry between her and keun suk..(but girls being paired with keun-suk end up being suitable to him like KHN, MGY, LMJ)..that’s how great an actor he is.

  7. wahh he is so cute love his smile and he look like a teen in these pics keke <3

    and omge where is the "like button" i love all of you guys comments 🙂

    • LOL… that is what I have been thinking a lot lately.. where is the like button. I guess I’m getting used to clicking like instead of responding to everything from FB. Funny though.. this blog is still the first place I go to in the morning when I turn on the computer. Its become my homepage LOL

  8. Here in Canada I learned that typical Korean people don’t have personal distance and they approach very close and touch the arms and shoulders of others while talking even though they are not so close friends. It’s true because Korean classmates and other Canadian recognize it’s their way of talking. For them, hugging and walking along arm in arm doesn’t have a very special meaning compared to people in other countries. I was little shocked to know that. Because it’s quite different from us. Canadian people also said they sometimes have to walk backward when they talk with Koreans. So I don’t think there is some special chemistry between them. I think they are just good co-stars…including a lot of my wish. Lol.

    • Ah. so what we see in the kdramas is typical? I notice that there is a lot of affection amongst friends in the dramas but I don’t know how much from dramas is real or just for the show.

      • Yes!!!! Even ordinary Korean men plan special surprising celebration for the couples’ 100th day after their first dating. Korean men are definitely one of the most romantic and passionate people in the world. And not only men but also women are passionate. I’ve heard these features before, but still I was surprised to see them in front of my eyes. Korean people looks to have no hesitation holding hands with friends of the opposite sex (I mean they’re not boyfriend or girlfriend, just friends).

  9. gosh for 3 days i’m not infront of the computer so much fun was here.. this is i’m missing.. oh… i’m laughing so much with all the comments!!! 😀

    sukkie really looks good with that hair.. well, what hair can’t he be look good? NOTHING.. ‘coz he’s really pretty and handsome person.. 🙂


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