15 thoughts on “JKS Youtube opening”

  1. I love love love this video. Already mentioned this elsewhere but I practically fainted when he brought the cake to his mouth. He must do that deliberately cause he knows its provocative. I hope he shares so much more with us because I don’t know about anyone else but I want so much more of him.

    • This is certainly GREAT as I can imagine at times PrinceJKS may be uploading the vids he produced & edited himself to share with eels.. so wonderful!

      • yes, it’s so great to have another venue to connect with him. i hope he does upload some of the videos he himself makes and edits as i think he’s really very good at it as seen in the vids he plays in his shows. πŸ™‚

  2. OMG!!!the Prince tweeted again after a month WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE πŸ˜›
    Jang keun suk has tweeted after nearly a month…

    #JKSTweet Translation: What?! My twitter is still here.. Why is it.. — http://www.youtube.com/princeJKS Watch this, Jang Keun Suk Channel Open!!! Hehehe

    RT @AsiaPrince_JKS 뭐야 λ‚΄ νŠΈμœ—μ•„μ΄λ””λŠ” 아직도 μ•ˆμ—†μ–΄μ‘Œλ„€..뭐이런..γ…‘γ…‘ http://www.youtube.com/princeJKS μ΄κ±°λ‚˜ 보센 γ„²γ„²γ„² 유튭 μž₯κ·Όμ„μ±„λ„μ˜€ν”ˆ!!!

    Credit: Sasha


    • Sukkie has created another channel to make many sleepless eels & I’m starting to wonder if he really still keep his twitter account to tease his eels ^_^

      • I wonder too if he kept twitter to tease us. But happy he still has it and happier if he start using it in the future. I understood the battery issue. I bought an extended battery and still have to fully charge twice a day and not nearly as active as he is

    • meg, you are fast! do you ever sleep? LOL!

      i was just about to check treej’s twitter account to see if they announced the opening of his channel and you beat me to it with a much better and exciting news ~ JKS tweeted it himself! awesome!!!

    • I have a different idea. According to the way to delete twitter account, the account is to be deleted completely if the user doesn’t login in 30 days, but his account wasn’t deleted… so I don’t think he will restart his tweet in the near future.

      • tenshi! everything happens if u believe (and pray) it to happen!!!!
        we should be optimistic and see everything on the positive side!!….Well, this is what i think!!! Although i was soooo happy and teary to see his tweet yesterday personally i won’t be offended anymore even if he doesn’t continue using his twitter account, i just believe that whatever happens, it happens to the best!!!!!….

  3. Hahaha! It’s amazing what one tweet from JKS can do to us Eels. What more if he suddenly appears in front of us? Can’t imagine how it’ll unfold hehehe


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