[News] JKS: “Director Yun Seok-ho is a mentor in my life”

On 13 Dec afternoon, Jang Keun Suk attended Love Rain’s media panel discussion held at Dae-du’s Children Theatre. He said that he “felt very honoured to be able to work together with very senior director Yun Seok-ho”.

Demonstrating his respect for the director, JKS said, “The director gave me a new character in my life, he is a mentor in my life.”

Seated next to the director, JKS enlivened the atmosphere by making mischievous facial expressions and joking.

Extract from Innolife

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11 thoughts on “[News] JKS: “Director Yun Seok-ho is a mentor in my life””

  1. Well.. as the saying goes.. they have all the ingredients for a “recipe for success” between our prince and the director. I just hope the projected premiere date is what someone said. It will so special (for me at least) if it does premiere on March 26th.

  2. I read some news about the public filming.
    The scene, the trio of music cafe “C’est La Vie” (Jang Keun Suk, Kim SiWho, and Seo In Guk) appears on a radio public audition, playing their original song “Love Rain” was filmed on that day.

    • tnx tenshi for the info =) not sure bout’ this but some member’s of JGS Ph,said that Love Rain will also air in Philippines..^_^

  3. Wish I can hear him singing. I bet most of the song during the 70 period are ballad song. Love his singing voice especially sentimental song. Emmm……. please 2012 hurry up. 🙂


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