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Bewitching and captivating, dazzling and sexy men easily transcend borders and language. Jang Keun Suk is a popular phenomenon of the Japanese society. His professionalism honed from his child actor days and his cute appearance are not the reasons why he has gained such popularity. What is the interior charm of JKS who enthralls people he meets!…

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Career women may be men’s ideal. I have always been busy with work, so I hope my future wife has her own work too, and not become insecure just waiting for me. Then when we are together, we can cook together, and enjoy a peaceful and happy time together, this is my dream.


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  1. aphrael, thanks for the very nice shots posted here.. he really looks so natural in different pose & I’m sure most photographer would find Sukkie a perfect model for photo shoots as he can be so sexy effortlessly… (even lady models may not achieve this easily..)

  2. Wow… his sideburns just slay me everytime! Yeah, definately a great spread. He looks best when his makeup is toned down and he is in minimalist style. Thank you Aphrael for sharing.

    • I agree with you Andrea, I like the way he looks here. Sukkie looks great even with less make up, his natural beauty just shines out.

  3. Another beautiful pictures of my dear Prince, thanks Aphrael!! I really do hope his dreams come true and could enjoy a peaceful and happy life together with his lady…..

    • Farina, To tell the truth, I was reading the first line : I have always been busy with work so I hope my future wife , when instinctly I thought : AAh here it comes : I need a wife that wouldn’t have the worry and hadships of going to work every day, so that she would give me her full attention and the care I need when I come back home. I guess that would be the typical words of a typical man. But , as usual, Sukkie succeeds to amaze me with such an answer! Only few people in the world who can be warm hearted and open minded at the same time! I hope you will always keep this unique charcater of yours, and I pray you will be blessed by a wife that is caring and understaning. A soulmate who would give you an unconditional love, because Sukkie you deserve the best!

    • whenever i visit this blog, i can’t just pass without opening this page and stare at these pix!!! So sexy and breathtaking!!!! Last 3 pix are my most favourites!!!!!!

  4. Wow ! Who will be the lucky girl to be his future wife ….
    He is such an understanding hubby
    No wonder we hooked on him ^o^

  5. thank you so much aprael for the pics and the updates about our prince.hehe.im an eel too.looking his pictures and reading articles about him makes my day happier.my day is incomplete when i cant read your blog.thank you so so much.:)


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