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    • Hazy, it must be nice to see Sukkie everywhere now in Japan & Korea ^_^ really makes me want to go on a vacation but I still have to wait till next year…

      • Hi QQeyes007, i have been back home for a couple of weeks now; but am definitely missing the land of JKS very much; vacations are always too short and never enough, can’t wait for my next Tokyo/Seoul trip 😛

      • Yep… I want to go to Korea and Japan just to roam the streets for Sukkie adverts LOL. Okay, I want to see a lot more than that but definately a major inspiration. I was actually thinking I might have to skip Japan after all if I want to try to go to Singapore along with my trip to Korea. There is too many things I want to see in Japan (one of my dreams in life is to go to Kyoto) so might have to do that on another trip because I am determined to go to Korea. Forgive me for saying this but I want to go for more reasons than seeing Sukkie. Although he is my major inspiration to visit I want to see a lot of the heritage sights because that is amongst my interests of art and history. *sigh* I would go tomorrow if I could but have to wait until I have someone to take care of my mother plus I dont have much vacation time left.

      • Andrea, it must be hard on you alone due to family commitment.. hope you could have the opportunity to make the trip in near future.. I guess the best time would be next year as it will be cold now in Korea & Japan.. I’m planning in Spring or Summer next year if I have a break from my project work..

      • My trip will be further down the road. I don’t think I can make such a long trip until late next year or early spring. My goal is around my 40th birthday which is March 2013 so thinking April or May. I know it sounds so far off but its the only thing that works for me. Don’t want to go in the summer because I’m trying to go to Singapore as well. But might go sooner if I found out I can attend a fan meeting or show. My brother seems to be able to do what he wants (like trips to Bali every couple of years for a month) and there is a little bit of resentment but I figure God has a plan for me so if it works out that all is good.

      • hi andrea, yup… and if there is a fan meeting in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, it will be easier to get tickets than in Korea or Japan! let’s hope for more luck to be with us ^^

      • Andrea, yes.. start planning now.. really hope you can fulfill your travel plan & if you do come to S’pore, let us know as some of the eels from S’pore can meet up with you too ^_^

      • LOL… trust me when the time comes for my trip to Singapore I will be trying to get as much advice as I can on what area to stay and sights to see. I have plenty of time to read up on the country since I know next to nothing about Singapore except I’ve met so many people online that live there and that if Sukkie has a fan meeting there it is likely to have English. I think I will be visiting regardless of whether there is a fan meeting. But I will be crossing fingers for fan meeting. I don’t think there will be one in 2012 if I understand things correctly that Sukkie is going to be concentrating the majority of his activities in Korea this coming year.

  1. I went to every Lawson I could possibly come across whilst in Japan but could NOT find a single Jang Keun Suk charlotte chocolate stick. Whey???!!!!

    • Thanks Hazy for the sharing.. this photo in convenient store really reminds me of a previous incident I saw in BaiduSukbar of a Chinese eel in Japan who requested the supermarket sales personel for a poster of Sukkie on the Makkori rice wine advertisement as she wants to keep the poster but I guess I will be happy just taking lots of photos like you ^_^

      • Hi QQeyes007, my pleasure for sharing.

        This charlotte was found in one of the drugstore (a place where they sell toiletries, medicines, some snacks eg) in Shibuya near the hotel i stayed in. It’s true, I didn’t find charlotte in Lawson, 7-eleven or other convenient store (or even Tokyu supermarket) in Shibuya, so i was thrilled when i found this – so this was kind of a happy picture for me – very memorable 🙂

    • Staying Up Late, is Sukkie popular in Kyoto too? I heard many of the products he endorsed are selling well in Tokyo & some may sold out easily..

  2. That was what I thought, expecting to see plenty of Keun Suk everywhere – particularly at Lawsons since he is the current spokesperson. Unfortunately, all I could find in Lawson was a couple of brochures (the kind which has weekly/monthly product promotions – can’t read Japanese). Couldn’t find any candy with his picture nor any makota drink, the one that he did the CF. His picture was on the inside advertisement of some inter-city trains which I took. That should be an indication of his strong marketing powess. The korean star fan shops (2) which I visited in Kyoto had quite a fair number of Keun Suk merchandise but not many official ones (quality would have been far better). There was his Let Me Cry CD but none of the other Budapest Diary and newer video releases. Even at Tsutaya in Osaka’s Dotomburi (major video cum book shop, 4/5 storeys and open till late.) , I could not find any of his special feature magazines (ie the kind that has solely his pictures, sold out upon release perhaps?) nor any of the videos which we hear and anticipate so much of from the internet. I was also looking out for his full sized, pillar posters of Let Me Cry in the Osaka train/subway stations but did not see any. Kinda disappointing. BUT, I managed to buy one official (published by Tree J company) 2012 large wall calender with absolutely CUTE, SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL Keun Suks. If Ivy organises a gathering to view YMP, I can bring it along and show everyone. Sorry no scanner and don’t know how to upload said pictures!

    • Yes, it’s true. In my mother’s case, she tried to drop in at about 30 stores and finally found his gum bottle… After I came back to Japan, I can help you more. For whom plans to go to Japan, if it is near Tokyo area, I can guide you ^^

      • Wow, your mom had to drop in 30 stores to find? I am very thankful there was a Lawson right below the hotel i stayed in, and thanks to this blog, i was aware the date it was launched – so early morning before i go to work, i went to Lawson and i bought the gum bottle….but it’s true by evening when i got back from work, the shelve was empty…..

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