[Interview] Drink Chat with JKS (3)+(4): CF fee more than Bae Yong-joon

Chinese translation: viki (from Jap)
English translation: Aphrael77

* NOTE: There may be a bit of unintended inaccuracy in the translations from Korean to Japanese, Japanese to Chinese, and now Chinese to English.

This day, Jang Keun Suk undergoes the test at Hanyang, introducing theatre at a big theatre and movie department. Every week on Monday and Tuesday, JKS will go to school. It’s the only free time that he can enjoy. In year two, being a committee member of the school anniversary’s Arts Festival, his patriotic feelings towards his school were visible. Now he is in his last semester.

Q: The reason why JKS always goes to school?
JKS: Registration fee is very expensive, and also I can enjoy uninterrupted free time!

Q: As a student, how is JKS like?
JKS: I come and go alone. Of course, I don’t put on make-up and my hair is tousled. Because I am not an artiste in school.

Q. Did anyone try to get your autograph?
JKS: This kind of strange thing doesn’t really happen in school. And things such as secretly taken photos are also rare.

Q: Did you try attending group dates?
JKS: Yes, did that once in year one, 8 to 8 at cafe M along University Road. The girls were from Aviation course, so I thought to see who could recognize me. Ha … I’m kidding.

Q: Do you go to the library?
JKS: Frankly speaking, I have not gone there before… once or twice I thought of going there to take a look (laughs)

Q: Why are you passionate about attending school?
JKS: I treasure the (expensive) registration fees for every semester .. so I want to come to school no matter what … in addition, my time at school is not disrupted by anyone … so I treasure this kind of time very much …

Q: You have saved a lot of money?
JKS: [it does not seem to be a very important thing] but yes, for my age, yes I have earned and saved a lot of money …

Q: How do you manage your finances?
JKS: My parents manage it, so in fact I don’t know anything. I still spend from pocket money. When it’s not enough, then I request for money from my parents. (laughs)

Because of “You are Beautiful” in Japan last year, JKS rose rapidly to become the most popular Hallyu star after Winter Sonata’s Bae Yong-joon in 2004. After singing, performing and releasing an album, he has become a top star ……

Q: How do you look at comments about being the next-generation Hallyu star after Bae Yong-joon?
JKS: I’m very honoured …. but Senior Bae Yong-joon anda I are different.. so there is no basis for comparison. Senior BYJ caused the world to have a different understanding of Koreans… in comparison, I am only a newly grown chicken.

Q: Your commercial asking fee exceeds BYJ’s?
JKS: Using CF asking fee as a basis for evaluating is also not logical. The history that Senior BYJ made…. just this point alone is very fantastic …

Q: Have you thought about why you are so popular in Japan?
JKS: This …. I didn’t think about this before. Seems like (fans) like my unpredictable actions… (laughs)

Q: What is inside JKS’ bag?

1. One can of beverage
2. Tea-coloured wallet
3. “You’re my Pet” CD
4. Wet tissue
5. Fragrance
6. Ointment
7. Blackberry
8. USB earphones
9. Home-used medicine

During the 3-hour interview, JKS showed his free-spirited personality throughout… his frankness is surprising, like an unrestrained wild horse; his confidence and mindset to take on challenges… this and his unique charm that is noticeably different from other stars.

Recently every day, he leads his usual life surrounded by cameras. KBS and Japan’s Fuji TV are, at the same time, producing a daily documentary of his life. KBS will air a New Year special feature on 4 Jan 2012, tentatively entitled “25 years old, I am Jang Keun Suk”.

Lastly, we requested JKS to reveal something he has not revealed before. He revealed his student identity card, that pic of a rough-edged university freshman with glaring eyes.

Source: Nate


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  1. Haha.. don’t worry about anything lost in translation because I think we got the gist of the interview. Thanks so much for sharing. I just like reading that he isn’t bothered at school by fan adoration (although I don’t know how anyone can ignore him!). Also love that he goes around with pocket money which means he is not frivolous but thoughtful about how he spends his money even though he probably makes in a month what I will never see in my lifetime. Just shows his character because we all know how generous and thoughtful he is. Especially since we’ve seen incidents of his generosity to his friends and colleagues which weren’t extravagant like simple hearty meals instead of expensive pretentious crap.

    • It is good to know that Sukkie still let the parents managing his money, even after becoming such a huge star. He is an examplary son every parents will dream of ( and I am old enough to have a son of his age *sigh* and I am a big fan of his)

      • I really love him for being so humble and frank at the same time. I admire him a lot for being a student and for persevering to finish his studies and not taking any special treatment in the campus. Hope he can be my classmate or even a schoolmate. I will definitely inspire to go to school every day even without any allowance from my parents!! hahaha.. c”,

        Thanks Apharel for sharing this..

    • he’s really one of a kind! though he’s now earning millions, with family, he is still remains to be just his parents’ obedient son. he said in one of his interviews that he enjoys school because it is one of his forms of escape, some ME time. he is always under the spotlight and school is the only refuge where he gets to enjoy being a regular normal individual, without the make-up and all. since his rise to popularity, he doesn’t get to spend much time for himself anymore.

      i’ve said this in FB but i’m gonna say it again ~ i am happy for him for achieving his dreams, but sad at the same time ‘coz now he can’t do the things he used to do. he mentioned that he really loves walking alone to clear his head and reflect on himself and he cannot do that now. my heart went out to him when he said that he’s starting to live the life of a prisoner, he cannot go out anymore. πŸ™ but he realizes that these are the consequences of the path he has chosen and he just has to find a way to still do the things he wants and enjoys doing.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aphrael !!! I wish you the best in this world. You are so precious, like a guardian angel to all of us Eels here in your eels’ pond and I’m sure as precious to your family and close friends. As I said before, your blog is my daily sanctuary, my day would not be completed without reading your blog.
    Thanks for subbing the article. Wow…another great and witty interview from our Prince. He never fails to deliver great answers. Probably one of reasons why we all love him. Sukkie is definitely born to be a Super Star.

  3. It’s your birthday, aphrael? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend!!
    Always be happy, stay healthy and keep on spoiling us with JKS stuff..^_^
    Thanks for this wonderful interview. Love to read it before going to work…^_^

  4. Thanks for the translation!
    Happy birthday, Aphrael!!!! ‘wish you more blessings. Thank you for your blog, and your dedication to JKS. Your posts always give me insights to the real Prince that JKS is.

  5. thanks, everyone~! must say this is the 1st year that I’ve had so many eel friends wishing me happy birthday, so I’m sure I’ll be extra happy on this day! πŸ™‚

    i love this interview, and so looking forward to JKS’ daily life documentary!!

    it’s fun the way he admits that he never went to the library to read up, but then he has so much hands-on experience at work which can be an excellent substitute for reading theories!

  6. happy happy birthday aphrael, im happy because i found this blog since JANUARY 2011 and i met someone like you, through this blog, i got to know everything about our prince sukkie.. (though im a silent reader always, hehe) thanks for everything.. you’re always giving your best just to update us EELS.. enjoy your day and take care always.. godspeed.. mwaah! πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Hwee Wen! I also noticed yr name often on JKS apps lol! Hello fellow SG πŸ™‚

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  7. Thank u Aphreal! I always enjoy reading interviews of our Prince, and this one was really a good read! Luv his candidness, his humor and sincerity πŸ™‚

    Aphreal, wishing u a very Happie Birthday again – enjoy this special day to the fullest and may the year ahead be filled with joy, happiness and dreams come true! πŸ˜€

  8. Happy birthday to you Aphrael! Thank you very2 much for this blog updates everyday to us! Come friends!Mwah and tight hug to her!! Aphrael, don’t shrink! πŸ˜€

  9. I guess that his schoolmates know that they are a lucky lot and are wise not to disturb the status quo , otherwise situation will be different. Worst our Prince might change school. Sukkie is very open with fans, allowing media to publish his daily life but we notice that he is very private about his family members, we respect that. for his age, I really admire tha way he handles his life and popularity.

  10. Happy Birthday Aphrael,,wishing you good health and ur family..Your blog has been part of my everyday life now…Thank you very very much!!!

  11. Happy happy birthday aphrael! πŸ˜€ thanks also for sharing this great info again of Sukkie πŸ˜€ makes my day complete :3

  12. First and foremost, dear Aphrael..wishing you a very happy birthday !! On this special day, may God bless you will all the joy, happiness and all the wonderful things life have to offer.
    Nevertheless , i enjoyed reading the interview ( as always! ).So glad that he was able to enjoy his campus life without having to worry about WHAT he is and just be WHO he is which i think is very important for him to maintain his individuality and growth as a person.Yet, he never fails to bring the funny side in him…love him….

  13. today is aphrael bday??
    happy birthday dear girl…. love you so much and your blog!
    you are very special!
    good wishes from me for anything u do!

  14. Happy birthday, Aphrael. Thanks so much for this blog.
    I love reading the interview and can’t wait for the special documentary to be aired. As far as I can recall, I have yet to come across any popular K-artistes’ lives and activities being documented and aired on KBS … this is truly a great honour to Sukkie!

  15. Ahh!!!…What a wonderful day in a wondeful blog! Lol! Happy birthday dear Aphrael!!!

    Thank u for sharing one of Suk’s amazing interviews!! Love it so much!

    ps: now i have special association for particular words such as NT, FJ, FC, NA (abbrev. version) and so on…. and when i say Happy Birthday, the extraordinary cake done for Suk by chinese eels comes to my mind!!!!LOL!!

  16. Sis aphrael have a happy happy birthday…take care always and have a wonderful year ahead…many many birthhdays to come!! LOVE YOU!!pls continue ur hard work!!! and Sukkie loves u very much!!! *He told me* HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!

  17. happy birthday, aphrael. thanks for providing such a perfect blog site for international eels. i am an ahjumma, i can’t dream to have a boyfriend like sukkie. but i hope my son will be as filial as he is. since he earns 90,000,000 yen / CF, I just wonder how much his pocket money is per month. may be 10,000,o00 yen? kkkk

  18. happy happy birthday Aphrael!!! Wishing you all the best things in life and good health.. thank you for all the updates you are sharing about Sukkie.. i am following you since this blog has been created.. since then i been grateful to you.. hope you won’t get tired of giving us information about our beloved prince.. thanks again.. more power and God bless!!

  19. I’m from South America, Paraguay, and I really like your art, your songs and novels, I am a fan of Team H. Love to you. my dear Sukkie


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