Pre-order YMP tickets for Japanese audience

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Now is really the era of pre-ordering, and even movie tickets for “You’re my Pet” can be pre-ordered in Japan from 17 Dec 2011.

Those who pre-order get these promotional benefits:
(1) A choice to choose the design on their pre-ordered tickets from 5 designs!
(2) A free memo pad
(3) One pre-ordered ticket is entitled to a chance in the lucky draw. The prize?
The lucky winner(s) get to participate in stage greetings to meet the actors (assuming JKS and KHN), which are scheduled to take place in the suburbs of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka etc, and also the chance to take a photo with the actors, and other experiences!

(argh ….. envious~ I want to pre-order many tickets!!)

17 thoughts on “Pre-order YMP tickets for Japanese audience”

    • Haha… Why not! Time to pick up Japanese! 😉
      Then again, I remembered that he mentioned that next year he will be focusing on Korea.

    • @Jane: oohh then should I request to work in Seoul office then heehee, I actually signed up Korean language classes starting next Jan as part of requirement for my job

      @Farina + Aphrael: hahaha I wish I am that level to be able to hire assistants, then I can decide to post myself on secondment to Seoul or Tokyo as I wish then…..

  1. this is one of those times when i wish i am japanese. agree with charlotte, the japanese eels are indeed the luckiest in the world. an intimate and close encounter with sukkie would be heaven!

  2. I’m not going to say it again (my accident of birth) but its just too depressing :'( I’m going to go cry now. But happy for those Japanese Eels.

  3. Actually this is the second time of pre-ordering and other pre-ordering, Lawson version is also on sale now. I’m sorry I didn’t share the news at the first pre-ordering time, but I didn’t want you to feel sad knowing how lucky we are. It’s true that there are so many JKS goods are sold in Japan now. But most of them are not official one and JKS official FC and even eels can’t catch up all the news. And seriously, we Japanese eels are about to go bankrupt… How many times can we go to the movie? I asked my mother to buy this pre-ordered ticket for my wish to see him though I’ve already got one .

    • Kaori, I am so happy for u and Japanese eels that you get to immerse in JKS in Japan 🙂 personally I do feel I sense more of JKS presence in Tokyo more than Seoul -i literally see him everywhere 😉 and there are so many products that he endorsed so there is no lack of seeing his faces here and there, especially in convenient store, but I do agree we need to be rich to sustain hee, I bought the gums with JKS photo on the container and that cost me sgd10 (maybe that’s my 2 lunches)…. I am not complaining coz I already feel I am lucky enuff to hv such opportunity to hv this experience and I hope more eels around the world get to hv such feeling of immersing in JKS’ presence!! 🙂


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