[News] Asia Prince JKS’ commercial asking fee exceeds Bae Yong-joon!

Actor Jang Keun Suk admits that his commercial asking fee in Japan is higher than Bae Yong-joon.

At a recent media interview, in response to comments of him replacing Bae Yong-joon as the next-generation Hallyu King, JKS replied frankly and modestly, “Senior Bae and I are totally different, and hence totally no basis for comparison. He is dragon, and I’m now only a newly hatched chicken trying hard to grow up.”

JKS admits the fact that his CF asking fee has exceeded BYJ, but he adds, “Using only the CF asking fee as a judgment criterion is not reasonable. The glory of Senior Bae’s achievements is unsurpassable.”

JKS’ CF asking fee is currently the highest amongst Hallyu stars, and has reached 90,000,000 yen.

Extracted from source: Innolife
English translation: Aphrael77

32 thoughts on “[News] Asia Prince JKS’ commercial asking fee exceeds Bae Yong-joon!”

  1. Wow… I have to say that again… WOW! That’s a lot of money. But he’s worth it and if they are willing to pay him for it his management might as well ask for it. But again Wow. But is that per commercial or per endorsement? Is in a lot of commercials.

      • Well… I put it thru a currency converter with the zeroes you provided and came up with 1.2 million USD roughly. So thats some serious money. He’s making that kind of money and still living a relatively modest life for a superstar. Just makes me love him even more.

      • whoa! that really is a lot of zeroes! but then again, it is given back a hundredfold to the companies who get him as endorser for their products because he is very effective in it. who can resist that charm?! though i think majority of the patrons would be girls, ladies, and ahjummas who swoon over him. LOL! would love to be one of them… all for Sukkie!

  2. always like his answers to reporter as he shows his honesty & also humble nature.. I think it is worth it as many of the products he endorses in CFs are exceeding sales target in multiple times.. somehow I feel that he helps to revive the current weakening economy situation with increase domestic spending in Korea as well as Japan.. I ever read a report by Taiwan that Bae Yong Joon’s income per year contributed to Korea’s economy by a significant amount (due to income tax).. now I think Sukkie must be another contributor as an artiste (amazing at 24 yrs old only and working so hard…) he is considered a national icon or treasure ^_^

      • Farina.. I’m wondering if the “trend” now is Jewellery LOL! I can sense that in the blog as I have not gone to facebook yet.. tomorrow I will try as I can imagine what you warned of fainted heart (as I really faint easily ^_^)

      • QQ, there’s so many variations you will die of laughter! Such precious creative over-active minds we have! Lol!!!

    • He is so young, famous, rich and of course charming. He is also become more and more famous in Japan, just like QQeyes007 said his humble is so amazing. I like the way he answer too.
      And that number…. it’s a WOW. Very huge. I’m konverter with my kurs (IDR-Indonesia), it’s soooo many number. I’m calculate twice just make sure the number is right…. ^_^ LOL

    • he never fails to amaze me in all his interviews – very smart and mature answers. it’s very humbling to hear him say those things considering his stature now. i love him more for his humility and for keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground despite all the fame and success. hands down! i hope he doesn’t change… and i think he never will.

  3. here is a series of Sukkie’s CHAOS FM in Seoul in early 2010 before he started the 1st Asia tour 2010.. it is my first time to see the complete part uploaded as I don’t have this DVD, sharing here for eels who have not seen before.. in this FM, Sukkie transformed & imitated different artistes popular in Korea (from 80s onwards..) and that is another show of his chameleon charm & I can’t stop laughing to see Manager Kim & his other managers all on this stage performing with him.. have a good laugh!

      • Wow.. Thats awesome! I haven’t seen a lot of the older videos yet. Still trying to find so much about him. I love that he has such a great group of people working with him. I’ve noticed that Sukkie’s managers are really cute LOL although not as cute as Sukkie of course but in different ways. My style of man has always run along the lines of geeky or goofy.

      • Thanks QQeyes for the videos. This is the first time I watch these videos. Wow…sukkie was so naughty cute when he was raping. lol his managers… they were so fun to watch. Great Team!!!

      • thanks QQeyes for the links! i’ve only seen snippets of these from other videos. it’s nice to see the full versions.

        a bit off topic, did he really have a fan meet with only 500 or so fans in attendance in the past? if i’m not mistaken, he mentioned about it in Knee Drop Guru and i couldn’t believe it. if i remember right, he said it was a fan meet in Korea.

      • browneyes88, yes.. Sukkie 1st FM is small in number in 2009, but as a Korean actor, I think Sukkie is considered very popular in Korea with this number for FM already as Cute Cute (our Korean eel in this blog) has mentioned before..also to share what I told my sister early this year before we go for his Cri-Show S’pore.. I told my sister “sis, we need to go for his Cri-show S’pore this year as I’m afraid next year, we may not have a chance as he will become very popular & the ticket online may be snapped up in minutes!” I also told my sis in early 2009 when I saw YAB on the internet…”sis, this actor is going to be a big star as I’ve not seen someone like him before” ^_^

      • QQeyes, thanks for that clarification. he seemed unhappy about the turnout in the number of fans when he talked about it which is why i thought it wasn’t good.

        wow, your predictions really did come true. he is now big in the industry and can fill up bigger venues. i’m quite sad ‘coz it’s gonna be harder to reach him and get closer to him now, but am also very happy that he is achieving his dreams.

        i’m so happy for you, too, ‘coz you were able to attend one of his smaller and more intimate shows, way before he became this famous. 🙂 i don’t think us new eels will ever get to experience that.

      • browneyes88, you are welcome! ^_^ actually I didn’t predict but I just have strong feeling that Sukkie will make it big as he can make me go to Youtube (which I never did before last time) to search information on him after I have seen YAB as I started to notice this actor from HGD & BV (which I didn’t know Sukkie’s name then but the look.. and sorry to say, I didn’t know the 2nd lead actor in these dramas are actually the same person! ^_^) until YAB, I saw the trailer and thought wow.. this actor can act & sing so well and those natural facial expression in his face is never seen before in other actors.. when I found out later he is actually the same actor as HGD & BV, that gives me a surprising shock that I feel that this actor is so talented in his chameleon & skillful acting & his manly voice which can melt hearts.. plus all his other talents & charming real & down to earth personality.. really really, I can’t find someone like him before not only in Kdrama but other dramas I used to watch from a few Asian countries.. Sukkie has his unique charm which is very difficult to find in other popular artistes I knew as many need to maintain a certain image.. the very special thing I find in Sukkie is his real self & frankness (to the extend that he don’t care about his image but more on what he has set his mind on the path he wants to challenge) I certainly agree to the name “little old man” given to him due to a child with innocence trapped in a man’s body & mind ^_^

      • Thanks QQeyes007 for sharing the various YT links…i always enjoy the links you shared (coz i am terrible at searching stuff on internet) and I am very touched by your sharing too…of how you got to know JKS and made a brilliant decision that you should go his cri-show in Singapore to experience every eels’ dream and getting close and upfront with JKS, and see him in person!!

      • QQeyes, you are so right on in everything you said. honestly, i am not much into dramas although i’ve seen some. BOF was my initiation, so to speak, to Korean dramas and LMH was the first Korean actor that i liked. it was only in August this year that i knew of Sukkie because that was the time MMM was aired here in our country.

        i think YAB was aired first and i saw teasers of it but didn’t pay much attention. then shortly after, they aired MMM. it was there that Sukkie caught my eye ~ i was smitten by him. and the same as you, i didn’t know that the lead in both YAB & MMM was the same person. it was only when i started to know more about him (because of MMM) that i found out he was also the lead in YAB, and i was quite surprised, too. that got me into wanting to know more about the person behind the characters. and the more i find out about him, the more i liked him. i admire his sincerity and straightforwardness; but the clincher for me was his totally unpretentious nature, it was what finally reeled me in. i totally admire and love him for who he is, flaws included.

      • browneyes88, I’m glad to hear your path to be an eel ^_^ and also feeling happy that many have found the precious “gems” in Sukkie
        (wonder if Farina heard what I said ^_^)

      • I just love reading how people became Eels. It just feels like it brings us closer together. My story is actually quite simple. I saw YAB because of a recommendation from dramabeans blog and really didn’t find him that interesting at first cause of the solemn expression and he was too skinny to my taste but after the 2nd episode I was starting to get compelled. I had already seen quite a few dramas at this point (I discovered kdramas in February and saw YAB in May) and was in love with Gong Yoo and falling for Jung Il Woo (I was watching 49 days simulcast online). I did like Lee Min Ho but wasn’t in love with him just thought he was handsome and interesting enough to follow to Personal Preferences (or Tastes, however you know the show. Oh, and Kim Hyun Joong I liked enough to see Playful Kiss (which I happen to love and considering buying) but the man really needs to take some acting lessons although he improved from BOF to PK.

        Anyway, back to my one true love Sukkie.. After YAB I was interested enough to look up his other dramas but only found 1 other available on the drama site I use, Beethover Virus. I almost didn’t watch it because Sukkie wasn’t the lead but gave it a chance and loved it. That drama actually introduced me to a few other actors I have enjoyed seeing in other dramas like the woman that played cello and the male actor that played Oboe. I didn’t like the lead female for some reason and I had a hard time warming up to the conductor although he was a really awesome actor. BV really brought out Sukkie’s manly side and helped me start seeing him as a man instead of pretty boy. After BV I have had a really hard time viewing him as pretty even though people have said he looks feminine I just don’t see it anymore after being hit full on by his masculinity. So after BV I started looking for more and more information about him and that is what led me to finding Aphrael’s Blog. I was a very casual lurker for about a month just interested, not obsessed. Meanwhile I was also “liking” pages on facebook that were Sukkie related. It was until August when I started posting comments. I started reading in earnest after I discovered he had weibo account and translations were posted. And now I can’t live without this page. Oh, I have seen MMM a few months back and still trying to watch HGD but keep on getting distracted since he’s not the lead and I am a kdrama obsessed person as well as being a dedicated Eel. Was that too long?

  4. thanks… he really knows how to make people feel special but do you think he will ever have small intimate fan meetings again (if you can call several thousand small)? But I think the “dinner shows” he’s having this coming year might be small. I love that he is filling up big arenas and stadiums though just hoping when I am able to travel to Asia finally it will when he is doing smaller gathering. Another reason I want to join the OFC is to find out about these things.

      • Andrea, actually I also find that Sukkie can interact more with his fans when it is smaller number (< 2000.. that is small now compared with DOME ^_^) however, I always have to admire him that he has put so much consideration in the stage & seating design for big venue for his FM concerts.. sometimes, thinking for him.. big venue is better as he don't have to perform so many rounds.. actually quite tiring if the schedule is one after another…unless it is spread out than not so bad..

      • Yep. I don’t think any individual artist has ever put so much thought and consideration into staging and seating arrangement. Usually they leave it to others. I think its part of what caused him so much stress last couple of months because he really wanted to make the experience special.

      • i admire how he is very thoughtful and considerate of his fans in each and every one of his shows/concerts. i don’t think i’ve ever seen an artist who would care if the farthest person in the venue can hear him clearly. i’ve seen in the 2010 Asia Tour how he carefully checks the mic, sound system, the lights and effects, and the sequence of events and performances. he is very thorough and meticulous of these things, even if being hands-on puts a lot of pressure on him and quite tiring for him. not to mention the countless hours that he spends with his staff to plan everything from costumes to stage concept and design down to the littlest details. and directing his own show adds a personal touch to all of his concerts/shows, you know that everything comes from the heart.

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