[TV news] Another on Nuclear Safety Summit

English subs: Aphrael77

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Whew, I’m quite happy to see a TV report of the event in my native language, so I subbed it despite us knowing all about it already ^^

Not often that JKS comments on such serious issues, isn’t it?
He looks so serious 🙂

3 thoughts on “[TV news] Another on Nuclear Safety Summit”

  1. Thank you once again. I know we’ve probably seen clips several times now but this is yet another insight into our prince and his participation in a global issue. I just love the fact that he’s being taken seriously and recognized as a influential pop icon. Now if only he were sent to Washington DC to represent Korea! LOL I can dream.

    • Yes.. it is always amazing to hear him in serious matured talk or speech (he sounds like an experienced matured man beyond his age & so different from his usual playful self).. I read an article previously that Sukkie actually applied for journalism course in another university before Hanyang university but because that university don’t accept part-time student (especially actor), he chose Hanyang university instead. I also learned from BaiduSukbar that Hanyang University is actually one of the top universities in Korea.

      • Kinda like Stanford, Yale, Princeton, etc in the US? Or Oxford and Cambridge in the UK? I’m not surprised he is in one of the top universities. The other university missed out on getting such a prestigious student but there loss is our gain. If he had decided to pursue journalism we might not have had him the way he is today.

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