Visit to Filming Set of Love Rain on 13 Dec 2011

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This visit, organized recently and targeted at Japanese fans, comprises of a free one-day visit to the filming venue of Love Rain and offers a limited 40 places only (must be direly insufficient!). Registration should be already over. All other travel and accommodation expenses are self paid.

The visit will take place on 13 Dec 2011. Hope to see more news, pics and videos of the visit!

10 thoughts on “Visit to Filming Set of Love Rain on 13 Dec 2011”

  1. only 40?! you‘re right, that‘s really insufficient considering the hundreds or even thousands of fans who would want to visit. looking forward to the pics and videos of this once in a lifetime event. eels who were able to make it through the reservation process sure are very lucky. they would have a closer & more intimate encounter with our prince. ah, wish i am japanese!!!

  2. I can’t wait to see videos and pics of those lucky eels meeting Keun Suk …wonder if they will perhaps be cast as extras in the drama like in YMP.


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