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  1. Wonder what plans he has for that necklace – for the girl of his life, perhaps? That would be so sweet. Am sure that Keun Suk will have meaningful use of the piece of jewel. Are the auction monies for charity?

      • Yep the beautiful htk hairstyle…surely dont want him to ruin but jus imagine how majestic he wil look with that crown *clutching my hands and sighing* !!!!! literally every girl dreams of a charming prince with a white horse and a glittering crown and unnaturally handsome to sweep her off the feet…and for the eels it has been proved quite true… Our prince is charming,handsome and now has a superb crown…the only thing missing is a white horse…well he has a white porsche..isnt that equivalent to a horse in the modern world…Eels are satisifed with louis i think!!!! πŸ˜€ MY PRINCE!!!!!

  2. How much was the final bid? And isn’t history repeating itself….he was first crowned when he entered the ‘beauty pageant’ where he beat 25000 kids! Am SO PROUD of him!!!

    • Indeed history is repeating!!! πŸ™‚
      He was the most beautiful among all when he was a baby and after so many years he still retains the same !!! A FITTING CROWN fr the prince!!! πŸ™‚
      Love my prince…

      • i want to dedicate a song to Prince the title of the song was “TIME OF MY LIFE”..here is my favorite part of the song,the lyrics was perfect for Prince Jang status now…

        “I’ve been waiting for my dreams to turn into sumthing, i couldnt believe in and, looking for the magic rainbow
        On the horizon
        I couldn’t see it
        Until I let go
        Gave into love and watched all the bitterness burn
        Now I’m coming alive
        Body and soul
        And feelin’ my world start to turn

        And I’ll taste every moment
        And live it out loud
        I know this is the time,
        This is the time
        To be more than a name
        Or a face in the crowd
        I know this is the time
        This is the time of my life
        Time of my life..

        no doubt Prince,,today onward is definitely the ” Time of your Life”..Love you Prince..

    • Hello Frina,
      I am a fan of this page.. but i didn’t write comments only enjoying ur comments… I am a fan of JKS from very far country… i need ur help… I don’t have any items concern with JKS.. in this december my cousin will go to Singapore… so i want to get one of His (sukkie) items (tree J merchandise) so.. where can i get in Singapore ? cause it is also the first time for my cousin…. I can’t afford very expensive things… so pls help me??? Thanks for sharing ur time… And also thanks for this page… ^_^

      • Hi Sukkieel πŸ™‚

        Firstly, this blog belongs to Aphrael πŸ™‚ I just help encourage eels bond the friendship through Eels’ Club….

        There’s no official organizer or representative in Singapore selling original JKS products here as far as I know. I have come across unofficial ones if you or your cousin are interested and it wasn’t much…. Aphrael & other SG eels, do you know if there’s any orig JKS products being sold here?

      • No original products sold in Singapore. We all buy original stuff from overseas websites. Magazines (Jap/Korean/Chinese) from Kinokuniya can be quite expensive.

        Sometimes Comics Connection has some unofficial products, but limited variety and depends on your luck whether you can find it.

        my friend bought a nice file for me the other day, with nice Sukkie pics on it. let me check with her where she bought it and I’ll email u

  3. Awe…our prince looks so dashing in suite. Lol…seems like the lady in pink cannot take her eyes off him. So proud and happy for our prince that he’s gaining more and more recognition from his people. He is truly prince of the world with a crown to proof now.

  4. read from sears’ mini haven that jks was not the buyer of the necklace. the necklace was his, and it was put up for auction and fetched a high price. i think there was a photo of him hugging the woman who bidded/bought for it. his girl friend will get a special necklace which nobody has seen before!! πŸ˜€

    as for the crown, he bidded for it and bought it. he wasn’t given the crown. it was all for charity for unicef and i think nothing was given away free! πŸ˜€

  5. I’m really worried about his health now. I think he looked so pale. I’m not sure if it’s because of this or not, but he woreΒ too much eyeliner today. To be honest, I love to see him without makeup. Because with makeup he is sometimes too beautiful to be a man. I like his manly side… because I am a woman. LOL.

    • LOL am quite the opposite i love him with makeup….esply the eyeliner…that is one of his charms which made me love him more LOL..mayb he looks feminine…but i think in htk hairstyle and eyeliner he looks more manly than Kang mu gyul with long hair….LOL… πŸ™‚

    • i agree with you tenshi,not the best look of Prince..although I have no objection if he wears makeup I prefer to see him in his natural look,see his bare eyes and his gentle features..

      @meg, i loved HTK look too,but I don’t know why my favorite was his Kang Mu Gyul look,it’s my FB profile did you noticed it sis? He looked gentle and sensual for me..

    • i like him better with very little or no make up at all. for me, his eyes are already too beautiful and expressive without the eyeliner so he doesn’t need it to emphasize them.

      @charlotte, me, too. i love him in MMM and also dunno why ‘coz there are parts in the drama where he actually looked more feminine than MGY. LOL! and i agree, also find him very sensual in that hairstyle.

      • to tell you honestly until now I have not seen the whole MMM drama,only BTS co’z my friend is still downloading the whole drama for me..Have you seen his video in Super King Show in Taiwan? Definitely one of my favorite vid of Sukkie..

        link to that vid:

      • yes, saw the Super King Show. he was gorgeous! i especially liked his reaction when the host said that he has to be honest about his feelings re PSH (or something like that). and then he seemed quite nervous and said something about his bracelet bothering him. also when he was singing that Chinese children’s song that he thought was a military song… was laughing so hard!

    • 1. He auctioned two of his own necklaces…one has a round pendant and the other a cross pendant. The necklace with the round pendant was sold for 15 million won.

      2. He successfully bidded for the Miss Korea crown for 5 million won.

      3. He was given a “world star” crown by the organiser. That’s the one he was holding together with a bunch of flowers.

      • samaritan, thank you so much for that clarification. i was getting confused about what he auctioned, what he bought, and what he got as an award. hehe!

  6. i can’t deny that HTY looks manly than KMG but still i finf him cutter with long hair .
    anyway , even if i don’t really like man with make up i’ll always do an exeption for JKS .
    i’ll only hope that in the futur he’ll be more natural coz he’s perfect like he is


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