32 thoughts on “[Pics] 3rd Asia Jewellery Awards”

      • Andrea, from my understanding, this DVD (Asia Tour-Last in Seoul) has no Eng version.. it seems only those other than Korea & Japan FM, may have chance to have Eng version.. for sure, it will be great to have Eng version for all his Korea/Japan FM DVD.. but now I somehow get use to see & feel what Sukkie said in a language I don’t understand ^_^

      • LOL… I’m getting used to the feel of him too. I’m starting to understand more Korean but still wouldn’t be able to explain to people what I heard and I get it wrong sometimes (like his APP message the other day). I’m not good with languages and I blame my APD and mild speech disorder. Sometimes I have to ask people to repeat themselves and depending on their accent I have to close my eyes to concentrate harder. So its hard to pick up languages that are complex (another reason if I ever find Aladdins genie I am making that first wish for language fluency).

  1. Here is long version of the vid for jewelry award, that lady, according to some sources she is Japanese fan and she went to all kinds of event for Sukkie. After she bid Sukkie’s necklace, Sukkie went to give her a hug, she just grab him so tight and put her head on his shoulder, wow. 15million won’s hug, he worth it, definitely.


    • really,wow!!one more point to Japanese eels,,she’s must be rich to afford it and yes she deserved the hug from Prince..She loved Prince that much that she travelled all the way to Korea just to support Prince charity event like this,nothing is impossible really when it comes to Sukkie..

  2. thanks to Aphrael and the other eels for sharing this priceless jewelry (i don’t mean the real stones) .you all have said what was on my mind ,so i’ll just ask this one:who’s the guy in the 24 pic with the black dress at the right of our prince ?
    one more question : the couple in the 4 pic are they his parents?

  3. Lol! Meg! Don’t blame me! I can’t think properly when i see that word, have “special” associations with it! And that’s all bcoz of ur efforts put into huntings! Ok there mayb antifans with long ears around here! Lets just stop it right there!! Don’t reveal our secret!!! If u don’t stop actually it’ll b bad 4 u, and u know the reason why!! U have already done a lot of things which can b enough 4 Suk to blacklist u! Lol!


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