24 thoughts on “[28.11.2011] ZIP TV: JKS Tokyo Dome concert”

  1. i can only say …. tenshi dear, you’re wonderful~~!!!!
    not sure whether I missed out any video, but this is the 1st video I’ve seen straight from Tokyo Dome concert.

    even if it’s a few seconds of JKS saying in a sexy voice “welcome to my bedroom”, it’s …. WOW~!!!
    * hugs & kisses to tenshi *

  2. Thank you very much for the post. I wish he could visit Philippines have a cri show here.. Me and my friends going to watch it even thou were far away from manila…hehehehe

  3. aphrael & Kaori-chan, thanks!!! ^_^
    I could feel he sincerely really wants to thank his eels for the support in the 3.5 hrs for this show.. imagine singing 21 songs with all the stage preparation, I will be touched to tears.. but Sukkie needs to take care of his throat as singing 21 songs is not joke in a concert!

    • Yes, he needs to take really good care of that throat! It doesn’t help that he smokes, not enough rest and having to talk a lot as the producer/director of his FMs. I read somewhere that he gets through his killer schedule by having an IV drip almost everyday. That is shocking! I honestly hope that he will slow down now.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I just love him more and more every day. He really seems to care for his Eels. It is a shame more artists don’t feel the same because the devotion he gives to his Eels is returned to him x100. I read somewhere (again half asleep so sorry) that the Toyko Dome show is going to be broadcast on December 24th. Can someone clarify or confirm this information?

  5. Another interview of Sukkie from 10.asiae.co.kr with English translation.


    I kind of get a chill to learn that he does IV once a week, but seems he just can’t slow down and he also doesn’t want to. I don’t blame him but I pray that he is not overdone himself and pay the price later. Also today on weibo there was a short vid that he asked his person for a cigarette as soon as he walked out of Gimpo airport. I don’t want to interfere any his personal life. That’s a personal choice. I believe he knows how health is important and so does the people around him, like his agent, his team loves him as us – his eels. That’s the only thing I can say and god bless him. Go for your dream, Prince! and stay healthy and strong.

    • Hi, SukkiefanNC! Thanx for sharing the interview! I love reading his amazing thoughts! I always say that his determination causes my inspiration!!! He’s definitely “trigger” for my working hard to realize my dreams!

    • Thanks sukkiefan for posting the news. I love reading his interviews. Sukkie never ceases to amaze me. Each time I read his interviews, I cannot help but love him more and more.

      It breaks my heart every time reading Sukkie got IV drips. Lord, I wish him become more successful in career life… I pray for his good health more.
      Is it safe to depend on IV drip all the time?

    • Even thought i love suk and also lov pics of him smoking or drinking cos it looks sexy i know its not practical for him to continue his action if t results in WEEKLY drips!!!! Suk needs the stamina to work double time than all of us and spoiling his age when he is very young is not good…but i dont think he can change wat he has been doing fro his teens overnight…i believe that when he settles down with his family his girl will b able to change him and cure him of his habits..cos v all know how much smoking can affect the nearby non-smokers more than the guilty party. I AM SURE suk wouldnt want to hurt his kids and wife…so even if he is a chain smoker now am sure he wil change for the better in the future..this has always been running in my mind…i even wrote a big tweet to him before he left but i dint think he would have seen LOL…but lets hope that he will b back on his feet soon without the aid of Drips…Lets all pray for his well-being…My prayer is the only thing i can contribute for him fro so far away…

    • My heart gets chills every time i hear him smoking. When he said he doesnt want to regret anything later in his life, well hopefully he thinks about his drinking and smoking habits. The effects might not hit now but may come later.

    • I saw his video in gimpo airport it was posted in one of the fb pan page… He must stop his smoking habit. He should rest and take care of himself.

      • may i ask which fan page it is as i haven‘t really subscribed to any except his fan page (which he doesn‘t update) and jang keun suk philippines. would like to see that vid. tnx!

      • I can’t say much about the smoking except it is extremely hard to quit. My mom and brother both have tried but haven’t been able to and my mom’s given up trying since she thinks she doesn’t haven’t much to enjoy in life so just let her smoke. My brother is trying to quit again but I think its more in preperation for his next trip to Bali (I think he’s planning one for February or March). I never smoked regular cigarettes because I think its a waste of time and money plus I don’t like the taste although I do smoke clove cigarettes (kreteks) socially.

        I notice people who smoke and try to cut back end up smoking a lot when under a lot of stress.

      • I think really smoking is something in Asia, lots of men still do it. Here in the US. Really not much people smoke these days and with the strict no smoking rules. In NC, you may only allow to smoke outside.

      • Yeah… in Maryland and DC too. Smoking outside only and in some places only allowed to smoke a certain distance from a building entrance so people don’t have to pass smokers to enter. I try to be patient with smokers but find it annoying at times when people get ahead of me in a line because I had to wait for the smoker to take a few puffs.

        Oh, and I don’t know if its the same now, but when I was connecting in Paris a few years back the airport had a designated smoking area but didn’t really make sense since it was an open area smack dab in the middle of the concourse and people had to walk thru it just to get to the bathroom. LOL

      • thanks, cai12! it‘s the first time i‘ve seen him holding a cigarette outside of his pictures and vids. i do know he smokes but nothing compares to seeing it for real. i am worried because it does great damage to his throat and his overall health. not to mention it greatly affects the skin, too. his skin now looks much older than it was a year ago if you compare the pics and vids. he looks as if he has aged a lot in a year‘s time. it must be the accumulated effects of overfatigue, lack of sleep, and his habits. but then, to each his own. i know he is fully aware of its effects to his well-being. i also smoke but not habitually so it‘s easy for me to just stop anytime i want to. but it‘s really very hard to quit if it‘s already a habit.

        but habits and all, i love and admire sukkie more than ever despite his flaws. he‘s a wonderful person inside & out, so worth all the blessings and the love & support.

  6. Aphrael and Tenshi! Thank u for providing us with fresh daily Suk news!!! Despite the fact that i’m spending my time mostly on FB Eels club these days, ur blog is very dear to me!!!

  7. Wow! 21 songs & 3 1/2 hrs
    I wish could b there, able to drool at him for such long hour……even at Asia Cri Show 10 songs already make eels *dreamy*

  8. you’re right browneyes88 (philippines) the cigerettes will dammage not only his throat but also his lungs and his heart . add to this his strong taste for alcohols and of course the crazy stressed life he’s leaving will certainely short cut his live .
    his skin will be the last thing to worry about if he doesn’t make a salutary change of his habits .
    i had seen too many persones sufering and dying from cancer and other disease ( dieu nous en preserve) caused by the abuse of cigarettes and alcohol to take it easy when i see someone i care for doing the same mistakes .
    as a mother of a teenager and also as fan of him , it really makes me sad to see that neither his parents nor his staff are helping him get ride of this ruinously expensives and mortal habits .
    he’s still young and in relative good health , so all he need to do is to quit this two things ( witch are supposed to make him relax) the sooner the better .
    this was a reply about your coment on his health .as for the persone him self , despite his flawless ,i’ll always love and admire him and i hope that his dream world became true coz he deserve it .
    ps: thanks to all of you who continue to provide this blog with JKS news


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