[News] JKS: “Asia Prince? Not self-infatuated but presenting a hope for the future”


On 25 Nov afternoon, JKS attended the press conference of his < JANG KEUN SUK 2011 THE CRI SHOW IN TOKYO DOME-THE BEGINNING>.

Asia Prince JKS said, “As for calling myself Asia Prince, in fact, rather than Asia Prince, I hope even more to go out into the world and become a World Prince. I don’t wish to keep listening to narcissistic words, so all along I don’t care much.”

Fluent in Japanese, JKS is now working hard to learn Chinese and English. “I want to study overseas. Don’t want to conceal my identity as an artiste. I hope to do what I want to do, and hope to work hard at things I want to do. I want to work at things I have not attempted before, maybe I can become Asia Prince. Even if I cannot, at least people will feel that I have worked hard.”

Source: Innolife

4 thoughts on “[News] JKS: “Asia Prince? Not self-infatuated but presenting a hope for the future””

  1. Funny though.. I’ve never considered him narcissistic. I think he has too strong of a sense of humility and care for other people to ever be considered narcissitic. Yes, he can be full of himself at times but he is on top of the world at the moment. But he’s self aware enough to know (or at least he’s said in interviews) that fame is fleeting. He does good with his fame and is acting as a role model for others. Not sure if anyone has seen the articles about how fans set up a donation box to collect money for displaced children who lost their parents from the northern Japan earthquake. That is because of the example he’s set. And the article about him donating money to his university because of the high tuition costs because he’s witnessed firsthand others who have had to drop out because of money. Shows he is observant and aware.. not traits of a narcissistic person. Anyway, I got emotional again.

    • Andre, I think for eels who understand him like all of us here, we don’t find him narcissistic at all but instead, a young man with confidence & great dreams ^_^ That is why he is often misunderstood as many are not used to seeing & hearing words coming from a young man so full of confidence & dreams which many don’t ever think of.. Like what Cri-J has said earlier, Sukkie is so direct, honest & kind like a little child but found in the body of a man… quite difficult to understand him by reading article reported by others unless we go through his BTS or interviews..

      • I know ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m trying to get a collection of his videos (one of the reason I’m so frustrated about the lack of availability in the US). On the FB Eels group there was a question on which role everyone liked him in the best and I couldn’t pick a role because I fell into his trap and drowned not because of any of his roles but the interviews and BTS I have found as well as other Eels’ accounts of him as a person.

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