[News] JKS: “20th debut anniversary – A new beginning for Jang Keun Suk”

On 25 Nov afternoon, JKS attended his concert press conference held at Tokyo Ginzak Place.

Having debut as a children’s apparel model in 1993, 2012 will be JKS’ 20th debut anniversary. “The number seems like a burden but time passed just like that.” JKS expressed shyly, “Next year, Korea will be the focus for my concerts.”

JKS said, “It is very important to review myself during the 20th anniversary. This Tokyo Dome concert is not an extension of the Arena Tour, and like the 20th anniversary, it signals a new meaning enscapulated by the theme ‘The Beginning’ of the Tokyo Dome concert. 20 years since my debut is not a number to be proud of just because of the accumulation of years, but it is a starting point based on being able to find my true self as a stage.”

Source: Sukbar

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  1. Finally he plan to ‘shine’ in his hometown, and I hope by the time Korean people would appreciate the guy nextdoor (then..) as the Big Actor (..now) they must treasure!
    @aphrael, thank you…

  2. Very happy that he is doing very well in Japan and i really want to thank Japanese fans. Because of them, Korea has finally started to notice JKS. Though he is already quite famous in Asia, we cannot deny the fact that most Koreans only start to make an effort to understand him because of his status in Japan.

    However, i do worried that he is getting too ambitious and trying to do too many things within such a short time. His schedule is so pack that i really see that it is affecting his health. I know he is a workaholic and he really want to do very well in Asia however, it is also important to rest and take a break. His face is sometimes swollen and his skin condition has turned worse. I really do not think that getting IV drip and using makeup to cover his tiredness is the best way to solve the problem.

    I also think that he should focus on “Love Rain” before doing other things. In other news, i heard that Kimi wa petto will have another FM in Japan and he is also hoping to start his Asia tour next year.

    i am also afraid that he is going to Japan too often. If he is planning to tour, i think he should start his Asia tour first before going to Japan again. I am sure Asia fans miss him as we probably see him once a year while Japanese fans see him about once every month/two months? I am not jealous of Japanese fans but i believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. I would prefer him to tour Japan again after he releases his Japanese album so that he can show a different show.

    By the way, i really wonder when will Love Rain end its shooting. The director seems to take a very long time to shoot one episode.

    • Mindy, for Love Rain, I’m not sure if it is intentional to drag the shooting due to the 4 seasons.. as we know, this drama is to be shot in 4 seasons.. they started in late summer, going into autumn & going into winter now… I remember when I follow the filming of MMM last year, the last scene was completed just few hours before the broadcast over Korea.. that is the schedule they had then due to script problem and Sukkie wrote the script for ep16 in MMM…with lots of issues then.. I think his schedule last year for MMM is worst actually with lots of other pressure. I saw in BaiduSukbar the YMP concert may be in Feb next year.. so I think Sukkie may be spending more time in Love Rain & no further concerts for the rest of this year.. the most is overseas trip to promote for launch of album in other countries or going to attend TV show when he is invited. I saw recent news the famous TV host in China (Shanghai) has visited Korea recently & meet up with Sukkie & Jason…

      • I think for a Christmas show right?
        Although I’m happy for him too , I also do wish he would take some rest and pay attention to his health.

  3. Not sure because I read it on my mobile and half asleep that he said in an interview he’s cutting back some of his activities next couple of months. It was the 10asia interview. Something about taking a break in January? Or maybe it being his hope. Forgive I was half asleep at the time.

    Anyway, so glad his dreams are becoming a reality. Although I am a latecomer I am am devoted. My only excuse is that I didn’t discover Korean entertainment until this year and didn’t discover Sukkie until May. I’m repeating myself aren’t I? Oh well, its true. I wonder when the schedule for his dinner tour will come out and if it would work out in such a way where I can purchase tickets and go on vacation!

    • I feel exhausted with his schedules but at the same time happy for his achievements.He worked so hard and will continue to work harder to become a World Star!! Sometimes I feel so emotional thingking, “what kind of life he had experienced in the past,was it that hard,did he experienced so many hardships and discrimination” that he needs to challenge himself everyday to become the best (for me you are the best Prince)..I cannot stand the thought that when he’s all alone,he’s lonely and keep on asking himself what to do next..Sorry girls,I know I am still in the process of knowing Sukkie co’z its been 3 and a half months following him and I don’t know everyhing about him the same way you do but regardless of that,I know that he is a great man and he has deep sense of wisdom about life in general.I can feel his pain even if he say’s it’s alright,I don’t care about the negative feedbacks about me” but in reality it hurts his feeling and he reflects on it and the result was these,nonstop action untill he finally gets what he wants,and that is to be accepted by his own people and by his own motherland.I know that he’s very humble but it hurt’s one pride that after all your achievement people can’t still accept you for who you are despite all your hardwork and dedication,I’m reflecting to myself co’z I’ve been to that situation..The least person that you want to accept you and be proud of you is your family,and Sukkie being a patriotic of his country is longing for that kind of warmth..I maybe wrong but its just my own opinion,was it because we have the same blood type (funny)or that I can sense his true feeling (in my dreams,maybe)..My comment gone overboard,some of you might feel irritated so I will cut it from here..Btw,I want him to find the true meaning of happiness and be the person that he wants to be..

      @Andrea , I also want to see his dinner show/tour !!

      • Your comment made me teared up :'( Every word you said i totally agree. It aches me when his own country doesn’t accept him fully while the whole Japan population does. I really don’t understand that. But his country should be proud how he remains loyal to his country, though he isn’t the top like he is in Japan.. There’s always a reasonable move of moving to Japan and just base his career there since he’s so loved in that country BUT no , Sukkie wants to keep trying to earn his title in Korea. One of the reasons why i continue to support him and give ALL my respect to this individual.

      • thank you @atetweet(USA) ,those words come’s from my heart and I’m glad you appreciated it..And yes,Japan has been his second home and I’m grateful for their love for Sukkie,anytime he wants he can move in there,but do you believe in this phrase ” There’s no place like Home”..I guess Sukkie holds on to that..*_*

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