[Notice] JKS app provided new features for international eels

Some users must have known the new features of iPhone JKS’ app updated on Nov.24, 2011, but I want to share some information here with you. Because some features are very useful for international eels.

1) We can copy Korean messages and paste them to other translation apps such as Google translation services.

2) “STAFF MESSAGE” was newly opened. You can know some behind scenes of Sukkie.

3) “FAN CAFE” was redesigned for international eels. You can join many communities according to languages.

17 thoughts on “[Notice] JKS app provided new features for international eels”

  1. Yep. Loving the new features. Haven’t been on much this past weekend despite the Tokyo Dome show since I’ve been spending quality time with my mom and she keeps on taking over my bed (she likes mine better than hers to take naps despite it being a non-traditional bed). Thanks for the update Tenshi! Maybe more people will opt for the APP. It seems as though Tree J has been paying attention to some wishes made. Just goes to show how seriously they take the fan base.

  2. I love the new features..ever since the update, i’ve been using the app a lot more than before. I have also met many more eels through this app and it’s all because of our dear prince, Sukkie 🙂


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