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Tokyo Dome press conference is about to start. This is actor Jang’s press conference venue.

Japanese official web twitter:
The press conference was over! We start the rehearsal.(^ o ^)
现在记者招待会结束!开始排练。(^ o ^)

The press conference held at Tokyo Dome has ended smoothly. Many reporters came in Korea, many reporters also came to the Japan’s press conference! ~ See you at Tokyo Dome ^^

During rehearsal at Tokyo Dome

Rehearsal ended, Actor Jang and co-workers having a meeting for a better stage. See you at Tokyo Dome tomorrow!
彩排结束,为了更加帅气的舞台 正在开会的张演员和工作人员们。明天东京巨蛋见!

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    • leave it to Miracle and me , perhaps it’ll motive us to do sport so that we can lose the excess weight and finally have the slim body we always dream of .
      their is a french saying : “love can make miracles ”
      who knows? perhaps JKS ‘s love will succeed when all the other methods (image in the miror , clothes witch doesn’t suit , criticism from close relation ) failed .
      am i right Miracle ?

      • Yes, Doc Maya! U’r absolutely right! Love can make miracles, it makes ppl do things which they’ve never done before!..hehe… Suk made me sleep less, work much, take dancing classes!… Actually with these wide range of activities i should b slim! But i’m not! Guess y? Cuz i’m fond of food like Sukkie!…kekeke…
        Surely u and me need track suit more than Farina! What kind of sports we gonna do then??..mayb running in the mornings??

      • I was actually thinking of putting up a nice sexy photo of Sukkie on the wall so that I can look at it everyday (or rather him staring at me with those soulful eyes!) which may inspire me to do something about my weight! Alas, it’s all been idle thinking so far…..

        Yeah, love him in that tracksuit. Wish he can look up or stand up so we can see him better!

    • the track suit is nice, eh! and i think it’s an official wardrobe for the Tokyo Dome Cri Show as some of the production staff is also wearing it.

    • the track suit is nice, eh! and i think it’s an official wardrobe for the Tokyo Dome Cri Show as some of the production staff are also wearing it.

  1. BigBrother recently took a picture of the venue in twitter. Gotta say it but IT IS HUGEEEEEEEEEE. Way bigger than I ever imagined. It’s like a view of never ending chairs being lined up. Haha O__O To the eels who are watching today, you guys are extremely lucky. Envy you 🙂

  2. He’s achieving so much so young so quickly and from his own efforts. No one is promoting him but himself. He’s absolutely amazing and I’m so happy that people are learning to appreciate his multiple talents. I also have to say that I appreciated that Tree J is continueing to use Twitter. Its not the same as when Sukkie was using it but at least fans are still informed and can stay close to him.

    To those Eels who are privileged to go to the Tokyo Dome show Saturday Evening.. I hope you have an amazing experience. Every Eel deserves this opportunity. I wish I could be one of those Eels but it is just not possible so anyone that is able to achieve this dream I envy you but not jealous.

  3. wow! have to look for a tract suit that look exactly like the one sukkie’s wearing, i love it, sure its gonna make me feel closer to him. ah!! and need to start moring walk.

    • hmmm… just noticed that the track suit has the Cri logo on it LOL I wonder if they will ever market it. Another thing to ask Tree J to start doing.

      • Andrean , even if you bye 100 they will never gives you the same warm feeling as the one he’s wearing coz he didn’t touch them . so i advice you to wait till he get tired of it (it may take a long time if you remember the shirt he’s keeping from the arab interview )or bribe the house maker to get it for you .
        the choice is your’s

  4. @ miracle , i would like to do morning running coz it was proved that the best way to lose weight and keep a good health is to do morning sport (before brekfast) but unfortunatly i can’t do what i advice others to .
    i’m what you call “a night bird” , i never go to sleep before 1am or 2 am that’s why i can’t wake up early and if for some reasons i’m obliged to i spend the whole day
    with only half of my brain functional .
    so if you don’t mind let’s do it after dinner , at this time we’ll have all the street to us , and because of the darkness no one ( even us ) will notice our roll of fat .
    so can i count you in ?

    • Ok, doc Maya! Lets run after dinner, but still i think morning jogging can give better results! I know this bcoz i’ve tried both of them before! I usually run when the weather allows me to do that, now it’s raining heavily and it’s impossible for me go out even for a walk! It is said that if u start running, and after some time stop it or don’t do it regularly, u may gain even more weight! Well i think this was my case too…
      Doc Maya! Being “night bird” is not problem for u, just regulate ur sleeping and waking up time! If u have strong desire, u can do everything! Who knows mayb Suk love can turn u from “night bird” into “early bird”!!! 😀

  5. sorry, only just managed to read all these posts…

    ive been receiving new friends requests on fb lately and it really is quite a headache trying to guess if they are members of the Eels Club….so please, i request for those who FB names are completely different from your Blog ID (used in this blog) or different from your real name, please identify yourselves otherwise I will not know who you are and will thus not include you in the Eels Club 🙁

    New members, please send me your profile via email first so that i can keep track of the members list. This is for the benefit of those who prefer to liase via email, not FB… I will add you as a friend on FB but i will not add you to the closed group until I have received yr profile via email. In your profile, you can also state your FB name so I can identify you immediately when you add me as friend.

    I really hope for your cooperation and understanding….(I’m growing white hair everyday!) lol!!!

    • sorry girl for giving you headache, I was not around for 2 days and when I came to see Eel Blog, members are now more than 50+,thank you for your effort….I’m catching with Suk’s updates everywhere,my hands are shaking because of excitement..I missed a lot of things,thanks to aphrael and tenshi and you of course for keeping things available anywhere,anytime!!


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