21 thoughts on “[24.11.2011] From Seoul to Tokyo”

    • Will you fly to Jakarta if it happens? If yes, please help me persuading my husband to take me with you,ok?! Promise me!
      But you’re right Anita, it’s like waiting for a dream hoping sukkie come to Indonesia…I’m day dreaming about the title in this blog will be ” Arriving at Soekarno-Hatta Airport “…when will it come true??

      • Haha.. I’m going to ask my brother how much it costs him to fly to Jakarta. He’s gone to Bali a few times with his friends and they always have to go via Jakarta. My brother’s best friend’s wife is from Indonesia so they always visit her family on their way to Bali. I already decided that when Sukkie does another tour I will make sure I can go.

      • Really Andrea? Why don’t you come along with your brother sometimes if he has a plan to visit Indonesia again,maybe we can meet in person..^_^
        Although I don’t live in Jakarta, but still wish to come there if sukkie successfully invited to our country..(hoping…)

  1. thanks aphrael! 🙂

    he looks great in that coat. i noticed he usually brings the same brown bag when he travels. kinda his favorite, and it somehow gives me the impression that he‘s not the type who splurges on things he doesn‘t need. another admirable quality. makes me love him even more… 😀

  2. Thanks aphrael for posting this pic and video. I miss Sukkie in action so much. Even though I cannot see Sukkie clearly in the video, I just so excited and happy in witnessing all the love that he receives from loyal blue eels. Sukkie always makes particular news with so many eels waiting for him at Japan’s airport, either arriving announced or unannounced up front.

    PS. did I hear male’s voices sounded out to him? lol… Sukkie starts to attract more male genre now…. happy eel.

  3. Wow. Thanks Aphrael. It must be so hard to respect the barriers set up LOL. They look so flimsy yet not a single fan, even in their mania, tried to pass. And yeah I love that he doesn’t just buy things for the sake of buying them and he carries his own bags instead of handing them off like so many celebrities do. Makes my heart melt. Based on things he’s said in the past I have gotten the impression that he is pretty prudent with his money. Would I be wrong to say that he actually gives himself an allowance for every day type of stuff? Obviously he can probably buy whatever he wants to but I don’t think he spends for the sake of spending otherwise things he has would lose their “value”.

    • And the date of that photo said: 11/23/11, Lee Mee Ho finished the photos shoot in Jeju back to Seoul. Isn’t that the same day as Sukkie was leaving Gimpo, I got confused by the time zone, I bet they didn’t meet that at the airport like that, other wise would be on the news right away.

      • Yeah, it looks the same as the one Lee Min Ho was wearing and I do agree it looks better on Sukkie. And it does also look like the one he was wearing when he sang Hello Hello on MMM. Gosh, I can’t remember the number of times I rewinded and froze that part when he confessed and sang. Even after seeing MMM so many times I still watch it especially when I’m feeling down. Saranghae, my Prince.

  4. Yes, I think we, eels would see Sukkie is the better of course. And I say that anything Sukkie wears is just Sukkie style, even he wears the same clothes as someone else, but no one can take “Sukkie” away from Sukkie and no one can be “Sukkie” as Sukkie. He is the only one in the world. Only one prince for eels.

  5. *sigh* I have a confession. My crush tried to fish me out of the pool today. He cast a net and almost caught me for a moment but I escaped and hid. By the time I came out of hiding my crush was gone and I could swim happily in the pool with other eels without worry.

      • lol… I crush on Jung Il Woo a little. I don’t think we can bring him over to Sukkie though. It was a moment of weakness. I was actually crushing on Il Woo before I discovered Sukkie. If anything Sukkie took me away from Il Woo so maybe Il Woo is a little jealous?! (By the way, just having a little fun. I’m NOT delusional)

  6. OMG I must have missed him.
    Me was at Gimpo leaving for Jeju on that day.
    Very sad coz the day I will be in Seoul Sukkie will be at
    Tokyo Dome.
    All the best Guen Sama….hope you have a good quality time
    with your eels.


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