35 thoughts on “[Video] YMP behind-the-scenes clip”

  1. I wonder what was Momo going to do ( following the master in the first scene ) by taking off his shirt furiously..?? ^_^ eehmm,suspicious…(forgive me for having a little naughty thought hihi..)

      • Too many possibilties run thru my mind all at the same time but … err, there are underaged girls here…. so I’ll let my mind take its natural course ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m 13 hours behind you guys ๐Ÿ™ Its just past 7 am now on Thursday so I was sleeping (actually up early because I have to help start prepping the turkey to go in the oven). But first thing I do after wandering the house like a zombie is come in to check for updates and YAY this is a BTS video of YMP. Heaven. Yeah, I thought the same thing after seeing the shirt scene but looked like he was just following his master. I just love his laughter. He’s so sexy and cute when he laughs.

  2. I’m actually a silent mole hunter too, Farina ^_^
    What about giving a task to Hazy who’s going to watch YMP to spot every single new mole during the film? Is it possible there’s a ‘further-hot’ scene above the kissing?
    Aww…so courious…!!

    • @arie-tristan don’t worry…while you are giving the task to hazy, leave the mole- hunting task to farina @ the mole hunters… they’ll sure to keep us update if there’s any latest addition to Sukkie’s mole…. *wink*

    • President, Hazy wont able to see any moles from the standees
      Coz being cover-up by the graphic computer ….. if not how to be flawless LOL

    • I strayed from Sukkie a little today.Does that mean I’m a bad eel? *sigh* but still… I find myself to be drowned even more by him… *deep sigh*
      @arie-tristan LOL…we don’t call @ farina Mrs. President for nothing, right?Can’t wait for he updates on moles hahahaha…. they sure knows how to spice things up around here.

      • if it makes you feel better I stray some too. I wont name who it is I stray to (he’s got an active drama currently airing in Korea) because it seems like a betrayal but I always always ALWAYS come back. I just visit here and Eels club to get myself back on track.

      • @ andrea… thanks… but no matter how i strayed … I’ve always come back to this blog and eels here….. guess that show that once we’re drowned in his pond of eels… there’s no escape ,ha?

      • Lolโ€ฆโ€ฆ. Once in a while, I strayed from our Prince too. I guess thatโ€™s life. But I always come back our prince. Honestly, at first I strayed from Sukkie just to test myself if I could get away. I failed miserably!! I could never get away from Sukkie. Every day, no matter how hectic my life is, I always visit this blog, though no always commented. As for being stray, I usually watched another K-dramas just out of curiosity and its popularity. I categorized non-Sukkieโ€™s dramas as like, good and interesting dramas; I have no deep emotion or passionate feelings whatsoever of what I was watching. So at the end, I figure if Iโ€™m not fully enjoying myself, I should not force myself to watch it. Now, Iโ€™m super picky of what drama or movie I want to watch.

      • I seem to stray a lot especially when I get a little weak but some of those other actors are always missing a little something and quite frankly Sukkie has the full package.

        Regarding other dramas.. I’m drama obsessed although it does take me a little longer to watch some over others. I am going back to City Hunter because I can watch on Hulu+ on my smartphone while at work but just not the same. I really hope Love Rain will be simulcast on my favorite drama website (one of the few that is licensed to show kdramas). I haven’t been going to any of the unlicensed ones anymore because I keep on picking up viruses or tracking cookies.

    • Yes President….u are looking for me?
      FB?? Not really into tat
      But both my girls are expert LOL

      OK. Will find a day to join…. Gv me a while coz i hv forgotten the pw since I created it purposely for the previous voting hahaha

    • Yeah…i’m here! At last i’m back! Guys, missed u all!!!…(had really hard day, cried a lot, very tired, working much, miss Sukkie)…
      Sure, i’ll join mole hunting, just can’t wait to see newfound moles! ๐Ÿ˜€ Give me some time too, need to get to my PC and sign up on FB! ๐Ÿ™‚

      ps: happy that u’r searching for me!…kekeke…

      • Hope everything is okay! *big virtual hug* This place is a comfort for me when the stresses of life get to be a little too hard. FB is easy. I think some people are joining now just for the Eels club. I hardly ever use it anymore for anything except to get information on Sukkie. Thinking of direct linking my homepage to the Eels club LOL

      • Thanx, Andrea! *giving virtual hug back and my head lean on ur virtual shoulder* getting comfort!
        I should admit this blog is truly my virtual home! I can get here whatever i want, whenever i need! I can find here both comfort and fun! I’ve made a lot of eel-friends here who can understand my passion for Sukkie!… I’m grateful to life that lead me to this blog and introduced to such a wonderful eels family with kind-hearted, cheerful members!…
        And the most important thing is that i discover here a lot of MOLES!!!…kekeke…

      • Awww!!! Poor you…. Big hugs my dear!! Don’t for get to info me yr FB name ok? Lots of mole-hunting there!

  3. Aaaya, sooo excited!!!!…WHERE 2X are the MOLES??? Still new on FB lo, finding a bit difficult as how to chat and where to click…hahahahaaa!!

      • Arigatou, Farina!!! will look for it. Must really have to sit down,relax and slowly do all the searching. Have to go out for appointments now. Oh boy oh boy!! So eager….will catch up later.

  4. ck. . ck. . ck. . This is call gathering of naughty ahjumma . . .hahaha
    Am I one of you guys ? I’m not an ahjumma, coz I’m still 17 hahaha…LOL. But if you guys looking for more moles, i’m not gonna missed it ;-D.


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