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  1. Aphrael! U r just in time! It’s really long day without JKS tweets! I miss him so much that just now started to be teary! The only comfort for me now is ur (i mean posted by u) pix, i.e. ur care and sympathy! Thank u! 🙂

    • I’m stuck inside our Office Bldg right now,I can’t go home because there so much commotion happening outside of the road..I think I will spend the night seating here at my desk..T_T ..So glad that your post made me smile even I’m a bit scared..

      • oh dear…. i hope i can find the right word to comfort you.But still, don’t be scare okay…. well, you can keep yourself occupied with this blog.

      • I hope it’s nothing serious and you’ll be getting home soon safely. Pls. keep us informed whenever you can. I hope you’ve got other colleagues with you. Anyway you’ve got us here. hugs, and be safe!

      • charlotte, i hope everything will be ok and you’ll be able to go home soon. if you’re still stuck in your office, you can always kill the time by reading all previous posts from this blog. can try knee drop guru videos, those are my fave ones.

      • oh dear, charlotte, what’s happening outside? if your office building is safer, just stay there first … ….

      • thank you girls,don’t worry it is safe here and I have my co-workers who lived outside the bldg..It’s been 9 months of on & off ” rallies” here in bahrain,circumstances like this often happens.But this is my first time to be stuck,^_^..Thank you for your concern..

      • Thanks Youtupe Queen QQeyes for sharing this video. Sukkie is so adorable funny and unpretentious. Watching this video make the beginning of my day beautiful…. (good night to you gals live in Asia).

      • I know how that feels. Thank God you’re ok. Hope Allah will keep our countries safe and most importantly … our beloved people.
        Thanks aphreal for the wonderful sharing.We are all missing sukkie. T_T
        My deepest condolences to Farina on this day.

      • Ah. So sorry Charlotte. Hope you can go home soon. I just looked up news on the internet about protesters so hope you are able to stay safe. When I was looking up what is going on found that US has a travel warning to Bahrain. Didn’t know. I am just starting to realize that people I have met here are facing some of the situations I read in the news as part of the reality of their day to day lives.

      • thank you again girls,I’m home now,thanks to my friends who came and took me home.. @Cri J, anything wrong with farina?

      • QQeyes! Wow! What an energetic vid!!!! What an energetic (or nervious) Sukkie!!!! ..I just burst into laugh when poor Gunsama started singing with tension!!!!….

        ps: smtimes i also play air guitar more passionately than Suk does it!!!…kekeke…

    • Cri-j, thanks but I’m really missing you! Write me a short note ok!

      Charlotte, I’m doing ok i guess. A bit worried abt my hubby’s condition but I’m pushing it to the back of my mind and try to think positive. I posted on the Eels’ Club tab so just go there to know what happened ok? Praying for your safety there…

  2. nicely done!!! mission accomplished. I’m officially drowned and trapped even further!! I must say, i love all the pictures!! Thanks for sharing aphrael !!

  3. Thanks aphrael for posing these beautiful mallpictures. Cannot pick favorite. I love them all. Yeah… so quiet now, no news about Sukkie so I re-watched his Dramas. I even watched MMM on THAI DOOTV with Thai dubbed. Funny thing is the story lines are so different between dubbed voice and English translation. Hahaha… I can never which one close to original meaning of the story. I like English translated version more because I like to see Sukkie true essence of each scenes and love love to hear his deep sexy voice.

  4. home at last!! Missed my dear eels…missed seeing Sukkie’s face…just got home from a 2 day seminar….I love the first picture…thanks for sharing the wallpapers Aphrael. *sigh*


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