14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Lotte Acuo CF”

      • @andrea, LOL! but i think i might just be one of them if i’m there… would probably make a collage out of it and frame it. hahaha! 😀

      • Oh.. that’s a good idea! Now I want the chocolate but its only sold in Japan *deep sigh*. I got his 2010 Asia tour DVD and Let me cry CD and they both came with a loose picture. I am planning on framing them and hanging on my wall. Also got a MMM poster for free recent. I feel like a teenager again when it comes to Sukkie.

  1. he’s so professional, and a perfectionist at that. i like his seriousness when at work. he really puts himself in the character he needs to play and perfectly conveys the message to the audience. i bet this CF will be a big hit and those gums will be selling like hotcakes in no time. thanks for posting, aphrael! 🙂

    not sure if i got it right, but the emcee was saying that he doesn’t even know the meaning of what he was saying. he does speak Japanese, right? so i think he knows it. and i believe that even if he didn’t at the start, the responsible man that he is, he will find out what it means before even putting his name on the line for it.

    kaori-chan, thanks for sharing!!! i bet these chocolates will be swept out of the shelves as if a whirlwind hit it. LOL!

  2. I love the translations. Although I watched without its nice to know what was going on. Yes he is such a professional. I’m sure people like working with him because of his professionalism.

    Am I a horrible Eel if I say I wouldn’t be likely to buy the product? I don’t like gum LOL so I would never buy it. I would buy the chocolate though! Just not gum. I’m not likely to buy anything unless I really want or need it no matter who endorses it (unless it is for charity and than I just throw my money around LOL). That is just me . But I feel like I am less of an Eel because I don’t desire to buy something Sukkie endorsed.

    • !!! I LOVE. It ended with my current cellphone background. I have a tendency just to stare at my phone. I feel like such a dirty old woman sometimes but he is such a fine looking man I can’t help myself.

    • Browneyes88, well done girl! He is really breathtaking! I really hope he will come and visit the country soon. Take care and do more MV’s, you’re doing a great job.

    • thank you so much, girls! >_<

      @andrea, 😀 ! i also looove that last pic (incredibly breathtaking!) which is why i saved it for last. 😉

      @aprilsky, yeah i'm also hoping that he would include us in his next asia tour. i wanna leave a message on his OFC or tweet treej to suggest it and hope that they see it.

      • Awesome! My cellphone does this cool thing when it goes into standby. When I bring it back up its more like a watermark then full blown picture so its really just his eyes that come back and I go weak and breathless

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