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Wah.. really very sad. More than 10 times I had thoughts of withdrawing, but just a resolve in my heart will not work.. to interact with everyone, it was so easy starting twitter but now I cannot even delete it, what is this..!! As someone has said, it takes time for us to be forgotten.. I cannot control this matter of being forgotten ..
哇..真的很伤心 想退出想过十几回了 但是只是心里想退出是不行的..和大家交流 开始(推特)那么自由(容易)想要删掉却不能随心所欲了 这算什么嘛..!!正如某个人说过的 我们都需要时间被遗忘..被遗忘这件事也是不能随心所欲(你想忘记就忘记的)..

Ah, reds, you all go back home!!! Tomorrow I’ll call Twitter head office. It’s really the last tweet. Bye!!!!
啊 红色们 你们都回家吧!!!明天打电话给推特总部 真的是最后一条推特了 再见!!!!

Actor Jang’s precious videos and screencaps are being circulated everywhere. Revealing the contents of the video is a serious infringement of copyright, hope everyone notes this. Hope everyone will be an eel who can protect actor Jang’s precious works.

JKS: Report infringement online gogo

网络举报 gogo

Tomorrow, will (the news) say that JKS is angry … what an interesting world .. really, bye cri
明天又会说张根硕生气了吗…真是有趣的世界..真的real bye cri

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  1. I have so many mixed feelings. Happy to see him on twitter but sad because he is not happy. I have been seeing screencaps on Facebook of Budapest Diaries so didn’t know people were doing that illegally. So glad nothing like shows up here.

  2. I really dint know that u have to report to the Twittr headquarters to delete twittr acc…My god..then their Office will be flooded…Prince ARE YOU SERIOUS lol???
    First hungry batteries and now red birds not allowing him to del…i am having serious doubts regarding this shutting down of twittr…HMMM!!

    • I think what JKS wants is not to deactivate twitter. He wants to delete it completely from the database. Meaning all his tweets will disappear even from other people’s account that re-tweeted his tweets.
      Something like that will not happen with a simple deactivation.Plus someone else might impersonate him.
      Simply he wants every single word he tweeted to disappear.

      P.S: Dear Farina, I will contact you soon.

      • That is quite impossible i think so…it says that it will take 30 days for it to disappear…mayb suk can find some software for that kekeke…his tweets are saved with me in my comp..so even if he deletes it no prob..when i fell lik seeing it i`ll open it..also a screen cap of his profile is with me..so i have taken all the precautions necessary as i foresaw something lik this…well we`ll see..

      • @sukkiefanNC welcome ^_^ I am sure that’s what he wants. Since when he first said he wants to close twitter and didn’t know how , he tweeted after that that closing twitter is deceiving in the way that nothing really gets deleted. It’s on someone’s timeline some where.
        I think sukkie wants to keep the tweets from being over used by bad media like what happened with Cyworld.

        @Inanna well , I think he would prefer that you delete them. you can keep a copy of them on your computer and then delete them from the blog.

        @Meg (India) : It’s going to need some work. The twitter database has to cooperate with him for it to happen. But I’m not sure they will.

      • Sure i’ll do, Thanks for your reply, but i’ll wait for 2 days to see may a miracle could happened and he decide to keep his account 🙁
        but if he decide to delete it i’ll delete all his tweets from my blog .
        About the illegal i’ve posted on my blog to cooperate and report illegal blogs or facebook pages, i’ll appreciate it if you help me to share this post or reposte it so all fans can see it and help on reporting illegal publishers.
        im so sad for him, i think he’s so disappointed, but i believe, loyal fans has power and if we help on reporting illegal publishers and we succeeded to remove it he will be happy.

      • Your right. I don’t think they will cooperate. I think people can delete their own tweets. I’ve deleted some after making them because of mistakes I made or tweeting with passion. I try to keep a cool head online because nothing goes away once its on the internet no matter how much you try. Unfortunately everything a celebrity says will be put up online and I think that is what he’s finding frustrating. Just like the bible things he says (tweets) is taken out of context and given an entirely new meaning that was never intended in the first place. That is why its almost necessary to follow him for an entire day to get the entire story. He has such a dry sense of humor sometimes (reminds me of British humor) where he will say something funny with a complete straight face and tweeting really doesn’t given him the volume to express himself the way we’ve all gotten used to. Since he is so multi-dimensional and the Tweet world is so one-dimensional. I’m frustrated for him.

      • @Andrea
        I think you’re right i’ve added a note for honest bloggers and facebook owners to delete their own illegal content i think JKS fans are honest enough to do this.
        Couple months ago i’ve shared some of j-plus and Budapest Diary photos, after i read his tweet i removed them immediately, i think many fans will do the same we just need to tell them what he said.
        I dont know as fans what we have to do to support him or cheer him up, but i think if we think we will get an idea 🙂

      • Hi Cri-J! What a great message to start my day! Miss you these few days with all the turbulence Sukkie is going thru. Will look forward to yr mail 🙂

      • OMG Meg!!! WAHAHAHA !!!! I get stitches looking at him trying to find me Lol!! TQ TQ TQ!!!! Luv it!!! Saving it on my screen!

    • ha ha ha!!glad you liked it……..and i found out how to make gifs…so am going to do so many gifs recording his crazy activities!!! hahaha…so happy… 😉
      Well sis be careful now onwards..suk is on his guard abt the MOLE HUNTER!!!

  3. Before seeing today’s Sukkie and Tree-J tweets, I decided to tell you a difficult message today… I’m really afraid that it makes you more depressed, but I dare to say that posting his messages (including the translations) on his app is strictly prohibited as well as the messages and information posted in his official fan club site. You’ll understand the reason… I’m really sorry for that, but it’s ture… 🙁
    I know there are SO MANY eels who want to buy his official products and install his app, but can’t do because of fundamental reasons. The only thing we can do now is to request Tree-J company to release the English-sub version as soon as possible continuously. If they want to stop his illegal circulation, they should try to release all the version at one time. Because most of these circulations were not intended to be illegal by eels who just wanted to share her love to Sukkie with other eels… So I continue to request them, but as I’m Japanese, I’m afraid my request doesn’t seem serious. So let’s unite together for us and for Sukkie! 🙂

    • @tenshi_akuma
      You’re right im Egyptian and i started to learn Korean to be able to read, and i started an international and middle east fan clubs to share his news with fans who only know Arabic or English, and also after the media said that he rent fans and these rumors so i started these fan clubs to collect fans from overseas and middle east too to support him and cheer him up but i got a serious problem 😀 , my idea had stolen lool.
      anyway i can help but i dont know how 🙂

  4. Hi guys,

    I think twitter is not archiving all the messages posted in their site. If you log in twitter and wants to see all the tweets, it will take a while to load all the tweets even from three days not unless the tweets are few but if theres like a hundreds it wont show…meaning twitter does not really archive everything. Im not sure from when to when. And even if you delete the tweets the minute you tweeted, it will show up in the timeline of those you follow you even if you deleted the tweet.

    I think the best way for Sukkie is to just leave his account and not use it.

    I know he is really decided on deleting his twitter but is having a hard time. I’m not sure if calling the twitter headquarters is a good idea but lets see if they will grant his request…

  5. I’m happy he’s tweeting again but sad because he’s unhappy. I don’t really know how to make him happy. What I do is I’ll make sure to buy his original products and I do tweet him at least once every day to show my support if the connection is good because I’m working in a remote place. But I will check his tweets every day. That’s how I show my support. By the way, Lounge H and Budapest Diary are a must- have items. I bought mine through Amazon jp even though they are quite costly but anything to do with Sukkie, I’m unable to resist..haha..Of course, the subtitle for Budapest Diary is in Japanese language and I don’t understand a thing he’s saying..hehe..but his acting skill his superb. There is only one part that I really wanted to know what he’s saying which is the part where he was at the church in Making of Budapest Diary DVD. He was saying something and he looked so sad and I couldn’t help but cried. Poor Sukkie!

  6. I totally agree with Tenshi_Akuma. Tree J should put in Eng subs for the DVDs asap. I wonder if it is that difficult to do so in Korea. In view of his ever expanding fan base, Eng subs is inevitable. Hope Tree J can keep up the pace with the Prince.

    I wonder if Tree J keeps track of the fan’s blogs to gather feed back. It is a less traumatic way of getting close to eels than twitter

  7. Sigh, the perils of social media! Useful but yet very dangerous tool!
    I don’t know how he’s going to convince twitter to remove all tweets or retweets associated with his account but I would think twitter may not do it…

    Poor guy, I sympathize with JKS but I hope he realizes that it may be impossible. Loyal fans can do everything to help remove posts in blogs but in a way, that kinda alienates the rest of his fans who don’t understand Korean or Jap right? I for one downloaded his apps promptly after they’re launched but apart from photos, his posts don’t make sense to me cause my Korean is poor (blame it on my inconsistency in learning the language :p). I support n download his apps anyway but I don’t feel all that ‘connected’ if you know what I mean… So tenshi is right. Tree j should quickly launch the eng app.

    Asia prince to world prince…. That’s the way to go! 🙂

    JKS, fighting!

    • yes the app will not be of use to me.. well maybe except for the pics he posts.. really can’t understand anything. was trying to learn hangul as well but to no avail..

      and some DVDs that you can buy online don’t have English subs.. 🙁

      popular hallyu stars should consider translating their page in English.. there is a big fan base overseas.

      and i think without these ‘illegal’ uploads and subbing, i don’t think they will be that popular

  8. I agree with you tenshi but that is really a sad news..Last time when I read that he is upset due to illegal recording of his YMP movie,realization oveflaw from my mind,,it made me realise the difficulties of being an overseas loyal fan..Our actions can bring trouble to Sukkie but all we wanted is just to have a piece of him..Most of his fans have limited resources/access to his stuffs,can we blame them if a single tweet/update from him is translated right away and posted to different websites..I felt guilty because I myself is relying to those updates..sighs..Hopefully Tree J will realize our demand and will try their best to take action(produce JKS stuff with English Sub and make it available world wide)..For this will keep our sister eels from posting his stuff in a illegal manner..I guess we share one common goal and that is to Love & Protect Sukkie the best way we can..God I miss Sukkie so much!!

    Let’s pour our request in his OFC..gogogogo!!!

  9. Yess.! We seriously need to tell tree j he isnt only a prince in japan and korea! But in different countries as well. -__- I think by putting out all his products with an option of korean,jap, eng sub isn’t that hard. I have a strong feeling it would boost in sales also. There’s a few fans who translates the app updates by commenting, but imagine having to scroll through 1000 of comments just for one translation. I miss twitter. Ughh. Does anyone uses weibo here?? I’m thinking of making a weibo account just for him and be part of the 1 million followers 🙂 But seems more “useless” or complicated with all the chinese characters..

    • Ya i have an account wer i follow only him lol!! 🙂 if u use google chrome u can easily register..its quite user frindly…as it translates directly…stil not explored it yet though!!

    • @atetweet(USA)..i do have weibo account,it make sense dear,co’z Prince might not delete his weibo,because if we look back into his plans,he want to conquer China too..Just use “google chrome” when you sign-in, so that it will be easy for you for there is translation on it..^_^

  10. Hello everyone!
    I visit this site every day, and I’m more of a lurker, but this time I would like to put my two pennies worth 🙂 And sorry for my English, it’s not my second language.

    “posting his messages (including the translations) on his app is strictly prohibited as well as the messages and information posted in his official fan club site.” I won’t be so sure about that…

    I don’t know about JKS messages (on app or forum), it depends on Term of Use, but for example according to Twitter’s Privacy Policy “Most of the information you provide to us is information you are asking us to make public.” Ad least you make your tweet private which is not the case with JKS. Anyone can use his tweets, unfortunately also anti-fans. Maybe JKS shouldn’t create twitter account in the first place. He’s public person – he has to be careful with what he says or does. But I must admit (everyone would agree on this:) that his open and vivid personality is what makes him attractive.

    I even did bother to study Copyright Act of South Korea (it’s not really differs from copyright law in my country).

    Article 28(Quotations from Works Made Public) It shall be permissible to make quotations from a work already being made public provided that they are within a reasonable limit for news reporting, criticism, education and research, etc. and compatible with fair practice.

    I think you could easily apply above mentioned article, because all information on this blog is for informational, educational, ect. purposes. (in other words – fangirling XD)
    According to copyright law translation is intellectual property of translator and is also protected as independent work. Anyone who post their translated materials on this website means that their own it. But. I couldn’t find forum and app rules, so I cannot tell exactly whether someone have to translate original work with the consent of the author…
    It will also help simply to put a disclaimer.

    • sorry for mistake in my message:
      instead of “English is not my native language” I wrote “it’s not my second language” (facepalm) (headdesk)

    • hi agne,

      not sure what the background of this issue is, since I’m jumping in without reading previous comments.
      just want to say:

      – JKS’ smartphone apps are different from twitter

      – “It shall be permissible to make quotations from a work already being made public ”
      The issue here is, JKS apps and official fanclub are not public domain. They are private and only made available to the users who purchase the app. As such, anything from his app and fanclub is not meant for public, online circulation. JKS thinks that way, and so do the eels. Also, JKS shares a lot of personal stuff on his apps and fanclub, stuff that non-eels always tend to misinterpret and think the worse of JKS, whereas JKS wants to feel safe sharing these only with eels because he trusts eels to protect him… and we strive to understand him, and tend to be generous and accepting of almost everything he does ….

      • @aphrael77
        you’re right but the problem is with the language for overseas fans the majority of them don’t understand Korean so they wait for translation, this is the main problem 🙁

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