[News] JKS awarded 2011 Korean Popular Culture and Arts prize

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The 2011 Korean Popular Culture and Arts prize-winners list has been announced, comprising of people who contribute to the development of popular culture and arts as well as the promotion of Hallyu.

Prizewinners include actors, music producers, singers and in the list are leading Hallyu K-pop figures such as Girls Generation, Beast, After School, CN Blue, ZE:A, drama star Lee Byung-hun, Jang Keun Suk. They will receive their award from the Minister of Culture.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on 21 November 2011, 6 pm at Olympics Hall.

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  1. Congrats Sukkie!!! Why am i so excited when Sukkie gets an award as if i’m getting it?!! Lol!!!
    I love the pic so much!!!! Perfect pic with the perfect angle of the perfect person!..hehe..

  2. Great news! Congrats to our prince! <3 <3
    @farina, got a mail from you, tqvm, suddenly my heart flying high.. humm..may i just wondering for a while? πŸ˜‰ and might be other eel friends here too.. i want a good reply from you..

  3. so happy for keun suk, for getting such recognition from the Ministry of Culture..^^ so happy when someone from his own country gives credit to him.

    • I got a trans from jap eel!!! and guess wat he said “He’s saying that he can’t delete his account. He can’t help to be forgotten by the people”


      • It seems he is having prob deleting again!! but anyway he says he wil eventually delete it…and again a Bye cri…but on the bright side got three tweets fro him!!!thats enough for me..

  4. BRAVO!!!!!!!
    Congrats…JANG KEUN SUK… you’ve made it.
    Sooooooo proud to be your eels…. hopefully more recognitions to come.
    At last Koreans acknowledged your abilities, commitments and sincerities
    in the entertainment world.

  5. Hi eels, calm down. Sukkie and Tree-J both updated on twitter almost at the same time, so it cause a bit stir for people wondering what’s going on when someone are waiting for the translations. Sukkie twitter mainly said he tried hard to close the twitter account but unsuccessful, but he still gonna do it. He said is like you try to forget something it will takes time, he post a picture of twitter account and show over capacity and confirm this is real last twitter and bye cri. Tree-J twitter mainly tells people that someone are illegally circulating Sukkie’s new photo album on line and ask eels to pay attention to that.

    This is only the summary of the contents not word accurate translation. Just let you guys know.

    Oh, btw, since Tree-J post that twitter, Sukkie said if next day the media would say that he is very angry again, means media always exaggerated on everything.

    • Hmm…yes sis!!your right!! but am happy we got some more tweets lol!!
      even twittr s supporting eels by making it diff for him to del!! πŸ˜‰

      • I know how much he has been missed only after 1 day out of twitter. We all get so excited to see any words from him. πŸ™‚

    • oh, i see. iβ€˜m just so happy that he tweeted even if itβ€˜s just temporary; and sad again coz heβ€˜s still gonna delete his account. ah, heβ€˜s really driving me crazy!!!

      hmm, i wonder why heβ€˜s having difficulty deleting his account. maybe meg is right, that twitter is siding with us eels. kkk! i hope he does not delete it so no one else can use his ID. also noticed that his followerz have increased despite the fact that he said heβ€˜d be deleting his account.

      • Well i have a small doubt…All the drama over at twitland made me wonder WOW!!seems twittr is a very nasty place..My poor sukkie is trying so hard for 4 days…and i went and saw the settings…What surprised me is how EASY it is to deactivate…u jus go to settings..and then click “Deactivate”…Twittr will jus give Some warnings abt 4/5 points..thats it..then you Jus click once and its gone…Wonder y our Prince who is quite Techno-savvy is having PROBLEM with jus two simple Steps…Ah IS THIS A TRAP??Penny for your thoughts anyone?

  6. Yes, that’s our boy Keun Suk! He’s just that kinda kid who gets prizes and awards all the way from since childhood. Brilliance, talent and charisma simply could not be hidden. There’s our blue eyed golden boy again!

  7. congratulation Sukkie!! Why I feel sad again,,I’m trying to recover here,,sighs!! @sukkiefanNC,,I guess we should take his warning seriously and the rest of the eels and not post something that is illegal,,because if some of eels will continue to do things,I hate to think that Sukkie will keep his distance to us in the future..T_T

  8. Two tumbs up for you Prince! You’re the same line as your senior actor Lee Byung Hun, what an achievement!
    Once again, proud to be your Eel…

  9. @MEG(india) , now that you’ve noticed i found it strange that a star like him with the best technician team around him can be defeat by a simple program like twitter . he even asked the help from his eels .
    to base on his playfull personality and his instinctive need of love (family , friends, eels ) , i think he has put on all this screenplay to test his eels and see how much they care for him
    anyway , even if he finally close his account , he will quickly find another way to keep in touch with his eels coz like he always said , they give him the energy he needs .
    i might be wrong , but i think JKS is the kind of person who sees his futur in the eyes of his eels .
    your star SRK has said in one of his interviews that the sadest day in his life will be the one when nobody will recognize him in the street .
    so let’s pray that he will sooner find a better way to comunicate with his eels .
    ps : congratulation for the Award he really deserve it

    • yep jus lik the prince to test his eels…but watever happens i hav taken all the precautions so even if he shuts it down i will not mope around!!! And he will surely communicate with us all!!! Lets c wer the drama in twitland reaches lol!!

      • Yep!! watched many of his movies…but nearly not crazy over him as am i over suk!!! Also SRK has many fans plus many antis too…He is also one of the most misuders artist…guess they have that too in common..glad you liked the Gif…well here is one of my creations..not that great…but my first trial..kekeke fro asian tour..

    • hi thewifey07! i was waiting for some updates from you re: your trip..hehe! are you already there? if i were you, i will definitely drop by there since i’m pretty sure that keun suk will be there, too! (so fortunate!)

  10. ione sorry was going to share photos or info when i get back, no not there yet need to start packing! Leaving friday morning πŸ™‚ ok now i need to convince my cousin to go πŸ˜€

    charlotte thanks i cant wait πŸ™‚

  11. i can only say that i am absolutely so proud of him since eels here have already said what i wanted to say!! Congrats! I believe that there’s more to come… Very proud of Sukkie


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