[pics] Our adorable pet, Sukkie comforts you ^^

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Update with more pic

For those who needs comfort, I post these pics here. Some of them were old pics and posted before, but I’m sure all the pics make you smile! πŸ™‚

Sukkie and Suni look alike!!! They must be real brother and sister! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Sukkie with red ribbon looks extraordinary! Only he can dare put on or wear feminine stuff! Moreover, it looks perfect on him!!!!…Hahaha!!

  2. thanks for the pics . in the one in the box he really looks like the dog beside him except for the color of the hair .they even have the same sad “expression ” , they seems like twin brothers

    • @ Farina , out of topic , you’ve said in one of your last comments that a friend brings you the 2012 calender of JKS , you must be verry happy coz you’ll have all the time to count his moles

      • Lol! That will depend on his state of (un)dress! Lol!!! I’m still waiting for my friend to contact me….too shy to pester him for it πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Tenshi for the pictures, it is comforting…. I do agree with you, Suk and Suni do look alike! πŸ™‚ Missing his tweet storms already… πŸ™ Now my days will never be complete and the same again without his tweets…. *sigh* πŸ™

  4. come on eels…we have to be open with this .. maybe this is the best for him right now [ I mean without his tweet]… hopefully will he be more comfortable and relaxed without interference from antis and bureaucratic-sided media..those picture make me smile always..thanks alot

  5. i miss sukkie in a drama and the only thing that makes me patient in waiting for his drama are all his twitter messages but now its so silent.. i felt so empty.. so lonely.. just to fix myself needs to watch my favorite videos of him in youtubes..

    thanks tenshi for the pictures.. he’s so cute.. seeing all these makes me want to watch YMP more soon.. πŸ™‚ haayyy.. when will be the DVD comes out??!! hope sooner and with english sub..

    • He updated his APP, first one, he woke up 3 hours before and one the way to school. Second one, he went to salon and blew his hair, he woke up. I think he is awake now.

      • Thanks sukkiefan for sharing this little message from our prince. Just to hear how he is doing make me feel better and happy.

        Aww…..my dear friends, I thought I have overcome the feeling of sadness and being lost already. Today it hits me hard. I could not even go to work. I thought my love for Sukkie is just a simple fangirl’s fantasy – no more, no less than a fangirl can give to an idol. Now I know it’s more special; though not in romantic way, I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I feel so much pain when I read haters’ about comments in various websites. I cried bucket!!! Why are there so many haters in this world?? In my life, I never met or heard such haters exist in this world. I’m so naΓ―ve I don’t know how to deal with them.

        All day today, I did like Farina and migrap26 did, I rewatched sukkie’s old dramas and movies and watched Youtupe on any things related to Sukkie.

      • Thanks. I was haunting the app for a translation and davewata did one a short while ago. It is so quiet on twitter right now. Sad really. Even eels are quiet. But at least we have here. *big smile*

      • Ah Kailey. That’s rough. I’ve been consoling myself with here and the app. I also found a pigrabbit phone charm that I been playing with. It helps me. I just feel so bad for him. I don’t know any hater websites just happy places for Sukkie so haven’t seen what others see. I hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks Andrea for your comforting words. This is probably the first time, I actually on this website with someone at the same time. Promise I’ll feel better soon.

      • thanks for the update sukkiefan!!! πŸ˜€

        @kailey, me too! feel so sad and down right now. none of the excitement i felt everyday looking forward to his tweets (or translations thereof). terribly miss him!!! i’ve watched some episodes of MMM again to feel better. *sigh*

        what’s worse, i can’t even download his APP ‘coz it’s not compatible with my phone. his posts there would have been great consolation even if i won’t understand them because somebody would translate for sure. now i am seriously blaming myself for not getting a bigger Android phone or a Samsung at that. πŸ™

    • hahaha,,me I watched YAB ” kiss” BTS last night and his Singapore,Thailand interview,co’z he speak in english..I love it the way he said “again”,,cute…watch it and you’ll see the blond MC flirting Sukkie with her OLE inspired “tube” hahaha (joke)..eels from thailand,,forgive me..peace!!

  6. Thanks tenshi-chan for your kind and caring heart for posting these cute pictures of our beloved Sukkie in hope to cheer everyone up. Seeing and hearing any things related to Sukkie would definitely make me happy…..

  7. New APP, lunch time, he went to the same pork needle shop, and got double cheese on the cheese stone bowl meal. Massida!

    I am heading to bedfordshire! night night, eels!

    • hi farina! yeah, 2011 MAMA will be held there in Singapore..although keun suk may not be there, it’s still a chance for you to glimpse other korean idols.^^ and that 2007 keun suk performance of Hedwig is really an epic (can you imagine other artist squeezing orange in the middle of the stage, taking off their wig, wear high heels and heavy make-up in one performance?). None.Lol!

  8. hahaha… very funy… It makes me smile in the end of my bussy day…
    @ Sukkie, you have a good taste of humor… (ΰΈ‡Λ†β–½Λ†)ΰΈ‡, Those picture are so cute
    Thank You Sukkie…

  9. So cute @tenshi…Momo VS pets…
    Sigh… few days visiting this blog without any desire to comment, only smiled,frowned,teary,than finally cried quietly reading his last tweet…feeling the lost that all of you felt…but a little cheer up with the comfortness some of you made…
    But, when reading your confessions of rewatching YAB,MMM and other sukkie performance with the reason ‘to ease your heart’ I was so surprised!
    Then, am I the only crazy eel here who ALWAYS play sukkie drama or movie or anything bout him EVERYDAY, EVERY NIGHT (before going to bed) since last year?? with or without his tweet, it’s like a daily habit for me to rewatch one of his show ( well, I play them in random, depend on the mood,today YAB,tomorrow MMM,and then HGD, Doremi, and so on…everyday! ) I just feel something lack from my day if I’m absent watching just an hour or two of sukkie performance…
    Am I a maniac already?! Oh no..please, anybody accompany me?

    • Dearie, I will repeat my one-time phrase: We’re in the same sinking boat! Lol!!! I’m a hopeless maniac too…. I have to hv a daily dosage of anything Sukkie πŸ™‚

    • @arie-tristan: believe me – you are not alone. hehe! the first time i got trapped on this eel pond, the YAB disc didn’t leave our dvd player for 2 straight months. literally.

      and then the beethoven virus disc for 2 weeks.

      and then the one missed call final, do re mi, so on.

      then Mary Stayed Out disc for 2 months.

      haha. non-stop keun suk. and who cares if we’re tagged as ‘maniac’? we’re just deeply and madly trapped here. ^_^

    • arie-tristan, i share in your “craziness”… πŸ™‚ but in my case, it’s his songs i listen to everyday – going to and from work, while working, before going to sleep, etc. heck! his songs are actually the “lullabies” that put me to sleep. LOL! my day won’t be complete if i don’t hear his voice even once. i am crazy about him that way!!!

      another one of my “craziness”? i am trying to memorize all his songs so i can sing along when i listen to him! hahaha! i’ve learned that Hangul is one of the many languages that’s hard to memorize, especially when you don’t understand anything! His Japanese songs are pretty easy to learn for me. πŸ˜€

      i sometimes laugh at myself and the fact that sukkie has affected me this much ‘coz i have never really gone this gaga over an artist before. oh well, he really is one of a kind!

      • Lol!! That reminds me of the days I took down Hindi lyrics! I kept rewinding and replaying each sentence until my player went bonkers! Lol!!!!

      • LOL, farina!!! i can’t stop laughing at your comment!… and i had to do it quietly ‘coz i’m still at work! (*red-faced from laughing silently*)

      • @browneyes dear, me too… If his drama and movies are my ‘tools’ to lullaby myself (after my son gone to sleep, or even after make love wuaaa…), then his songs are ‘ a must’ to begins the day…

      • wanna share my crazyness too,,I printed the lyrics of his song including a guitar chord,,last time my favorite song was “what I should I do & Without words,,but recently I’m into his “bye bye bye”,,it felt so good & it warms my heart(i listen to it during office break).But I could not find a guitar chord of his “bye3x”,,I wanna learn how to play it and tape myself and then send it to Prince JKS.(hahaha)..I have one confession to made I only have YAB DVD,and the rest I watch it online..I search and printed Korean Language tutorial and poor me,I can only write the letter ” k,n,t,s,”,,pretty hard right?I need to be patient,co’z I want to go to Korea and work there to see Sukkie…Be positive..fighting!!!

      • Ah. So much I read here makes me feel less alone. I have his songs playing at random in my car CD player. I have his songs on my smartphone and played liked MP3 when I get to work. I have this site set as one of my homepages. I have it bookmarked on my smartphone and go to it several times throughout my work shift. I can’t go a day without looking up anything Sukkie and if I don’t have time to do my own research I come here. This is the first place I go to when I wake up and last place I go before going to bed. My vacation killed me but I still managed to get my Sukkie fix. I just bought my first DVDs.. his 2010 Asia Tour and YAB while I was on vacation and Let Me Cry CD (even though I downloaded all the music already).

        I haven’t committed myself to any artist in a long long time. The last one I did betrayed me and his fans so badly that I never gave myself over to anyone until I found Sukkie. Sukkie is so different from that other artist that I don’t feel as though he will betray me or his fans. Sukkie doesn’t hide anything and we know when he suffers and we know when he is happy. He’s happy more than anything and he has so much joy in life. He has a strong support system in his family and the people that work with him. I love him so much that I feel as though his success is mine just because I support him. Anyway, does that sound a little manic?

    • same here.. maybe all of us here experiencing the same way.. that’s the power of sukkie.. it’s just today something more special because i am trying to overcome the sadness been through these days.. even his old movie when his still young “The Owl Museum” i am watching without subs kekeke.. so that’s how depress i am.. πŸ™‚

  10. Oh thanks God… thanks Farina, I thought I’m not normal ( am I..?) make him as a ‘lullaby song’ every single day and night ! hihi…

  11. @ione dear.. thankyou… so relieved…just the same schedule of mine hihi^_^
    Infact my YAB DVD is a little bit crack now,bcoz of running overload haha..
    And Farina, my husband even blame me for causing the broken of our player at home hahaha… but I accepted it openhearted, coz I’m the one who broke it,indeed…keke..

  12. don’t worry… you are not alone.we’re on the same boat.
    for me, i normally start my day by going to this blog to get the latest update on Sukkie. I really like this blog and eels here.I absolutely love watching fan made videos or sukkie-related videos uploaded by eels.I personally enjoy watching them. i like to rerun his dramas/movies during the weekend when i am free.

    • I thought I’m the only one who crazy about Jks…every morning first thing that I would do is watch Jks in this blog then continued with YAB and HGD..and sometime at utube whatever related to him, then while I’m working also..my collague said I’m addicted to him…they laugh at me…my hubby also asking me…don’t u feel tired with him yet…I just keep smiling at them.Being with all of u…who share the same feel toward Jks…I relief..coz I not alone…

    • sometimes it just amazes me how a person can have such an impact on us.Well, just when i thought my gaga-over-artist days are over, here i am … being trapped in JKS pond with other eels.Not only that, before i know it i was able to find and make new friend all over places with one thing (or more ) in common : Sukkie.
      Gosh…this young man really is something!!

  13. Know how everyone feels here…been watching YAB forever hehehe and I just came from the new Nature Republic store at a mall near where I live…I bought several items and got freebies, even a pouch with Sukkie’s face on it…I could’ve bought more and got a mini standee but my hubby might flare up hahaha…I just asked the sales person if they might come out with a calendar and she said maybe…will definitely wait for that LOL!

    • I think we’re all in the same eels pond & “trapped” ^_^ seems a problem as I can’t complete 3 eps of any non-Sukkie dramas now.. but for Sukkie’s dramas, I can rerun many times w/o feeling bored.. for songs, seems like Sukkie’s voice can calm the heart….especially ballad. Last time, I never like rock or electronic music but since I hear Sukkie’s voice sing those songs, I really love the way he sings “Let Me Cry” & his LoungeH raps.. In fact, I find Sukkie is really a rare artiste who is versatile in many areas… his look, acting, singing, dancing, modeling, languages.. like the vid with report by Shanghai TV media.. he has the combined talents/charms of many artistes found in one person…and without a fix image (stereotyped) attached to him, he is constantly changing & self-discovering..

    • @chinkyrol,,really,,I need to ask my friend to buy NR product for me so I can have Sukkie’s mini standee (can’t do it myself co’z I’m here in Bahrain,sad!!)..I might lose the chance to have it,,was it all year round,the freebies?Can I ask how much should you purchase in-order to get freebies?Please help me..thanks!!

      • ooppsss, sorry…see below for my reply…don’t know what happened, thought I was replying here πŸ™‚

      • charlotte, those are fanfic by fans of Sukkie & MGY… you may also notice Sukkie has the most fanfic among all the Korean actors.. no wonder in the script of YAB.. the “Hong sisters” (script writer of YAB) actually have created the few fanfic scenes for each of the ANJELL members as the Hong sisters actually created the script based on the trend they see in young KPOP groups in Korea.. btw, for new eels who may not be aware YAB is specially written by the Hong sisters with HTK as the role for Sukkie as they love his acting of Prince Changhui in HGD which is also scripted by the Hong sisters…

      • @QQeyes007,,thank you for the information girl,i feel relieved,hahaha!! I just wonder co’z the coincidences seem to be true..

      • aphrael… if you go through all the vids by GeunGeun stories by the uploaders.. it will become true in your mind ^_^

      • geeze, i have same feel after I watch it. I do think they are very good friends. MGY is now in US for studying (i believe for short time), there was a rumor that she will be on a TV series, but then she denied because She is not in Korea. Sukkie did mention her one time at a interview of YMP and he said MGY is in US and he wish that he could travel just like her to somewhere that not many people knows him, so feel much more free. He expressed envy her freedom and said he would be a traveler if he doesn’t be like right now crazily busy.

  14. hi charlotte, I think it is only available while supplies last since it was in a box…also there are posters but I didn’t saw it, I just asked the sales girl…only Php 500 to avail of the standee…


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