[News] JKS furious at illegal “You’re my Pet” videos on internet

Movie “You’re my Pet” (YMP) has just shown in cinemas on 10 Nov but its pirated video is already circulating fast on the internet., including video clips of JKS and the OSTs he sang in the movie. The movie will air in Japan next year, and the pirated videos infringe on the rights of the consumer.

JKS said angrily, “The movie that we have worked hard and with passion for 5 months to produce is spread via illegal recording means; it’s really impossible to remain calm. What is the telephone number of the internet enforcers?”

The production company is also very concerned. “We hope that everyone will go to the cinema to enjoy the happiness of YMP. Illegal audio (and video) files are absolutely not permitted. Please immediately delete the illegal files uploaded onto the internet. For those who downloaded the files, please do not continue to circulate it on the internet. This is an action that seriously violates the production’s legal rights. Eels should take the lead in observing the law.”

YMP is adapted from Japanese manga and narrates the amazing cohabitation story of a domineering woman Ji-eun, who has beauty, figure and capability but does not know love, and her pretty-boy pet Kang In-ho (JKS).

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Aphrael77’s Note:

For eels, and if you care about JKS, please do not upload or circulate any of JKS’ official works in the initial and important period when it is first launched, in particular, the movie “You’re my Pet” and also “Budapest Diary”. Please do not share Youtube or other website links etc etc.

We should show by our action that we support JKS, either by watching his movie in the cinema or buying his official products. For most of us not in Japan, Korea or China (midst of negotiations for airing schedule), let’s wait patiently for the official DVD.

Let us respect the copyright laws and protect the interests of JKS. Thanks!

49 thoughts on “[News] JKS furious at illegal “You’re my Pet” videos on internet”

  1. oh, it’s a sad news for JKS..really, the copies should not continue to be circulated not only because keun suk and the production team says so, but also because we wanted to know the magnitude of keun suk’s supporters through the movie’s official screening records..not only those, but also keun suk’s other official products.

    and did the production company specifically used the word ‘eels’?..it’s because we are the ones expected to protect the rights of keun suk who worked hard for the movie (as in literally worked hard..with the diet, the shooting in the midst of his tours, the numerous days of no sleep).

    • true, although i think this is quite unavoidable since the movie was well-promoted and thus, much anticipated..but not this soon..as in first day and there are illegal copies already?..

    • Well, i think it’s bad news for Sukkie and YMP production team cuz along other problems it has negative impact on the financial income!!

    • my opinion is, eels will always support him by watching the movie in cinema over and over again, and also buy the dvd… but maybe, the anti-jks who curious about this movie (but of course they don’t want to spend their money to increase JKS’ sales), were doing this.
      the bad news is: illegal copies will hurt jks’s & production-crew hard-work, the good news is: jks mouth to mouth promotion successfully attract everybody to watch this movie, can’t wait till another day or until the original dvd is out, dying to be the 1st to watch and make comments of this movie… 😛

  2. Omo…..I cannot believe that people can actually record the film right out from the theater and circulated it on internet. This is surely not the work of true EELs. My dear lord…. our Sukkie had sacrificed so much for this movie, especially his health (lost so much weights for Momo role). He worked so hard for so long on this project. Yeah…the road to be a World Prince is not easy, but I felt so sad that Sukkie has to face so much difficulty with his career path. I feel soooo helpless to do any things… can only pray that Sukkie will overcome all obstacles and reach his goals and dreams soon. Forever will support you Sukkie. Fighting …. Fighting….

  3. Eels lets us support our Jang Guen Suk.
    He deserved the acknowledgment, praises and fame for
    his hardwork. commitment and sacrifies to make YMP
    a success.
    Let us watch his movie in theatre or purchase the DVD legally.
    JKS fighting!!!!! eels will always be on your side.

  4. i hope this won’t affect his movie at all. i know true (korean) eels will support him no matter what and will watch his movie in theaters. after all, it’s well worth to see him on the big screen, right? i envy them! i really hope the DVD (with English subs) comes out soon! will patiently wait for it.

    as for his detractors, go to H*LL!!! (sorry for that, just can’t help it) 🙂

  5. At the time like this I really want to be A- One Day- Korean, only for watching YMP at Korean Cinema ( don’t care it’s unsub)…

    • @arie-tristan, off-topic, now i’m watching the sea games, opening, so beautiful!, greeny sight…fresh and lively! Congratulation to your country!

      • yeah! i watched it, too. very, very beautiful opening! and the stadium is huge! kudos to indonesia!

      • @ren & broweyes, terimakasih…thanks a lot guys, for appreciating my country…
        Few minutes ago I want to be a Korean bcoz of sukkie, but now I couldn’t help to be proud of my own country kekeke..^_^

  6. very sad to see this bad news . althought i was impatient to watch his movie like all of you ,i had never expected that it’s illegal copies will be on line the first day of his release .
    i’m quiet sure this was made by his anti fans and perhaps the mans who signed the petition . every one of them tried very hard to harm him ,so the last thing they could do was to put his movie on internet to make him and his compagnie loose the copies rights they fully deserve .
    anyway ,even if eels with their passion for him downloaded this bad copie of his movie , i think they will be the first to bye the dvds as soon as it comes out , because this copies are very low quality (i knew it coz i’ve seen lot of them ) and of course the best reason is that they will never intentionally harm him .
    thanks to GOD nowdays there is laws to protect the copies rights ,and as soon as he register a complain against this web sites they will be closed and their owner under lagal proceedings( aphrael must know about it better than me) .
    the only positive side in this news is that by spreeding this movie over the internet , his detractors are giving him a free and international add , and i really hope it will make him gaine the globalization he’s looking for and if it’s done , they will be silenced forever .
    you know we muslim have a said :” don’t dislike something witch will be better for you “, so the best thing he can do is to keep calm (i know it’s easier to say than to do ) and leave his lawers do their work , coz if he keeps riposting this way he will loose more important things than money (the love of his eels who will feel insultaded by his criticism ) .
    so be patient , keep your calm and you’ll get your oscar sooner

      • me too! in fact the only patient who kept me away from you this few days isn’t human . when the world is running toward the generalization of the internet , in my country we are still using the archaic one .it may sound unbelievable in this century where the internet is the tool of eveyone but it’s the sad reality .that’s why i’ve said in one of my earlier comments that i’m not very resourceful face to an ordinator, and the problems whith the fluctuation of the internet connection makes things worst .
        anyway QQeyes007 i’m glad to know that we have the same opinion about the repercussions of the pirate copies circulating in the internet .
        althought i used to watch this kind of copies ( because of no other choice ) i rather prefere bying the original one and don’t deprive the owner of his legal rights .
        this story reminds me of the joke between Farina and another eel ( excuse me i don’t remember her name ) , whem Farina claimed to give JKS the mouth to mouth , the other one who rescued him from drowing says to her « no sweet without sweat « . same here
        we must pay for the joy he’s giving us with his wonderfull work s and i confesse i’ll do it hapilly if it was possible . so as usuel i’ll pray for the world success of this movie and the becoming works

      • Doc. Maya! Don’t u really remember the name of that great person who aimed to rescue our Prince?? 🙂

        (Maybe i should change my name to saying so that no one forgets it…) ^.~

    • maya250o, actually I’m less worry for Sukkie as real eels would wait for the movie or buy the DVD to keep even they saw the circulated movie.. like many of us here, I would buy to support Sukkie & also respect his IP rights.. just like when Sukkie & BB’s LoungeH album in China, many China eels are worried of the weak IP laws in China & also worrying then pirated copy will be circulated.. but it turn out this album broke the sales record for Korean artiste in China. I guess the reason could be Sukkie really has many eels who really support him in his IP rights.. even some of those students eels who don’t have much to spare, they save money to get his album. I think for YMP’s case, it could be eels who can’t wait to view.. I suspect the culprit could be someone (could be antis or could be eel) who knows the strong demand from China as many are expecting his movie to be shown in China but no official announcement from Sukkie on the release date in China yet.. that is why I think it is better to consider to launch this movie sooner in China & other parts of the world.. actually the best period is to be launch in Greater China during Chinese New Year.. in Jan 2012 (my guess the best time to hit the box office as almost everyone in China is in festival mood to watch a romantic comedy movie like YMP.. it applies to S’pore ^_^)

      • Thanks QQeyes….how come you seem to have the answer for every things!!! Ever time I feel sad about Sukkie’s bad news, after reading your explanation in almost all cases, I feel better instantly. Things (good or bad) happened for a reason for real!!

      • KaileyCA, it’s good that my explanation made you feel better besides Sukkie’s smiles ^_^
        I’m amazed by myself I can become a great fan of Sukkie as my preference is the usual mature artistes… but knowing Sukkie more each day, I find he is really different from all the artistes I have come across in many ways.. not only his talents but his mature mind & outlook though he can be playful or crazy at the same time…somehow his very genuine, charming & cheerful personality made me think of the positive side each time

      • me too my friends are teasing me everyday,co’z they always see me watching/reading articles about Sukkie..My everyday would not be complete w/out him..

  7. I’m glad and absolutely relieved that YMP started screening in cinemas on 10 November as scheduled despite the petition by that association to ban it from showing … more power to Sukkie!! ^_^

  8. hi , pls, pls, pls , i love to have all JKS handwork (songs, dramas, movies). I will be patience just like how we get the Lounge H. Aphrael77, I m looking forward if u hv the way like how u get the LH. Been very busy, but I will make sure before I sleep , I still read through this blog in order for me to sleep well 🙂 and to ensure I didn’t miss out any of JKS news and progress …..

  9. @Miracle i plead guilty . how could i forgot such great name , though it represents the hope of every humain beeing . i must confesse , after some time i don’t remember who says what except Farina whose name looks like my real one .
    so forgive me and don’t ever think to change your name coz you’re the lucky charm of the eels in this blog

    • Maya, you’re so sweet 🙂 But is your real name is similar to my pen name (Farina) or my real one (Arba’ayah)? Is yr email address yr real name?

      • @maya, you got me curious about the name which sounds like Farina and means only!
        The only name I could come out with means “unique” and when I checked it in french dictionery it gave me the meaning : singulier. I replaced one of the letters with “d”. could it be that one?

    • I’ve chosen this ID name cuz this word represents the reason why i exist in this life! i believe in miracles but i know that we shouldn’t just wait it to happen, instead we should create miracle ourselves!!! We should live the life that after some time looking back we shouldn’t regret!!

      (interesting fact: “miracle” is the meaning of my real name ^^)

      • i fact i’ve 2 real names , the one in my mail adresse and the second witch looks like (farina) and means “only” .only my familly and some friends calls me by it , all the others use the official one (mail adresse ) .
        “ayah ” is a pretty name it cames from the coran (my niece has the same name ) but what’s the meaning of “Arba ” ?
        Miracle , i tried to figure out your real name but i failed so i’ll keep using your pen one and i promise i will not forget it anymore

      • Doc, sad to say there’s no real meaning to my real name, not that I’m aware of…. But if u are to separate it, Arba’a means 4 in Arabic and ayah means sentence…am I right Sahar? I was named after my great grandmother.

        Cri-j must be busy dating…. Lol!

      • @Farina, Yes , Arbaa means four and Ayah has several meanings: a phrase (especially from Quran) and : a sign (especially from Allah), or something miraculous . I agree with maya that it’s a pretty name! I’ve got many relatives and friends with this name!
        Re. cri-J : miss her, but I hope she’s having a nice time!

      • Gee… Thanks Sahar for enlightening me! I especially love the meanings of ‘a sign from Allah’ and ‘miraculous’ 🙂 Now Miracles and I have something in common… I never knew that it’s a common Arabic name… Frankly I was embarrassed to use it since primary school because friends and teachers couldn’t pronounce it and end up with their own versions of it. That’s the reason I used ‘Farina'(my cousin’s name) not only in writing but also at work.

    • Maya! Thank u for ur attention and respect to my name! (actually i was kidding about rememb. my name^^, hope u dint get hurt) I think i know ur name, it’s the same as “farina” but “d” instead “n”, am i right?? I guessed it based on ur hint word “only”!! ^^

      Sahar! Ur name is very soft! I like it! Does it mean “dawn” by chance? ( i’m interested in arabic lang and origin of names)

      Farina! I’m happy that we’ve smth in common! See u’v got such a beautiful name just like ur appearance!!!…

      • Hi Miracle, Yes, you are very close to the meaning! but with tiny slight difference! it’s not dawn itself ( fagr ) but it’s the time after midnight till right before dawn.
        I too had the same guess for maya’s name! if you scroll up a little bit you will find my comment , I hope we got it right. I guess we have to wait for maya’s reply now for confirmation!

      • I gv u my pic? Lol! Can’t remember! But now you must give me yours ok? :)) I’ll be waiting……

      • …(contin. of my comments concerning names…)
        …farina dear! no need to be embarrassed anymore! Use ur name freely and with honor!! U should be grateful ur grandmother for giving u such a meaningful name!!!
        Actually my real name is also seemed strange for me before cuz unlike other girl names it ends with consonant letter and a bit difficult to pronounce. That’s why i wanted to change my name before (it was given by my grandma too)! But after knowing it’s meaning, i realized that i shouldn’t change but be proud of it!!! ^^ …
        (hardly posting comments! Again password time-out “competition” is held…kekeke)

  10. Which outlet in the Philippines sell his dvds with eng subs? I only came to know him and his dramas/films by watching them either on youtube or mysoju or dramacrazy or the other two sites (i am not internet/computer savvy but i found ways to watch most if not all of his past/latest films/shows)…I am sure if i order abroad it will be lots more expensive…any suggestion? or i have to wait for a year?six months? before i can see it online…thanks

  11. bravo! Farina ,Sahar, and Miracle you ‘ve got it . i was given this name by my father who didn’t like the official one because he couln’t remember it .but the funny thing is that although my name means unique i’m the oldest of SEVEN childs ( 5 girls and 2 boys) , and oh , i’ve also a twin sister . so why did he choose this name ? it’s relly confusing !


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