YMP app for iPhone and iPad has released

I finally found the YMP app for iPhone and iPad. I heard it was released several days ago, but I couldn’t find it. But I did it! So I’ll show you how to reach the app.

For more pics,
This is free of charge and we can enjoy some pics and video on it even though I can’t understand any Korean. I heard there is the same app for Android smart phone. The most easiest access to find the app is search “장근석” at App Store.

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    • hi evon,

      will wait for tenshi to confirm this, but i guess it’s new because release date is on 22 Dec 2011?

      below is my guess from the Product Description
      – photo-book (30cm×23cm, 196 pages)
      – 90 min DVD (Jap, Korean & English subtitles – to be confirmed by Tenshi)
      – 5 photos (for desk?)

      mm… i wonder what kind of photo book this is?

      写真集30cm×23cm 196頁 日本語・英語・韓国語表記 DVD 90分 日本語・英語・韓国語表記 卓上カレンダー26cm×23cm 生写真5枚 日本語・英語・韓国語字幕付き:約90分にわたるDVD! 日本語・英語・韓国語表記:196ページにわたる写真集付き! 封入で卓上カレンダー、生写真5枚付き!超豪華仕様! 韓流スター、チャン・グンソクの魅力を余すところなく収めたDVD付写真集。 昔の映像や貴重な映像なども収録。写真集ほか豪華特典を封入。 ファン必見!! 撮り下ろしではございません。

    • Thanks aphrael and tenshi,
      Thanks for the reply and info… I definitely will not buy it.

      At least we know that it is not authentic from JKS agency.
      So I will not be wasting my money on it.

    • Thanks for sharing!! JGS is hilarious! Never watched an interview of him where I never cracked up cuz of his jokess… Hopefully more eng subbed videos of the promotions of YMP will come out. 🙂

    • Farina, thanks for sharing with eels here the one with Eng Sub ^_^ this is also one of those clips I saw over cable TV.. Sukkie has been on KBSworld, Arirang Global & even the China/Taiwan entertainment news recently few weeks..

    • hahaha i like the part whereby JKS said he went to visit KHN and she said she is promoting the Blind sth.. movie.. and he said hes BLINDsided… LOLS… great humor…

    • Thanx for sharing! It’s funny!!! And, i think, easy to learn!!!! I love the part when they move their butts from one side to another side!! “….piju-piju…..penga-penga…”

    • what?! he has every right to be angry! it has only been showing for a day and there are already pirated copies circulating!!! WTF!

      on a positive note, yay, YMP is #3 (i wonder what’s #1). but i hope it gets to be #1 in the next coming days. i so wish i’m in korea, i’ll watch it over and over again! *sigh*


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