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Today “You’re my Pet” is showing… to commemorate the showing, do you want me to have a tweet storm today .. exam candidates can join in after your exams ~~~ ah, I miss my Owner
今天宠物情人上映。。。为了纪念上映,要不要我这一天都来暴推呢。。考生们考完后也来参加哦~~~啊 好想念主人

Intern reporters who are digging for news on twitter .. know that YMP is showing today, right… hoho but I’m filming Love Rain in Hapcheaon
在推特上挖掘消息的实习记者们。。知道宠物情人今天上映吧。。吼吼 可我在陕川拍爱情雨呢

Ok… I’m this kind of person … after the senior high exams end, I’ll let you all see the sticker photo of Owner and me in Japan. Look forward to it, kekekekeke YMP success!
好吧… 我就是这样的人…高考结束后 就给你们看在日本跟主人一起拍的大头贴 期待吧 喀喀喀喀喀 宠物情人大发!

In technical jargon, this is … living the life of 2 families kekekeke YMP success!!! Love Rain too … -_- (2 dramas, 2 families, 2 kinds of life, two kinds of experience
这种用专业用语来讲就是。。。过两个家庭的生活 呵呵呵呵 宠物情人大发!!!爱情雨也…..-_- (两部戏、两个家庭、两种生活、两种体验

Cherry-chan …. next time don’t sleep after eating ramen and drinking beer… the real life of JKS’ staff … in short …. insufficient sleep
樱桃酱。。。。下次不要吃完拉面 喝完啤酒就睡觉。。。张根硕 工作人员的现实生活。。。总是。。。睡眠不足

Ah, itching …. should I upload my pic with Owner now…. oh oh … itching ..
啊 痒痒的。。。和主人拍的大头照现在就上传吗。。。啊哦。。痒痒的。。

What is this!! I’m a [*little hairy child] !!!! YMP success!!!!!
这什么呀!!我是个小毛孩子!!!!宠物情人 大发!!!!!
[* literal translation]

5.05 pm: reveal the pic of Owner and me. Cannot wait any longer! Exam candidates, it’s been tough on you! Go watch YMP in the cinema! gogo!

Envious right!!! Our relationship is close enough to take sticker pic!! I won in the arcade and Owner was angry and took me out onto the streets to walk in circles … YMP success!! wuff wuff!!
羡慕吧!!!我们的关系是到可以一起拍大头贴哦!!不过在游戏厅玩游戏赢了 主人就生气带我到马路上转圈…宠物情人大发!!汪汪!!

Ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! What! Who did this! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
啊! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 什么啊! 这是谁干的! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

21 thoughts on “[10.11.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Errrr…… can anyone tell me what is with the last pic??
    Done by antis?? or what?
    Sorry coz i couldn’t understand the ‘additional’ Korean words, and i also noticed that there are 2 words written across the original words in black too. (on the box)

    • Just to share the translation of those words into Chinese in KSC (Keun Suk China fanclub)
      “图中文字是说养过了抛弃了,不听话~不养了!……TT TT……”
      meaning “already had the pet & because not obedient, so abandoned the pet!”
      many eels responded after seeing this message..”who would bear to abandon this pet? must be antis!” Poor Sukkie to see this… but don’t worry, many more would like to have him as pet right? ^_^

      • Thanks Meg & QQeyes007 for sharing with me what you know.
        Arghh!!! It’s the irritating antis again!!! >.< (angry!!!)
        Poor Sukkie, of all the photos he saw this!! Really feel so sad…. hope he don't take this too hard.

        YES YES YES!! Definitely i will be more than happy to have him as my pet!! And for sure i will never give up or abandon this pet!! He is way too cute! 🙂

      • Love to have Sukkie as a pet….I do have one, a pug…I’d be more than willing to take care of Sukkie hehehe…

      • QQeyes & Meg, thanks! that is so mean!!! it’s getting on my nerves! grrrr!

        even if sukkie said he realizes that he cannot please everybody, still there’s nothing compared to seeing it for real. but i hope this does not deeply affect him. well, considering how mature he is beyond his years, i know he’ll get through this one without a scratch. fighting!!!

  2. Those people sure do envy our sukkie so much!…. Imagine the efforts and the time spent doing those hate photos! Why can’t they just die than living making others down!!! Grrrrr!

  3. In my country, there is an idiom like this ” tong kosong nyaring bunyinya ” meaning : “too much talk, no meaningful action”. And there’s also a javanese idiom says ” sing waras ngalah” meaning ” the succumb one, the sane one “.
    So for antis, just look at the mirror and see by yourself the a face of a loser …^_^
    And for uri Prince and of course all eels, just smile and hang out the white flag coz we are not the insane one…^_^


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