LAWSON sales campaign: Sukkie’s body pillow

Since JKS has become their sales ambassador, LAWSON has planned some sales campaign with JKS. For the newest campaign, LAWSON will offer the winner one of the most captivating gifts I’ve ever seen in my life, Sukkie’s full-length body pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you imagine if you are selected as one of the 300 luckiest winners? If I were selected, would I sleep well or not with huggy Sukkie?

41 thoughts on “LAWSON sales campaign: Sukkie’s body pillow”

    • same with me,hahaha..I could imagine Sukkie sleeping beside me through that pillow,hmmm…They should produce more so we can purchase some of it..

  1. Tenshi-chan dear. Wish you good luck winning that pillow. Lol…I want it, too. My hubby won’t mind me sleep with that pillow, I hope… hehehehe. Beside, he made peace long times ago with my craziness about Sukkie. One time, my hubby mentioned, “Thanks God, Sukkie lives in Korea, so no worry there., right!!” Lol…. If he knows all my fantasies…cann’t imagine what he would do. ….* hides *

      • kaileyCA..similar to your husband .. my husband is always jealous ..but otakajo ..I was influenced by our sukkie

      • mine too no worries with my hubby.. before he was asking me to change my profile pic on fb because it’s JKS same with my phone and computer but now he already accepted that i’m crazily in love with Jang Keun Suk.. actually we just talked over the internet and the first thing he ask to me “How’s Jang Keun Suk?” lol! 😀

  2. @charlotte(phil), hope they’ll realize that they could make more money if they just sell the pillow hehehehe……
    hey, me need a little help since i’m new (peace!)… Budapest Dairy! where can i watch it or where can i buy video of it. You’re Philippine Base (i hope), right? i’ve been seeing it discussed about here and i tried searching through You Tube, EPDrama and MySoju but all i could find are trailers of it….. hope you could help me…..

    hahahaha…. and the quest to know more and see more of our sukkie begins……

  3. @Kailey dear, your hubby seems so sweet..his jealousy is quite sweet,but I can’t guarantee as soon as he finds out your mole-fantasy with sukkie..kekeke^_^
    @snow909…don’t worry dear, same with mine, I was so surprised ( but blushing hihi..) when he said his second phobia after lizard is JANG GEUN SUK! Lol..!!

  4. Wow, this MUST be the most popular prize/premium ever! Just imagine the fans in Japan getting all excited and jostling to Lawson to buy whatever that is necessary to even stand a chance of getting life sized Keun Suk to hug in bed. And only 300 pieces too! Great marketing strategy. When I first saw the picture, I was already telling myself “Yes, I am definately getting that on trip to Japan!” Unfortunately, its not for sale, so sad.

    • Staying Up Late, welcome back.. I was wondering where have u been as I didn’t see u for a while even I stay up late almost daily ^_^

      • Actually, I have problems uploading my messages. Something to do with the Password. Even as I input it as required, sometimes it works and other times it does not. On top of that, my written message gets deleted and I had to rewrite everything – becomes such a chore (plus I forgot what I wanted to say in the first place!) Perhaps Aphrael can help solve the problem please?!!??

      • @ staying up late: I’m very sorry, I know the password is quite troublesome, but it’s actually the blog’s spam filter. there was a period when the blog was hit by thousands of spam messages daily, and i had to install a spam filter.

        may I suggest that you adopt QQeyes’ suggestion to always copy your comment before you click “Post”?

        @ QQeyes007: thanks so much! even I don’t know that the password has a time-out period ….

      • Staying Up Late, oh I think I know why… if your message is long.. there is a timeout for the password, you need to refresh the page & input again.. if short message like 1 or 2 lines & input & post within the effective password, then ok. So, normally I will
        (1) copy the message I input
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        (4) copy the password & paste the password
        (5) press post comment button

      • Dear SUL, it needs getting used to 🙂 Those times when the system bounces off your MSG even after you keyed in password is bcos other pple are sending MSG at the same time. What u need to do:
        1. go back to the page
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        6. Key in the new password
        7. Pray that you are faster than the next person or you wld hv to repeat the whole process again 🙂

      • OOOOOoooo, didn’t know there is a time out for the Password.
        Will try your method and see if it works. Anyway, yesterday I wanted to thank you for the 8 min YMP link. Love it and absolutely dying to watch the movie. It actually seems to have a decent story line and I am sure Keun Suk is cuter than any puppy in the show. He’s also pretty much the much loved and happy character at home in real life too. Wonder how we can get a dvd of YMP asap?

      • After noticing that there’s a date of expire for password, i got used to hurry when i read smth hot/interesting knowing that the other commenters also started “competition” of posting comment first! Unfortunately, usually others r faster than me!
        That’s y i try to post my comments at night, when everyone is sleeping!!… ^^

  5. I guess it is the full length booster like the one momo give to his master in YMP.. I remember I saw that in the manga online…very cute booster if Sukkie is on it!

      • and need to customise with moles for Farina & many eels in the blog ^_^
        I couldn’t ask Kaori-chan as she may miss my message here… Kaori-chan, are u there?

      • Ok QQ I was wondering what you meant about Momo’s booster…I went thru the vid again & again at 1.59…..finally I get it… you actually meant ‘bolster’ 🙂

      • LOL… Farina, I forgot how to spell bolster!! ^_^ Thanks… I just notice there are only 300, sure i think it is not enough for the eels alone in Japan… I think they should export the bolster with moles ^_^

    • QQ, I haven’t watched Japanese TV drama and read original manga before, so I didin’t know Momo’s bolster! I’m not sure this campaign is related to Momo’s bolster. In my idea, it isn’t related, but having full-lenghed Sukkie’s bolster is the only our eels’ dream because we can’t keep a real Sukkie as a pet that he is the only person we can’t share… (T_T)

      • Kaori-chan!!! I finally able to “see” you in different time zone! ^_^ I have to track back many of your comments earlier since you left for Canada.. oh yes, about the bolster, I remember very clearly then when I see the manga fanfic, it is so adorable & I was then hoping to have one like that as from the manga, I could feel the master really miss momo & that is really a nice gift from momo to master to keep when he is away from her.. so when i see the promotion from Lawson, my first thoughts was the idea coming from YMP since the movie is going to be launched in Japan soon in Jan too..

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