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Had a good sleep at No-cheon amphitheatre, my only rest time in school
在노천剧场 好好睡了一觉 啊 在学校的时间 是唯一 可以休息的时间啊

Here I come again… pork noodles…!!!

Exchanged 10 autographs for 2 cheeses, hahahahahaha
用十张签名换了2个芝士 恩哈哈哈哈哈哈

Don’t know why there are free grapes!!! I am Asia Prince!!! Hip hip hurray for Pork Noodles (shop)

So bored, tweet storm is starting. Gather!!!!!
好无聊 开始暴推了 集合!!!!!

“Drunken Talk” interview has begun .. drunk.. or awake.. not much difference to me! I’m happy when there is something good to eat! hehe bye cri
醉中谈话采访开始了..醉中..或者神志清醒..对我来说没有什么区别!我还是一吃好吃的就高兴!呵呵 那么 bye cri

30 thoughts on “[08.11.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. …. rendered speechless by our dear Prince ….. so if we want an autograph, we better prepare some tantalizing food? … 😀

    • exactly thats what i said on seeing the twitts!!used to miss the crazy scene at twitter with timeline filled with hangul..and translators working overtime!!lol!!it was like graveyard there..now the eel`s kingdom has been revived!!! love our prince!!love tweels!!

  2. hi there! just came across your blog and i’d say it’s the most informative yet…m a new Sukkie fan and m truly happy to bump into you guys…thanks much and i look forward to reading and browsing more news of Sukkie 🙂

  3. Oh! I’m so envious of Sukkie’s fellow schoolmates. I wonder how it feels like to find a totally cool celebrity dozing off at the school amphitheatre! 🙂

  4. Hehehehehehe!! Into Sukkie’s trap already!! Welcome aboard….chinkyrol and all new Eels!!! The more the merrier !!!

    U’ll never ever want to set your eyes elsewhere already… this blog going to be your endless daily dose of our Sukkie’s charm…and not forgetting LOTS of Eels’ charm too !!! YES, Girls ????

    Just as @Farina (Singapore) had suggested in June, would be a great idea having our country stated along with our name as this young at heart ajummah is having tough time (always scratching head…hope won’t get bald soon) figuring out who is from where as all eels from worldwide share our craziness and showering our love to beloved Prince Jang. It’s a great feeling knowing our prince is well and back to his old self again. Fighting!! Sukkie!! *~*

    • Momo, that’s the same problem I have thus the request 🙂 I have trouble remembering who’s who, who’s from where, whos doing what, who married whom, who’s got how many kids, reminds me of Sukkie’s one-time mantra ‘Who an I? Where am I?…..’ I’m lost after all that mole-hunting tonight…lol…

      Actually, I’m also looking for Cri-J….you’ve got mail girl!

      • request happily granted Farina…thanks Momo for the welcome…i can’t wait to browse more while working…good thing I work at home hehehe 🙂

  5. JKS getting back to his usual happy mood,,I feel great..And Prince,why you have to sleep on the edge of that bench,,its dangerous,,you might fall hmp!! Next time don’t do that!!

  6. geezz, i cant just watch and just see all your replies and comments…. i’ve got to join in… i’ve been just a watcher for a while… me need to also say something about our sukkie… his really is something… been a follower for sometime…


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