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      • I couldn’t find any either! I thought i’m the only person who can’t see his moles! Aphrael, u too! Lol!

      • amazing,,how can he be so cool with those jabbed plaster..*_* and Farina,what an X-ray vision set of eye’s..^_^

      • hello… I’m new here… and I find this website very wonderful… Ahmmmm, about his mole on his neck…. Actually, I always see it whenever I re-watch Hwang Jini… You can see it clearly, at the ending part of Episode 5. When he kissed Hwang Jini… :)))

      • @ vh7..welcome to the place where eels have definitely one (or more ! ) thing in common…. our dear Sukkie.

      • Thanks vht7! I knew I saw it on Hwang jinyi kiss scene but couldn’t recall exact eps. Btw welcome!

      • Seen the left arm mole but not sure coz its not black and hoping it is. Looks beautiful !! Can be seen in [Pics] TVDaily, TVReport & misc # 15.

      • ha! mole hunting again!!! LOL! yes, i saw that mole on the chest. also love the one near his right collarbone. found the ones on the left hand and neck, too! gosh, i’ve been seeking out his moles since farina mentioned the one near his jaw. 😀

    • @ farina count me in..well of course the mole is your share..*wink*
      btw , is there anyone out here coz it’s getting harder and harder to breath…1st picture makes me feel that he’s pointing right at me..!!!! wah…what to do??

    • Yeaaahhh!!! Saw all the moles left neck, lower neck, chest in earlier DIY mag photo with JKS holding his glasses!!!

      Farina,Carol, Daisy…. So we are going to have a mole counting competition in when Farina going to meet up in KL? Definitely will have the largest contestants recorded in Guinness World Book of Records!!

      Title ? Princess / Queen of Moles??
      Guest of honour…da..da..da..dang!!…..Our Prince Jang !!!
      Prize…. Thorough mole hunting with JKS for life
      Wahhh!!!..Having him inspecting all the moles…gezzz… heavenly!!!

      Bet I’m gonna get the tiara coz I have great variety…You name it…mini…small…medium…large…sexy…wild…ervert…innocent…sweet, can be found all over me, strategically located mind you. However, 1st must get restraining order for Farina, as she is going to get hysterical and berserk seeing them.

      • Momo, what an absolutely LOVELY idea!!! I’m drooling already! I can just imagine Suk running for dear life and a trail of crazy ahjummas running after him! Rofl!!!!

      • WAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG!! Even Aphrael is hunting for moles now!!! 😀

        I can clearly see that the number of moles hunters is increasing!! Hahaha! Sukkie has really turned his pool of eels here into crazy moles hunters now! hahaha!
        Perhaps i should change my nickname to crazyoverJKSmoles now. HAhahaha!!! 😀
        Love you gals!!! Really bring so much laughter to my life!
        I will be very happy if i get to meet everyone of you here!!

      • Good idea! I think you should, coz didn’t expect your ‘Mole Hunter’ to become such a great HIT in this blog. Hahaha!
        Farina, you crowned as our President Mole Hunter here, and we are all your Mole Hunting disciples! Hahaha!! 😀

      • Farina, Mole Hunter !! LOL
        You make me recall City Hunter …….
        I will replace you with the lead actress ….. LMH’s new girlfrend

        @ crazyoverJKSmoles, have you discovered any new mole?

    • Whackkkkk lol
      All crazy ahjummahs & eels. Physco like Sukkie!
      Definitely he will run as fast as leopard to avoid us lol 😉

      • @carol, you must be a good gal..kehaha! at one of the interviews he said that fans would be scared and run away when they saw him crawling like anything at night, but now who will run to and run away? answer yourselves, dare to compete? but i surrender already now! i choose to run away to save my life, man is a man! can’t trust kehaha!

      • ren121, I’m not a good gal as u think LOL
        A naughty ahjummah instead but can’t compete Farina’s seat, the President

  1. LOL! The mole hunting begins again!
    @Farina, you should responsible for your crime of establishing this Mole-Chaser Foundation! But…count me in,please…hihi..^_^

    • 😀 😀 can’t stop to ROFL with all of your big discussion gals! Sort of a very entertaining conference, might be we can see each other in a vid conference after all soon, who agree to join? and not secretly to say that i also have moles, one is on the right side of my neck, not left..true2! kahehe
      Love his look to all the pics above -_* <3
      Hey @all gals, when he plastered his neck because of his phobia, then what's your assumption? haa..dirty thinking ah?

  2. oh no! because of farina everytime i’m seeing sukkie pics i always noticed a mole on him which i didn’t before.. lol 😀


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