[Interview] Before this JKS passes away, I want to get an Oscar

Source: Korean Daily News
Chinese translation: 櫻之荼蘼
English translation: Aphrael77

>> Knew about privacy-invading fans through Twitter not long ago

JKS: My life is my own. Why do I have to let people see? I am already presenting a lot of myself on television, I’m not a reclusive actor. Finding out where my house is, who I am meeting and actions such as these, either the person is sick or has too much possessive desire.

>> The higher popularity is, the more private life is lacking.

JKS: I don’t want to wear a mask in my actions, so I use twitter for easy communication. I’m a publicly acknowledged artiste, but I only want to be an artiste, that kind of artiste who can walk on the street and buy some new year’s cake to eat. However, even if I’m merely expressing my own opinion, people don’t like it. When I’m criticizing others, I would have reflected on myself first, I don’t act without thinking, I know what I’m doing.

>> You became Keun-sama after Yong-sama, why are you so popular in Japan?

JKS: It should be Keun-chan. My age now is not enough to be addressed as ‘sama’. I don’t know why I’m popular, maybe it’s because never before has there been such expressive love. In Japan after saying (tantalizing) words “I like girls who look good in miniskirt”, fans turned up the next day at the concert wearing miniskirt. If I said this in Korea, I would be severely criticized. This is not communication, right? If I do blindly what others want me to do, what is the difference (between me) and the cans coming out from the vending machine?

>> Have you confirmed your next movie?

JKS: No matter how good the script is, I won’t be satisfied. In the past 1.5 year, I didn’t even have 3 rest days in a month, otherwise why would I give my managers a 20% salary increase? I want to rest now.

>> What do you want to do during your rest?

JKS: I want to travel. I want to go for a stroll in villages I have not been to before. Moon Geun-young is now in New York, ah I’m so envious of her, living a life in an unhurried and strong manner.

>> How did you feel when you were criticized by netizens as “ho-sei (pretentious) Keun-suk”?

JKS: At that time, I didn’t understand why they attacked me. I was very surprised and felt wronged. With the passing of time and now that I look back, anyone would have felt I was pretentious. Maybe I just wanted to shake off the sense of inferiority from my child actor background and pretended to be great, pretended to be dashing, pretended to be strong.

>> As a Hallyu star, you should have earned a lot, right.

JKS: I don’t know how much money entered my bank account. After news reports stated that I earned 400 billion yen in Japan, I received a lot of collaborative proposals. I feel that I am gradually losing some people and becoming lonely. For movies, if we don’t talk about the script but talk about investment first, I don’t like it. So I want to work with director, and simply film a low-budget movie.

>> Don’t you have the ambition to win an award?

JKS. Yes. Before this JKS passes away, I want to get an Oscar award.

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  1. an intelligent answers!! I am so impressed!! well done Keun-chan.. i believe that you will achieve your dreams in the future together with your eels prayers and support.. our love will be yours as always..

    thanks for sharing this wonderful interview of our prince..

  2. Despite the nasty remarks from the press, you still managed to stand strong, thats good..do not simply let untrue remarks let you down. Continue with your good work, if what you are presently doing is wrong, you would not have become what you are now. Remember when you become more successful/well known, there will always be some kind of malice coming from somewhere. Just ignore them, your supporters outweight these kind of ppl. From the very beginning, you don’t need them (local press) to reach the top and remember you have so much love from all over the world, which many other stars can only be envious of you. And thats bcos you work so hard and take care of your fans. Sukkie, be yourself, thats why we love you,

  3. There we go folks… another yet witty and not-so-standard answers from Sukkie himself! Way to go Sukkie
    @ aphrael…TQVM for sharing as well as the translation.Appreciated it!

  4. very well said! that‘s our sukkie!… always speaking his mind. he once again showed his maturity & sincerity in this one. he is very thorough indeed, always thinking things through.

    nice to hear he‘s gonna go on that much needed R&R pretty soon. he really needs a break. he‘s been pushing himself to the limit in the past year or so.

    aphrael, thanks for posting and for the translation. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Farina dear! Although I already read it (since I stalk shiro too ^0^) but I never get tired of these kind of interviews. I can read them all day long! Hugggggggggggggggggggggs you too!

  5. The pic above is so sexy! (even though i’ve seen it before) Every time i visit this page, i keep staring at his bare shoulder and chest (and wanna see more…aawww)!!! Lol! I guess i’m becoming “pervy eel”!!^^

  6. I really like every time the words coming from Sukkie during such interview as we can feel he speaks from his heart & also with much thoughts.. it is surprising to find this comes from a 24-25 years old young man, no wonder he got the nickname “little old man”.
    Recently, there are many reports on Sukkie’s wealth both in Korea & overseas like Taiwan.. Sukkie mentioned in an interview before that he has a love-hate relationship with money & he will never want to be a slave of money.. I can understand different pressure he faces now when a few media reports on him being #1 on wealth for his generation like a recent one from Korean TVN below..

  7. Thank you so muchhhh.. for posting this interview Apharel.. i like how Suk always answered the questions truthfully, no matter how controversial it is.. He always tries to be honest.. i also love the fact he still mention MGY and it seems they maintain their relationship well..
    Hwaiting Sukkie-ah.. you’ll received an Oscar someday.. Keep improving and striving for the best.. i know you can make it!! ^o^/ <3<3<3

    Anyway Apharel, is this interview was done today? You're so fast.. ^^

  8. Last night at kbsw channel,entertainment weekly, they named our sukkie as one of an Arrogant atriste, huu..if last week they named it narcissistic, this week still worst, OMG, his frankness shoud be still misinterpreted..
    @daisy(mal), you must be watched it last night..
    Thanks aphrael for the interview above, he’s so intelligent, frank and genuine as usual to answer all questions. A medicine to cure my heart and soul..

    • ren121, I will check out today’s KBS entertainment weekly later (at 11:30pm).. last week I saw Sukkie & KHN also.
      Hmm…now I’m wondering the broadcasting of LoveRain goes to which TV station? ^_^ (I got a feeling it may not be KBS this time… )

      • Sharing here another vid of Sukkie & KHN appearing on red carpet at Busan Film Festival.. this is part of the one I saw previous week …. on the red carpet at around 1:54min , when many cheering for Sukkie to do shuffling.. Sukkie said “oh no..she will scold me” (pointing to KHN ^_^).. oh yes, in this vid, when Sukkie appeared, the chinese sub really mentioned “who is the lady accompanying this arrogant man?” when Sukkie opened the car door.. actually, it sounds ok in chinese for this use of word as I would relate to HTK character in YAB actually..

    • @ ren121…REALLY? I was with my students. Arrogant, ha ? Gosh, and they can what they want but it won’t change my mind..i feel the same about Sukkie.

    • @ ren121..just wanna share with you something

      While others see a man whose masculinity must be questioned, we see a man who is confident and dares to be different, and who has encouraged us to try new things, too. While others see an arrogant person boasting about his successes, we see a man who is driven, who knows his dreams and works on achieving them. While others see an artist who thrives in fan service, we see a man who knows how to appreciate the blessings that is given him. While others see a sarcastic actor wanting to be noticed, we see a man who stands firm with what he believes in. While others see a happy-go-lucky guy who loves merriment, we see a man who knows how to have fun after a hard day’s work and will always, always make time for friends. While others see a flirt who would take a pass on practically any woman who comes his way, you see a man who could interact well with anybody, but knows the limits set.

      • @daisy, it’s really a very beautiful creation of proverb?poem? from you.. or in malay lang said such a ‘mutiara kata’ can’t describe how can you greatly perform those sweet sentences, admire you gal, umh hug2 from me on behalf to all of us to you! Can’t beat you, bow2..oic you are an english teacher or lecturer? wah, will learn from you after this! thanks again, because of our prince we also tend to improve this language
        so were you watched kbs last night? were you feeling ok when they said that … word?

  9. I am so happy that the prince finally declared he wanted a rest. Those around him please help him to materialize it. Hope to see you traveling free and easy soon. CHEERS

  10. Is so easy and transperance when someone answer with sincerety, I m speechless with his Incredible answer with all his interview!!!!

  11. Fought over and listen to your heart is more stuff to get to success

    If you have a big heart will overcome the most difficult obstacles

    To lasting success

  12. Great interview as always…the only unmasked artist I know all along…smart boy! Don’t worry Prince, eels all around the world always pray and support you no matter what, so, stay ‘just be you’!
    Go, go..Prince…You can do it! OSCAR FIGHTING!!

  13. yes…
    i lyk your answer to…
    be your self and dont bother ure self about the people want to down u…

    they all idiot…
    all of ure fans all over the world support you…….
    AND WHAT ever happened to ure career i always here to support you..
    and wish that i can see u in person…….

    wish u good luck and god bless u…..

    saranghae my oppa……….

  14. Our dear JKS is such an intelligent,talented human being.He is an authentick victim of those who chase him.These people must be punished.

  15. Hi!This interview shows Jang Keun Suk as I’ve really imagined him to be. Yes, he’s a thoughtful , smart young actor , very conscious about himself and his actions. I wish him to fulfill his goals for him and for us.God bless him!
    And thank you Aphrael for this skillful translation!

    • Thanks sahar for posting this interview here. Another great interview!!! No matter how many times I read his interviews, I always amazed with how clever Sukkie is. He is the most articulate star I know. Well …. have to admit I don’t know a lot of stars any way …. because Sukkie is the only star I follow….. hehehe. What I realized with all the interviews, Sukkie was so clever and smart with words, sometime, I felt like the interviewers couldn’t even come up with intelligent questions to ask him.

  16. the picture was perfect for this interview and just by looking into his eyes I can see a wonderful man..I can’t find a word to describe my feeling but maybe this song can express my love for him,,this is for you JKS!!!


    Kind and Generous
    by: Natalie Merchant

    na na na na na na na na na na na na na na……………..

    You’ve been so kind and generous, I don’t know how you keep on giving
    For your kindness I’m in debt to you
    For your selflessness, my admiration
    For everything you’ve done, you know I’m bound, I’m bound to
    thank you for it….

    na na na na na na na na na na na na na na ………………………

    You’ve been so kind and generous, I don’t know how you keep on giving
    For your kindness I’m in debt to you
    And I never could have come this far without you
    For everything you’ve done, you know I’m bound, I’m bound to
    thank you for it….

    Na Na na na na na na na na na
    na na na na na na na na na na…


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