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“Love Rain” filming in Taegu.. in order not to fall asleep, sending a tweet storm first, want to run.. come on!!!!!!
爱情雨在大邱拍摄中。。为了不睡着先暴推会儿,要跑起来吗。。come on!!!!!!

Resume filming. From now on, tweet storm handover to Gwang-su ㄲㄲㄲ
恢复拍摄 现在起暴推交给光秀 ㄲㄲㄲ

End of filming.. putting on a snail mask in the car on the way back to Seoul kekeke everyone is asleep~~ “Love Rain” fighting!!
拍摄结束。。在回首尔路上的车里贴个蜗牛面膜 呵呵呵 大家都睡着了~~爱情雨 加油!!

Who has been calling out to me~

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  1. wahhh!!so cute…y does a normal thing lik washing his face ooze so much cuteness!! and love that cute pony and that green clip…well in short love everything abt that man…have gone mad cos of him…lol 😉
    Am so glad he is tweetstorming again cos he must be getting better…and his answers yest also seemed lik the witty prince was BACK!!! and really love all his answers to the negative tweets he got,,go go prine j..
    not to mention the candid photos which he alone is capable of putting??how many other actors will put up pictures of them washing their face or will they reveal all the makeup he is using.most will deny wearing any makeup..but our prince tells us everything from his eyeliner to his face pack..a good endorser!!love you oppa for that honesty <3


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